Insane Clown Posse - Triplex Lyrics

Close your eyes and relax, ok?
Alright... Is Eddy around? Can I hear from Eddy today?
Eddy, do you wanna tell me what's on your mind?

Bloody red blood shed, gutted hoes and death Hatin' women, I kill them 'till there ain't none left
Call me Machete Eddy, tell Betty be ready
I'll Slice her titties off and chop 'em into slops of spaghetti

Not good, Ok, how bout Hank? Hank? What's up with you today? How's the diet going?

I Wanna fuck a fat lady, have fat babies, and love 'em
And shove 'em, in a fat microwave oven
And eat em naked in my backyard, at midnight grubbin'
Run to the toilet, guts bubblin', and blow it up

Jesus Christ, and what about Dan? Is my friend Dan around today?

Dan man here, I had 3 sisters, 4 brothers
I killed all of them fother muckers
A Sacrifice for the girl I love, who cares if she's a he? Listen
I Was born a she, why do we keep missing?

3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic
3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic

Eddy, are you there? You're not planning to harm any women right?
We talked about self control
Fuck that, I'm gonna fuckin' murder Chloe Kardashian
Run straight through her front door, and crash it in Head butt her motha fuckin' forehead and bash it in
Snap pics of the dead bitch and cash 'em in

Yeeeaah, Ok, and Hank, how bout you buddy? How are you doing with self control?

It's Fat Hank again, look here, I chewed off my own toe
The pain was vicious, but the shit was delicious
I Ate my left hand too, you think it's dumb shit but I don't know though, yo, 'cause it was scrumptious

Dan are you in there? Dan you've got someone at home who loves you very much, somebody special right?

I Guess, but I kinda turned her head backwards
I heard a snap, her skin wrinkled, I wacked her silly!
And I shaved all the hair, off the back of her mellon, and painted
Love's face there. "Welcome back" I tell him, or her

Obviously I need to increase your medication

3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic
3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic

Eddy, do you remember the exercises to calm your anger? How you feeling buddy?

I Feel like I'm sick of killing hookers, it's too easy
Cops say "So what" and yawn Unless you leave the bloody, naked slut on they lawn
They don't give a shit, I need to off a bitch cop, a bitch judge, I need to... Say doc, what's your wife do?

Let's keep the focus on you Eddy. So Hank, we talked about living a heathy lifestyle, what have you done to improve your health?

I Shot an athlete in the head and ate his heart for a start
I Shot a scholar in the heart and ate his brain for the smarts
I Shot a porn star and ate his junk, to be dick strong But caught full blown AIDS, I'll be gone before the song

Dan have you been avoiding stress? We talked about you relaxing and maybe having some fun
My buddy Dustin, lately, we've been gagging each other So I've been shaggin, his 83 year old mother
He was asleep, I cut his head off with a sword, classic
When he went to comb his hair it wasn't there! Fantastic!

3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic
3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic

All 3 of you are demented and I've had it, Eddy, I'm going home to be with my wife
Hank, you wanna eat something? Try my balls. And Dan, I don't know what you are Dan!

3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic 3 Murderers
1 Morbid Man
Don't question why in
The Mind of a Lunatic 3 murderers
1 Morbid Man
Triplex of violence
In The Mind of a Lunatic

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Insane Clown Posse Triplex Comments
  1. Juan Carlos Morales

    Sounds like Hank Hill a few part

  2. James ersher

    who cares shes a he. I was born a she why do we keep missing? Nicely put I am sure the LBGTQ community just loves that line

  3. Chainsaw Wielding Maniac

    I Have to say it (as a Juggalo) There HAS TO Be and should be an Album completely dedicated and about these three characters in "Triplex". the Album should be called "The Bedlam Brothers" and should be Dan,Hank and Eddie.

  4. James ersher

    perfect social commentary on the current gender identity social commentary.

  5. eric miller

    This shit makes me laugh like the old shit did. I mean seriously this song is great.

  6. Clifford Booher

    J always murders the multiple personality songs I'll take a whole album of this $hit

  7. Sharks Fan

    This song is fresh as f$$$$ defiantly seems like there getting back to business whoop whoop

  8. Beast Slayer

    This song is definitely one of the highlights off this album, Shaggy being the therapist throughout the song is genius.

  9. JayOmerta #SoulOweByDesign

    I fucking love this 🔥

  10. JayOmerta #SoulOweByDesign

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This is the icp I know WHOOP WHOOP brothers respects salute juggalo ninjas

  11. matrixdevonshire

    This song is horrible, and an even worse chorus.

  12. Optic miny

    This song is gonna be dope at the show. May 21st spokane. FURY FEST. WHOOP WHOOP

    The duh ScRIP Shunn

    They did NOT come to Spokane for fury fest!!!!! I would have been there! They came summer 2018 - Milenko N Friends tour. Haven't came back yet.

  13. Dominic Bell

    Three murderers one more the man. It fucking is the long lost brother of the jeckel brothers. Fuck yeah

  14. Dominic Bell

    Maby it's the third version of the jeckle brothers. The long lost brother.that would be fresh as fuck

  15. Dominic Bell

    And they keep saying brother

  16. Monuto Booket

    Icp killed it

  17. Dominic Bell

    Machete Eddie is mentioned a few times.maby that will be the next joker card. They said the name of the joker card was mentioned 8 times in this album

  18. Trill Yen

    Dude wtf is this shit Jesus

  19. Shaun Glidden

    This Card would not be the same without Str8 Jacket producing it. He really did earn that DON Hatchetman charm at BigBallasChristmas fr fr. He murked all of it.

  20. SaintLulzington

    ok this song need a video too if not i gotta see this shit live

  21. SaintLulzington

    this the darkest shit y'all dropped since... hell's pit man damn. i love it! this second deck of cards really starting to mount up to the first set

  22. SaintLulzington

    oh my god this beat

  23. Lord Revan the Prodigal Knight

    More Fat Hank when?

  24. Hal Jordan

    Call me Eddie Machete!

  25. Hal Jordan

    I don't know what you are Dan!

  26. Gamer Gage

    Dan man here😂😂😂😂

    Stranger Times

    Fucking love dans parts xD

    Gamer Gage

    I laughed so hard when I frist herad it

    James ersher

    Well at least they had the balls to make a reference over gender identity what it is truly a mental illness when you feel your were born a different gender then you are. They portrayed it in a humorous way that puts things into perspective on it being a mental illness.

  27. John Williams

    Fire in verbal form 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Edo Numo IV

    Oh crap my name is Eddie, good song


    Wicked clowns for life


    I’m loving the album and that makes me so unbelievably happy

  31. Mario Balducci

    The chorus is 🔥 gets stuck in my head lol 3 murderers

  32. Aaron Frazier

    So let’s get a Fat Hank album

    Juan Carlos Morales

    Hank Hill?

    Trevor Coleman

    For sure

  33. theshittz101

    This song made me lol

  34. Mario Balducci

    This song gets stuck in my head

  35. Kirk Brindley3

    Is butch in the mix

  36. Mario Balducci

    This album is pretty good almost as good as hells pit

  37. Pornog the Barbarian

    I'd like to set my younger sister up on a date with Machete Eddy.

    JMT Jugg

    Well let's hope she comes home in one piece

  38. therealskrubby

    "I wanna fuck fat ladies and have fat babies"
    First time I heard it it made my day.

  39. Tom Pinto

    Love this track, same with the whole album. Been jammin to it quite alot recently. Its got a bit of an old school vibe to it.

    Brian Stone

    Pinto Beanz it really does I agree

    Mario Balducci

    Reminds me of hells pit. It's almost as good def had that vibe to it🔥

    D Colwell

    Sho does

    T. W.

    Loving all the references to earlier songs throughout the album too!!! Whoop Whoop!!

  40. Josiah Burns

    Awesome this reminds me of Inner City Posse

  41. Amanda & Donovan Carriker

    Man... Just when you didn't think the clowns could deliver anything else, cuz let's be honest, to me they ain't been the same since wizard of the hood... I loved Found, and a few tracks each on the others, but man they killed it on this album... This album gives me a Hell's pit and Jeckel Bros. feel... This track is like a mix of shaggy show and the street walker

    Brian Stone

    donovan Carriker this is the icp I grew up on love this track album isnt bad either got a few bangers on it

    Kim Surbaugh

    No more corny Violent J flows . At least not on this or Flip. I completely agree.
    This could easily have been a Hallowicked single.

  42. Serial Killer

    My favorite so far

  43. Cfranz826

    Top fav track of FFF . Such an old school premise.

    Brian Stone

    Cfranz826 exactly I wish the whole album was like this old school shit but overall not a bad album I like a few songs on it

  44. teejay3000

    probably the funnest track on this album.
    I wish the rest of this album was like this :l

    Brian Stone

    teejay3000 same here

    Hal Jordan

    This album is still sick stop hatin

  45. Josiah Burns

    This sound like you fucking dissed a lot of people not on purpose and you don't mean it some peep maybe

  46. Amanda & Donovan Carriker

    This is fucking fresh!!!

  47. Twin Goats

    Is that some ff7 sampling?

  48. Randy Lee

    Only J on this album?

    Brian Stone

    Randy Lee he has more verses than shaggy on this album not sure why though

    Bayer Head

    Shaggy has 1 solo song and 5 songs with verses. He's all over the album with narratives. That's more than most ICP albums. Go back and listen to the great Milenko or anything from the original albums lol. This is nothing new.

    Brian Stone

    Bayer Head that's true i didn't think about that good point

  49. Crease City Entertainment

    I love new ICP!
    -Crease Reese

  50. Jordan Worrall

    Wiiiiiiiicked shit! The way ICP should be

  51. Chainsaw Wielding Maniac

    Bloody Bedlam Brothers (Triplex of Violence)

    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    @Ted Mayer oh so his brothers and sisters may just be aspects if his personality

    Ted Mayer

    @Anthony demons Siller runb4ME yes they ONLY exsist I his head

    Beast Slayer

    Two can't be a Triplex *face palm*

    The duh ScRIP Shunn

    I think it will be called Brother Doom....

  52. King402Omaha

    Khloe Kardashian out here giving this dislikes 😂😂😂

    Brian Stone

    King402Omaha lol

    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    I dont think she gives shit brother. Lol

  53. The Basst vlogs

    This is gonna bring fans back love this cd

    Standing Wolf

    @Brian Stone kinda reminds me of Mr Johnsons head if u get where I'm coming from

    Destiny Morris

    Lol NOT

    Beast Slayer

    The ones that left should just kill themselves. They're not wanted back lol "I'm gonna stop listening to icp because they arent the boring ass nostalgia act I want them to be." Fuck off with that bullshit.

    Dave Lozano

    @Standing Wolf more like three little pigs

    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    We need an dan album he's one more than man need to hear from that guy girl being more

  54. IShitOnTheWorld420

    so happy Otis isnt on this like he was on TMML lost&found. He ruined the last one, this is an amazing cd.

    CX da Grinch

    Canuckalo blah blah blah blah

  55. BrokenFaced Clown

    My names Eddie therefore I approve this song



  57. Collector Clout

    Bedlam Brothers

  58. Tyler Allen

    I think the next Joker's Card is gonna be the Triplex Brothers. I dont know how many times they say Brother throughout, but on this song they say Triplex 8 times

    Tyler Allen

    @Juan Carlos Morales
    But all on one song would still technically meet the criteria of "throughout the album". I see what you're saying though. I just dont know what else it could be. Maybe something about Red Rum

    Jose Gutierrez

    it's the blue counterpart to FFF


    Bedlam brothers

    Georg Jensen

    I wish they would just stop turning these cards over.


    My hope is it's The Belligerent or Bloody Bedlem Brothers Triplex of Violence and like Bang Pow Boom its a 3 CD set, though I'd like to see a good 5 songs on each album that are different not just one or two

  59. Being Kiel Frieden

    It's like Sleep Walkers meets Multiple Myselves. I really dig it, I miss the fuck out of Mike E Clark's haunting beats, but str8 jacket did right by me. This beat is noxious and amazing.


    bro this beat

  60. William Garman

    Fat Hank with the Chuck D flow shit is dope

  61. Moon Roach


  62. Sharif Mansour

    This track is hilarious.

  63. Jeremy Milam

    Hahaha yessss!!!

  64. Drew Smith

    The creativity!!! Each track iz so unique. Listening from top to bottom. Hope you are too. Plus it continues on to Flip The Rat. Kinda like how Tech N9ne "The Storm" overflowed. Except they made the overflow it's own EP included. Which iz fucking creative too. I.C.P. still rising up.

  65. Wicked 420

    My wife loves this song me two DOPE!!!!!

    Kellen Kennedy

    that's what we call a red flag

    Hal Jordan

    I think you mean 2 Dope 😏

  66. Lovetohatehatetolove

    This the best one on the album , only the wicked one on the album

    JMT Jugg

    I think this song is about fighting against misogyny all the same love this one

    TheConservative Juggalo

    @Michael Stanley whoop whoop fam! I been down since 1997, too. My older sister was playing The Great Milenko in her car when driving us home from Thanksgiving in 1997. I Been down for 22 years! MMFWCL!


    @Michael Stanley I thought this album was dope. There were just parts that seemed gimmicky. And the last track on the album I didnt like. Usually they end with a upbeat uplifting type done. Instead we get I like it rough. A song that feels like they just sat around thinking of gross violent sex stuff and said " we need to be as vile as we can here" but over all I thought the album was actually beautiful.

    Bayer Head

    @Wicked 420 only wicked song? This is one of the wickedest albums they have ever made. Try night of red rum, shimmer, hot head and I like it rough. This album is amazing! I haven't liked an ICP album since hells pit and was the last one I actually bought.

    Ted Mayer

    Shimmer, red rum...??

  67. Josh Nevy

    Am i the only one that recognizes this beat?!


    Song Heinous from dark lotus

    Mister E

    I think they are doing that on purpose, I love the black eyed kids at night.. and how it's done to the beat from Riders of the Storm from the Doors.. then if you play paint it black.. I don't know maybe it's just me.. but it's pretty sweet

    Bayer Head

    @Twin Goats that's what I was thinking. Totally final fantasy


    They been doing that. I heard a Madonna song the other day they used the beat from.

    CJ Larson

    100% FF7

  68. Isaac Johnson

    Fuck yeah!

  69. XuLiGaN138

    Wicked shit

  70. Wicked A Offical

    Whoop whoop

    Daniel Burnett


    Wicked 420

    Wicked A Whoop 🙌 motha fuckin Whoop 🙌

    Hal Jordan