Insane Clown Posse - Nobody's Fault Lyrics

I can't seem to make a fuckin' friend, it always seems to end up just pretend
They always fuckin' suck in the end, fucking bit my hand, same fuckin' shit again, it don't quit or end
Can't go a day without me gettin' high, I call it gettin' by, fuck you won't even try, no shit I'd rather die
I'd rather stick a fuckin' chicken squire through my eye, it's true then lick it dry, no lie
Can't be right how bad I wanna nut, I'm fantasizin' tough and I just might combust
Trip on a slut's lust, shits a must At night I grip my nuts and flick the tip till it erupts
Then wipe it up

I'm all alone when I get the bone All alone when the chips are blown, the bullshit's my own...
It's nobody's fault but mine
It's all I need when the shit ain't fair, all I need when nobody cares
How the fuck I get here? It's nobody's fault but mine

I swear to God it's like I never learn, I take turn, after turn, after turn, and fuckin' crash and burn
Nobody's that concerned, they say they're glad they ain't me
Too bad I'll never earn, the court's adjured
Tell me why I'm always fuckin' up, I take it hard to the gut, it fuckin' hurts and it sucks
I suck it up, my luck ran up, I fucking chalk it up, to the simple fact, I'm dumb as fuck
What? I try my hardest but I can't fit in
Even them who never win won't let me in
And when the rest about to finish, I just begin They headed out, I'm headed in, they fat
I'm thin, they yang I'm ying
From this day fourth I'll be a faithful man
It was a great soundin' plan, but it was built on quicksand
That shit was over before it began, Blam
Left with my dick in my hand, don't understand

I'm all alone when I get the bone All alone when the chips are blown, the bullshit is my own...
It's nobody's fault but mine
It's all I need when the shit ain't fair, all I need when nobody cares
How the fuck I get here? It's nobody's fault but mine

I'm always hurtin' people out and about, just cause someone shoves to hard in a crowd, what's that about?
I'm always quick with my foot in they mouth, screamin' loud If they bleedin' bad I'm even proud, huummmmmm
Why is it that I'm always telling lies? Why don't I know, my shit no one buys, or know they roll their eyes?
Why can't I ever hear their sys? My shit never flies, believe me no one tries, surprise
The doctors tell me that my head is sick, my brain is mad, jacked up, thanks to Fred and Flip
And in fact, a fuck I will never give I fiteback, A scrub, will forever live

I'm all alone when I get the bone All alone when the chips are blown, the bullshit is my own...
It's nobody's fault but mine
It's all I need when the shit ain't fair, all I need when nobody cares
How the fuck I get here? It's nobody's fault but mine

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Insane Clown Posse Nobody's Fault Comments
  1. Mystary TV

    I 💜 This Song! 💯

  2. William Drake

    Yall muhfuckers that say you been listening 20 years now youre no longer fans werent fans to begin with...
    Ive been listening since carnival of carnage... People change, evolve, try different shit...
    If youre still the same person doing the same shit you were 20 years ago then youre the one with the problem...
    Ok dont like the song i get it... I fucking hate the autotune shit... But to diss the group for doing it is B.S. besides this isnt the only "soft" song theyve done over their careers...


  3. Leanderson Shay

    Wow this is some wicked shit whoop whoop brings out the juggalo in me.

  4. EvilBunnie

    Just when you thought icp couldn't get any shittier. Lmao whack garbage ass song.

  5. The Phat Jesus

    Wtf is this shit

  6. derek

    Not saying this is a bad song
    Apparently it touches some people hearts but last full icp I listened to was ftfo maybe that crop circles album
    Pretty tough but this new age spin hella wack

  7. Finn Mertins

    This is a perfect biography of my life.

  8. Cory Walp

    That ending was fresh!

  9. Jaybo Buddybo

    Listen Everyone ICP included This world is not a war against people its a spiritual war. Those who do you wrong are not your enemy the enemy is the little g god of this world satan and he loves when you are full of darkness no hope and when you are in willful sin and when you have no faith and when you dont repent and turn and be baptized. When you repent and turn from sin and baptize in Jesus name and are filled with the Holy Ghost you will see that people around you are lost just like you were and you can love your enemies because our enemy is not flesh its a war we are in Jesus says be Holy as he is Holy. This world that worships satan is designed to keep you blinded from knowing him and being set free and others as well I love you all please listen and turn time is short. Once you get filled then obey follow the spirit and hear the word of God and you will go through many things against you in this world but he will be with you. Fight the good fight of faith and not against people. Its a war we are in for our souls

    Apollo Rap

    Jaybo Buddybo true, JESUS IS KING

    Jaybo Buddybo

    @Apollo Rap He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and He is the Lord Thy God. The Son who is the Father in the flesh.

  10. Luca Lozer


  11. Tony Derrow

    this was posted on my bday....dope!!!

  12. Sterling Lowe

    What the goddamn fuck is this I came up on the wicked shit but this hurts still love yalls shit but this ain't it

  13. Jay Podliska

    Why the fuck don't you stick with your og shit instead of going to this mainstream style wanna sound like every other rapper style shit... I stopped listening after bang pow boom because you guys lost ur touch but twizted still has it... Sorry but your going in the wrong fuckin direction with your music!!

  14. Fire Thief

    MCL to my Juggalo fam 🦄🦄🦄

  15. nemesis priest

    man i c p sucks so hard now glad twiztid did there on thing

  16. dean a

    This is terrible even for the low untalented unoriginal standards of ICP. A middle school child could have wrote these immature lyrics.

  17. chad

    Today was listening to riddle box bizzare and ringmaster the good shit what is this they need to convert back to what made them not this bs and what they have been dropping after bang pow boom they went to shit

  18. Scott Waldron

    Much love ICP

  19. Joe Lindsey

    I've been listening for about 20 yrs and this is the weakest stuff they ever put out not a fan anymore

    Smokey Hills

    If you can leave that easy you weren't a fan to begin with 🖕

  20. Sol Tarano

    the fuck

  21. fred zeisler

    This is dumb. 🤮

  22. Jason Matthews

    Hate this sound

  23. Way High Radio

    You should do a song with Odd squad family also Kottonmouth kings

  24. bill32m84401

    this song is 100% me cause im always causing problems and its always my fault plus every time i tried to find my new love when they see me there running away and also dumb ass fuck has been down since they came out finally a song that describes me and oh the girl on the stilts if you look closely you can see part of her underwear when she walks by violent j mmwmfcl

  25. hatchetmaster 0627

    Even though this ain't the wicked ahit I still fuck with this one. Fresh as fuck whoop whoop MMFWCL. Dope vibes all around. As j said. A scrub will forever live

  26. T-Bone Miami

    This is great, I love these guys!!!

  27. Sir Wiggles airsoft

    been a fan for a long time, this really didn't do it for me

  28. Zachary Danko

    Love this song make more icp for life.

  29. Tinks Project TRUTH

    I fuckkin loveeee this shiiittt!!!! Whoop whoop!

  30. Ramon Beltran

    This slaps

  31. Jane Doe

    So I guess J is really testing if Juggalos will “still be down”.... waiting for him to grow that other head, he’s done everything else.

  32. Way High Radio

    Cool to icp putting out better vibrations

  33. Yeetus Fetus

    Y’all babies don’t even know that their music has NEVER been like this

    the iron brony

    It's true, but it's a powerful song nonetheless.

  34. Michael Cravalho

    Of course Violent J is a clown as in Insane CLOWN Posse

  35. Alan Beauregard

    Slaves to goof.fuck y'all jugabitches.Ha!

  36. duane Largo

    I love your music

  37. Krista Tinney

    Love this song Whoop Whoop 🙌

  38. Clowin

    He went full Birthday

  39. Dawn Zuben

    This one's a no from me. Hated it. Re-record it sounding less wussy it might be dope.

  40. Breakneck

    This is embarrassingly bad.

    Way High Radio

    The world is a mirror


    @Way High Radio I don't understand your post.

    Way High Radio

    @Breakneck what you see in others you see in your self

    Way High Radio

    @Breakneck just kidding though


    @Way High Radio You can't think this compares to ANY of ICP's old shit do you?

    I make beats for the last 2 decades.
    When you make beats you hear music differently than ANYBODY else that doesn't make beats.

    So what I mean is I can hear how amateur and how whomever is making ICP's current beats is new etc.

    I'm embarrassed for them because of this.

    You go listen to the layers of a Mike Clark beat and then listen to this garbage. There's no comparison. Half of their new beats aren't even looped properly lol. The samples weren't filtered to remove hiss.

  41. Yaz Broski

    Just got out prison.....WTF IS GOING ON......*blows hamsters pack back*

  42. NOSTIX Entertainment

    Yo fam check my page out let me know what you think of you a wicked Lett or lo mmfwcl

  43. Abigail Slaughter

    interesting detail to have in a video for a song about self reflection...

    he is riding a CARS attraction, a Pixar (read: Disney) film...
    How long were the boys spitting under the Mouse before giving Eisner the finger?

  44. Idna Kesif


  45. Josh Hocking

    I could not listen to it again I love icp but this is terrible

  46. Glory to God

    Man how did you guys go from Great Milenko to this??

    Way High Radio

    i think it is dope both of um, gotta grow up at some point

    Glory to God

    @Way High Radio Yeah people have different tastes and never liked the whole "evil" vibe. But Milenko was legendary and just sounded so awesome.

    Glory to God

    @Way High Radio So was Jeckel brothers

  47. Aric Balmos

    Fucking trash

  48. Hype Lo

    Damn I'm L8 on this1 this is 1 of many favorite songs of mine woop×4 stay strong juggs

  49. Bogart Gaming & Tech

    Kudos for the super thick chick on the stilts... Sadly that's about as much as I can applaud here... ICP used to be awesome, now it's like pop music with curse words - Please guys, listen to your older stuff, and channel THAT energy, channel the older sound. I want ICP to do well, but this is not something I can see myself playing

  50. Randall Rigney

    Wack AF, MNE 4 Life.

  51. Way High Radio

    maybe you guys can help kottonmouth kings get back on there feet

  52. Way High Radio

    would be cool to see icp in an aew segment

  53. Way High Radio

    How bout a song with odd squad fam

  54. aFullPoopSack

    this was their end. glad they made their money and bailed i guess. was such a huge fan. remember going to the rave to see their shows.

  55. DaBuuchi

    whoop whoop and sometimes shitdick

  56. Kevin Jackson

    To everyone talking shit about auto tune: I've always thought that he was using it in a sarcastic (probably not the right word but fuck you I'm drunk) way, just being a clown. This is the most dope shit I've seen in a long time.
    The wicked clowns will never die!!!

  57. Rocco Jacobs


  58. Rocco Jacobs

    HolyShit this is amazing


    shit music

  60. Josh Parrish

    I couldn't have heard this song at a better time in my life then right now. These guy's have taken me thru many parts of life and there still here like real friend's kickin real shit!!! Mad clown love 4 life.

  61. EY spy is cbd Australasia haters

    Bro yo please keep on helping with pink and purple, yo fuck yo. Peace out yo and thanks for the art on the albums mate and poor boys that like purple bro yo, if you know what I mean bro and bye mate.

  62. Jesse Carey

    The autotune does not need to be a part of anything from now on terrible choice .

  63. Richard Surratt

    Wtf is this shit? These fuckers done went soft. Go back to the days of the OG icp. Not impressed with this song.

  64. Blessito Dominguez


  65. Juggalo Jupin

    Whoop whoop wicked clowns. This shit was fresh homies cant lie

  66. buddyroach

    Is it normal to like the way emotional pain feels?

  67. Maurice from the East

    Thanks for letting me come back to reality

  68. FEKeith

    Have listened to ICP since the carnival of carnage in 92... just I definitely fuck with your new shit!!! Keep it up and much love from Michigan!!!

  69. ALEX boucher


  70. Brian Double U

    Fucking YouTube...... I never got this notification! This is one of my favorite songs off of Fred. And I really love this video that they did here! The carnival themed videos they do are always my favorites.

  71. Alicia England

    I don't understand why so many people hate this video. Listen to the lyrics. They are still speaking real life shit!
    Whoop whoop

  72. BigShane719

    My mind is Sick, mad jacked up from Fred & Flip!!!💯❤👺🐀

  73. Sticks Licks The Dicks

    When the Clowns dress like Clowns.

  74. DaveyLeeRiot

    Anybody noticed the "why why whyyy" sample from the Blaze Hatchet Execution track on this hook?

  75. Timmay Ahhh

    Had to watch twice proud to be part of the FAMILY "Ghetto genius.. Penis" haha MCLMF

  76. Crease19

    I love this song good beat

  77. liz neilson

    This hit the spot

  78. Trav Flatt

    Fucking garbage!

  79. Elizabeth Huston

    Thank you

  80. hippie943

    Guy's........go back to your roots please! This shit y'all been putting out the last 10 years ISN'T icp... not the shit I grew up bumping.

  81. John Sullivan

    Gotta be honest this song isn't one of my favorites on this album, just not into the trap style beat. but you guys always find a way to shoot music videos in such a way that makes me enjoy it regardless. Love the energy you two put into your work. Would love to see a music video for night of redrum some day. Much love

  82. The Jedi

    I love it no matter what

  83. Lika Smertin

    listen repeat listen
    make my day better, god bless you!

  84. A. W.

    I love you ICP. Always will.
    It's still raining diamonds!!!!!

  85. skev666

    Next Violent J solo album.... Detroit Southwest Lover!!! Can't wait!!!!!

  86. 100 subs no videos challenge

    Im sorry what is this😂

  87. Kyle Smith

    Story of my Life

  88. Fatman Zeitgeist

    Song would be so much better without like half of Shaggy's lines. Most of his background lines are aight but that one segway where he just kinda screams "penis" or talks about "poo dick" is very cringy. Takes me completely out of the vibe of the tune. On the flip side, wasn't digging the autoune when I first heard this on the record but I think it's growing on me after this listen.

  89. courtneyblushtg

    I understand why they did it but they could have done it better. Don't forget your roots and the people that support you!

  90. Don Wolfberg

    their best days are ahead of them

  91. jebby lilmoshpit

    Tha bullshits my own

  92. BSM Rambo Slim

    Hands down most terrible song I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard so many indie artists in my life but this is taking the cake for cringiest. Sorry ICP

  93. Kristian179

    ICP fell off while Twiztid on the otherhand is rising

    2015 Bulldog

    Crazy plot twist...ICP contributed nearly 100% to what Twizted is and ICP will never die!


    @2015 Bulldog to say that, it's a misconception as Twiztid has stated that they thank ICP for getting them to where they are now, however they do have more influences in their sound that's not ICP and Horrorcore related as they both Madrox and Monoxide are more leaning to experimental hip hop unlike ICP as they love to stick with what they know, which is horrorcore, it's like your saying ICP was an inspiration for Twiztid's Generation Nightmare album, which is totally not the case.

  94. Cilla Floyd

    Juggalo 4life!

  95. Robert Dean

    This is the worst bullshit ever..lmao

  96. Matthew Coolness

    Instead of trying to fit themselves into the new school hiphop way of doing things (garbage repetitive flows, Ad-libs, auto tune...), I would prefer that the guys do what they’ve always done, and simply be themselves. Hardcore beats and rhymes, not Drake style parody Rap.

    Ever since miracles was on SNL, it’s almost like they’re trying to be what’s expected of them. In the past, they were dangerous, you never knew what they were going to say, or do on the Howard Stern show, love line, or wherever. They were just being themselves, and the kids loved them for it. I think the people want that old spontaneity, J on the Beef 2 DVD ripping Eminem a new asshole, or on Bill o Rilley talking shit! They could have ripped Otis & Friends a new asshole and made something wildly entertaining, but nope 👎 6 foot 7 foot was just a little love tap. Where’s that old Detroit, “I don’t give a fuck!” Spirit? I don’t want to hear j singing like this, he needs to go back and listen to Ice Cubes Death Certificate before writing another rhyme. And get that fuck face Ouija off of the label, he’s fucking TERRIBLE.

  97. Bud Knight

    Fucking auto tune?!!!! I'm disappointed