Insane Clown Posse - Ok Lyrics

Ada cadabra stab you up money
I’m the big duce that put your ass up like puddy
That’s one thing I never done was study
Fuck my meds I’m about to go nutty
If I was in prison I would rape your anus
With this broom stick not my penis
Doing drive by on a podo stick
Cause I’m getting my dick sucked
No bull shit I clown mother fuckers
In part of their face probation officers all over their face
I sell fake goods and you still buy it
I even tell you it's fake (I’ll still try it)
I slap your ass and leave you snoring
Still laid out same spot next morning
And I’m a serial killer pound for pound
Fuck with the juggalo (juggalo juggalo)

I get clown you to your face
Get a clown full up your anus
Get clown on your chin
Then we do it again bitch
Get clown onto your face
Get clown full up your anus
Get clown on your chin
And this shit don’t end bitch
You get clown

I am the clown my foot swing around
Put your nut so far up your ass they never found
Make your eyeballs go like microwave feather
Until they finally splatter
I don't want to know this it don't really matter
When I pull out my axe go scatter
It's in my head I hit him tons of wall
Next thing you know I come to your door
And I can’t see it the shit begins
A knife to the cheek then I sticks it in
Blood feathers I cut your theaters
Everybody run free up in a home feet
Everybody run on solid ground
And all the victims they on the ground
Hold them close until the heart slows down
And whisper in his ears you got clowned


I rock my face like my brothers and sisters
It's understood by others why they distant
Truth is these haters wants to kiss us and love us
Because they secretly hound dogs
Show them when they piss us off
Up next we got to clown these hoes
Stick a but clown shoes up their asses
Because when our wrecking comes to town
We only pick up the phone bitch

[Chorus x2]

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