Insane Clown Posse - Satellite Lyrics

You're life's shitty, wow, is that what you said man?
Try and tell that to a dead man In the red man, stress in the head man, no bitch in the bed, yeah, I been there
Well let me try to steer you up here, Sabu
That'll cheer you up sad fool
You got kids that love ya and if not?
You got a roof above ya and if not?
You got 2 legs beneath ya and if not?
At least you ain't getting beat down and shot
You still got a lot, a lil spot, a lil cot, a lil pot
Tube socks, the dude on the block is sleeping on 2 rocks!
And you got more than him in that shoe box
You got a best friend and dude rocks!
And it's you your crew jocks, so load the Juke Box and do a few shots
'Cause you ain't got a tombstone, like Tupac's

Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, can't always see clear from down here
Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, the bigger picture disappears

"Freedom" shouldn't be tookin for granted
Or in my opinion, you deserve a dick implanted
In your recital hole and another in ya cock sucka
'Cause you a cock sucka, motha fucka!
Motha fucka! Motha fuckas like you
Ain't motha fuckin right dude, I'll fuckin' fight you
Shit, you can fall in love at any time
It don't cost a dime, but being locked up is lost time
My homie Esham pointed out, the worst punishment for crime is when they fuck off your time
It's worth more than anything, money, sex, love, all of the fuckin' above
The Dirtball's a playground all the way around
Explore it and clown, and pray you stay around
So quit yelling life sucks, adore this
You'll understand when you're full of riggamortis

Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, can't always see clear from down here
Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, the bigger picture disappears

Out here, we all Pac Mans, in a maze, running from ghouls
"Everyday I'm Hustin'" But like fools we tend to, overlook the privilege and the right, to be given this life
We focus on the bullshit and the strife. Shit ain't always right
But what's wrong? A car line long. Much worse, a hearse
We ain't better off in a coffin, in some church, or with Lurch in the morgue, filleted like perch
"Life Sucks" We've all sang that song
'Till we've heard the fat gong, buried in a dirt nap lawn, like
"Boy was I wrong, that wasn't that long Let me go again and get my mack on"
Realize the prize, recognize game and peep and don't be a lame sheep, and don't sleep
You got a lot to live for, think not, get more! Love life! It's what the shit for

Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, can't always see clear from down here
Bless me with the sight of a satellite I can't always see from here, the bigger picture disappears

(Bitch, the shit's dope...)

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Insane Clown Posse Satellite Comments
  1. DissRapCollective Two

    Great stuff

  2. Gothchild303 Akrimonious Capricorn

    Spazed out

  3. el w

    Did any one else see shaggy's reflection when he was on top of the bar

  4. 0zerocypher0

    toooooo long intro

  5. Bigg Mike

    Ant g hell ya my motha fackou

  6. Mr. House

    Underground Legends

  7. rjpunkin

    I relate so much to fff and flip think its hard when you relate to the negativity or feel like your lifes wasted and yoiu just want to die so songs like this lift you up and feel like you know maybe i got time to change and not await the fate, people make fun of juggalos or the idea of the dark carnival but doesnt matter its like a message that teaches you how to live your life and think about other people, When people hear the dumb stuff and think its like that i guess they only hear what they want to

  8. The Scripflip Network

    Floobin it on the bus



  10. Zion Izlegend


  11. Gemmybaby x

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 😍

  12. MR. Ryan

    Where is kuma

  13. Joseph Yuhas

    El club

  14. Codeine Dean Smith

    Glad to see Esham in this.... I was wondering with Shags verse..?

  15. somehow888

    the name is Ant G not Ant


    Feel like a satellite just outta sight no need to fight it's the sledgehamr always down the right
    So I smite mufuccin bitches want more money twitches on the floor imma psychopathic juggalo dont you know when I'm at the show pussy choke on my flow as I grow so untold make you fold no poker


    Heavy like moker I'm just a joker when they try to bleed me I tell em hol up wanna kill me let me roll up a blunt you little cunt I'm gon toe punt nah this ain't a stunt

  17. Bryant Jarrell

    The Boogeyman

  18. Colton Murphy

    Dope whoop whoop

  19. Blvck Mvss


  20. v V

    Anybody here from ICP Instagram?? 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Puddin' Pop

    Who’s lookin for the clue?

  22. HELL TOUPEE 666

    How can you possibly hate on some dudes that are just trying to make your day a little better ??? I loved this track.

  23. Chainsaw Wielding Maniac

    This aint the first time i've seen this video,However,...this is the first time i've noticed most of the people in the bar were drinking Keystone Light and Modelo Beer...........guess what i'm drinking together RIGHT NOW ? MODELO AND MOTHERFUCKING KEYSTONE (PISS) LIGHT BEER ! Lol

  24. Horizons Band

    hellz yeah whoop whoop #FFF

  25. Steven Michael Cunningham

    Glad I could help. We innocent do not suffer just as the sinner would never would molest. #WorldPeace

  26. Bake Master

    should have wiz on a remix

  27. Jades Corner

    one of the best songs ever made

  28. Sauceboogie17

    These dudes keep getting better and better, it’s crazy how overlooked and fucked on they still are? It lets me know ppl are willfully ignorant about our family cause straight up we the shit!! Look at all the freshness icp and PSY have brought to us!! Hell I still fucks with twiztid and mne. I’ve heard so many good bands thru juggalos it’s sick...I’m tired of hearing how stupid and shitty and strung out we are!! I go hard for the juggalo nation!! MCL family the rest of y’all get fucked🖕

  29. Rotten & Remixed Records

    I was a roadie for icp Back in 1993 until Shaggy passed me a joint laced with pcp ever since I been a rotten stoned zombie


    Whoop whoop i love all my family

  31. Dennis The Menace

    Whenever I feel down I remember I don’t have tombstone like 2pac

  32. Daniel MJ

    Anyone noticed cops smoking weed? That's dope

  33. kxng fruit

    Real RAP 💪

  34. FZ CBH

    It is good to know that ICP were a fan of Ralph Bakshi film(American Pop) x3.

  35. Juggalo Guy

    Featuring Ant, from Atmosphere??

  36. Otakusatsu : オタクサツ

    damn... talk about making you think

  37. damays99

    I get it.. Woop! Woop!

  38. Pyro God

    Whoop whoop

  39. hip hop and more


  40. I will eat your fucking kids

    Not really into the new insane clown posse but this song f****** killed it whoop whoop

  41. Aaron Deross

    Fuck yea the Kings are back whoop whoop I love the way they spin there positivitie into some dope ass rhymes jay and shaggs keep em coming been down ever sense the ringmaster and never lost faith in you guys and I never will until the day the death pop comes for me mmwcl psychopathic for life mad props to the boogeyman esham too every body must die is my favorite jam from esham it’s so dark and grungy reminds me of my roots the wicked shit whoop whoop mcl to all of my fam

  42. Odious Black

    ICP on WorldStar again? What glorious days these are to be a Juggalo!

  43. Mr. Slappy

    If this song is nice to you and you never really listened to icp, then you’re really missing out. There’s so much more music that they have made that hits you hard


    This is ICP , its different and catchy...lyrics have meaning. Truly dope shit from detroit

  45. George True

    Real shit whoop whoop

  46. RafFoeDub

    East Side Hoes And Money. 💰

  47. Louis Rios

    Wow ICP on WSHH... that's a first. Nice

  48. hip hop and more


  49. German Zapata

    Yo , Write down below which album you started listening to I.C.P. below !!!!!!

    Spent_ Canister

    1991-ish i got a dubbed tape of dog beats from my homies older brother. Like the next year or so, Carnival of carnage hit the local shelves. Their tapes back then had color coordinated shiny foil in them. Carnival of carnage was shiny blue and ringmaster was shiny gold and so on.

    German Zapata

    @Spent_ Canister I have the shiny Foiled ones myself.. but wow that's awesome that you copped a O.G. Dogbeats man! 👍🔥💪

  50. Jose Maldonado

    I don’t remember if I commented on this but if not
    Whoop Whoop

  51. Finn Mertins

    Esham the boogeyman.
    And Boogeyman.

  52. Finn Mertins

    This is the best music video ever.

  53. Necron's Corner

    Great video

  54. Nightchair Records

    This is a very good effort by them, must give them credit here. Very positive vibes.

  55. Lee Farrell

    I have always loved ICP but the shit they have had to deal with over the years is absolutely disgusting, I think this song should be enough to show how real they are. Not sure you can much more real than ICP, personal opinion.

  56. killgorian killer

    And ppl are still hating on icp for being violent

  57. ????????

    The world needs insane clown posse more then ever!! #savehiphop

  58. Thecompleted Luigitwat

    good song, good message <3

  59. 80s music fan

    Real shit - nuff said

  60. Jonathan Evans

    I love the message this song has gives me hope when all I see around me is darkness

  61. Pagan Witch97

    Your life shitty is that what you said man.? Yeah... Well tryin tell that to a dead man 💕🎵🎧

  62. Shane DOXTATOR

    Look, don't kill yourself, or harm others.........
    IDGAF I ain't judging you, I love and got luv for you, I wanna wake up and be able to see you......
    I don't want you to go out like a YouTuber, or anything, all I'm trying to say is I got nothing but positive to say about all..... MCL

  63. Michelle xoxo

    my boy jim is in this music video lmao

  64. M3RDR

    "Dude no way!!! There's a rapping clown in here!!!! Omggggg"

  65. Jose Torres

    S.A. savage🤐💯💯💯💯🤐🤐🤐🤐

  66. RIP PGE


  67. Aivis Zolmanis

    ''Need a reason to be grateful ? Check your pulse'' ..... uuhm can a bar go even lower ?

  68. Skrubz Zilla

    To all the Ninjaz out there goin through tough times keep ya head up and when the right time comes we'll all rise up!
    The world is ours!
    Whoop! Whoop!

  69. AlleyStar Growley

    Esham motha fucka

  70. gotho


  71. Frank

    Trump won & ICP went FULL body paint. Our leaders are jacking off into a rocket, hoping it will hit a planet full of pussies...that rocket flipped a bitch around the dark side of the moon & is heading back at us. #SpreadYerButtcheaks

  72. Doug V

    A positive video, and I love it. In one word.......TERRIFIC! Woop-Woop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Dibblemster5318 •

    Icp saved my life two years ago I didn’t know what I was until I herd the album “the great melinko”

  74. Naptown-Mike Anderson

    Insane Clown Pu55ies

  75. Amy Bogan


  76. Kyle The Great

    Wtf was this ☹️ I keep giving em chances and they keep disappointing...ever since mighty death pop it's been a straight decline 🚮☹️

    Cold Salty Fries

    Hey, that's preference. I really like some of their newer stuff but the old shit is always gonna be on my playlist. Whenever I listen to ICP my mom calls it devil shit, my friend prefers older ICP, other friend prefers newer.

  77. Justin Case

    trash fr

  78. ashton r

    Icp is dead

    Hold my axe

  79. 2trillist

    Holy cow bro good song and awesome video good shit icp

  80. Dane Rodrigez

    Isn't that redhead the girl from Mythbusters?

    Chelsea Malz

    XD first time I have gotten that one

  81. caden miller

    I am 14 and i love icp.

  82. Donel King

    OMG! Thank you for this.

  83. Marcos GooNzz

    Trash lmao

  84. Crazy Joe

    Shaggys reflection @ 3:58 is 2 Dope! MCL

  85. A.I.M. RADIO

    Thank You WorldStar for Juggalo Recognition! Much Love for the Family! I LOVE Y'ALL! WHOOP! WHOOP!

  86. Golfwang Goethe


  87. Lumi

    Holy fuck, ICP still makes music? :o I've not looked them up for like 13 years haha.


    Love this song,and the vid was hella creative.

  89. Jason Esquibel

    Shit I used to have a friend that would take that many Vicodins just to get high

  90. Ruben Ortiz

    Those Red Balloons! 👹👹

  91. Jake VanReese

    Is that ant from atmosphere? If so, f yeah! MN love for life! Keep an eye on your health bro. Ask Bro Ali, you dont have to be large, to live large!!

    Coming from a hippo- critical POV. Lol.
    Jim Morrison : "thiers nothing wrong with being a Large Mammal"!

  92. Zakari 7-ONE-1

    fitting a spectrum news ad popped up

  93. Phil Ill

    anyone who enjoyed this song check out some of my music i think youd enjoy it. im 100% indy from writing to arranging to producing.

    jus jon

    No Phil. I will not check out your music.

  94. Phil Ill

    holy shit this shit is fire. and im not a juggalo nor a juggalo hater but this is just genuinely a good song. i love the old school boom bap instrumental too. got that realllll 90s feel

  95. silent Jay

    Rich people telling poor people to stop stressing about how hard they have it

    Soquid Snake

    They're not that rich lol