Insane Clown Posse - Night Of Red Rum Lyrics

Rat-tat-tat, tick-tock, Red Rum, my dick bled some
Flip sipped the blood splat, with his red rat tongue
Then I opened the door, scopin' the whore
Took a pen, popped it in her tittie, hopin' it pours
I laughed hard, yoked it out, and she was too stunned to speak
I autographed the bloody titty, she punched my cheek
I split quick, but baby's still chasing me hurtin' titties bobbin' in her face and the stab hole squitin'
Hurdled over a tombstone, but she couldn't clear it
She like a wounded parrot and here come a carrot, a big rock, she begged me to stop
I said sure, and spread her head into slop, like it dropped, from top floor
Wiping blood on my face, 'cause I'm a Red Rumma
My eyes spit flames, my heart pounds like thunder Snuff out the sun, let the dark swell come
The night of Red Rum has begun. We havin' dead fun!

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum, if you're in need of some bleedin' fun
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, flex some bedlum!
Lobba Geeka, Loppa Zun so needed
I'm speaking tongues Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, flex some bedlum!
Die... Die... Die... Die...
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, Yum Yum Bedlum!
Die... Die... Die... Die...
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, Yum Yum Bedlum!

Fuck! That had to be some good potent shit homie! You were fucked up! Any left?

Rockin' a bloody hoodie, bloody skully, bloody kicks and jeans, bloody face, bloody fists, 'till I licks 'em clean
Walkin' down Grand River, where the chicks are seen
This little hoe, I suppose, is only 16 Turn ya dick green
Make it spit steam, keep your shit clean, get cream and a hip shot, hooker chick thought
I'm all bloody could I be the Southwest Strangla?
Baby I'm a painter and my van's parked on Chamers
How much to fuck a nut off in your butthole?
Haha Really doe, what the ticket on that dirty pussy hole?
"$25 a BJ $50 for a fuck" Hit me!
You're in luck slut, come with me to my truck
But I chucked her in a dumpster, punched her, stomped her, puncture, ice pick, 30 time, monster
Camel Cluch, bent that bitch all the way back
Until the slut snapped, the back of her head tucked in her butt crack!

Tweedle dee and tweedle dum, if you're in need of some bleedin' fun
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, flex some bedlum!
Lobba Geeka, Loppa Zun so needed
I'm speaking tongues Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, flex some bedlum!
Die... Die... Die... Die...
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, Yum Yum Bedlum!
Die... Die... Die... Die...
Red Rum, yum, Red Rum, Yum Yum Bedlum!
Hell yeah and I always figured you was a soft
Little, weak ass, pussy, bitch boy fuck!

Slimy black snakes slither in and out of my ears, it's chop time
I'm blood soaked but fine 'cause ain't a drop mine
Like magic, my rock will transform ya head, from a fat solid mass, to a splash of red
I killed a cop, a jogger, and I think a neighborhood dog
They searchin' for me, closin' in, I laugh in the fog
I'm Mr. Happy, haha, psychotic and crazy
If I could I'd squeeze your neck and pop your head off, daisies!
Found a thick liquor bottle, snuck into a tittie bar
The bouncer had his back turned, I hit him hard!

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Insane Clown Posse Night Of Red Rum Comments
  1. Victor Modoran

    This is fucking nice.

  2. Big Black Nemesis

    💀 Ash'la kalbur akall la lai~ WHOOOP WHOOOP 💀

  3. Sauceboogie17

    This shit makes me so glad ima juggalo!!🙏🔪🤘💎

  4. stripe801

    how is anyone saying this is darker than Lost? this shit is terribLe & basicaLLy kid stuff compared

  5. Red Rum

    I approve. 👍

  6. Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    44 is hear whoever sings this 2 whoops

  7. Dan Malzi

    The clowns are finally back

  8. SegaGamerSonic HighSkoolJuggalo347


  9. Jay Riggs

    That ESHAM BEAT YO!!!!!

  10. Jaydin Rockstrom

    They need a music video of this and Triplex

  11. Dylogik Jay Wizz

    whoop whoop fam

  12. eric miller

    Excellent song. Could go right up against the old classics.

  13. Juan Carlos Morales

    We need a music video for this

  14. Jugga kidd's radio show

    Fucking love this song keep it up icp

  15. Brandon Sommerville

    I will admit, I wasn't a fan of ANYTHING ICP put out after The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, but this album, i MUST own this!!!!

  16. Rita Soto

    ICP's best album yet Holy shit

  17. Like Like Creep

    "Fuck that had to be some good potent shit, homie! You was fuuuuucked up!! Any left?"

  18. only1clover

    This one is my fav on this album! Love it!

  19. Josh Perez

    I can’t Fucking Wait to Hear this Song Live..

  20. Silence Speaks Volumes

    Are these guys from Nevada, or Dayton, Ohio? Doesn't matter street walker window shopping is as cheap as it is a terrible idea in hindsight. VEGAS/NEVADA HERE I COME!

  21. Michael Gooler

    They back!! I'm so happy I'm treating Twiztids and icps split off like it never happend lol I refuse to pick a side. When you have been listening to them for 27 years it's hard to accept that change.. ("Farts Dust").. I'm not old.

    Someone Else

    Michael Gooler wasn’t Seriously Hilarious aimed at them (partially) tho?

  22. Hal Jordan

    "I feel that slimy black snake slither in and out of my ears it's chop time" this line is epic AF whoop whoop!

    Brook Wigley

    I’m blood soaked but fine, cause ain’t a drop mine!!

  23. marcot3499

    One of my favorite tracks on this jokers card.

  24. Kevin Charley

    fucc yeah this is what i luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Coltin

    Is this a Mr Happy part 2???

  26. Shaun Riehle

    love this song, this is why I've listened to ICP since Inner City Posse then the first 6 joker cards after ICP became Insane Clown Posse. Been down wit the clown since day one.

    Hal Jordan

    Bruh you ain't that old or your pic is full of shit

  27. Mathew

    How do you square this with "The World is Yours"?

  28. Mista CutThroatz

    Whoop whoop MWCL

  29. Brook Wigley

    I’m addicted to this song!

  30. Louis Sosa

    Night of the 44 is still the best!!

    Hal Jordan

    Lol I love that song. "I thought it was a Dream but I look down and I'm a bloody wreck! (Oh my gyyaahhd)" 😂

  31. Dustin Brock

    Yooo.. This shit is straight banging. Best joker's card on the second deck good to have an entity that feels like a card

  32. Mr. AnselmTheWeird0


  33. Tom Pinto

    Hell yea!!! Thank you ICP!!!!

  34. Michael W. Rauch

    This is my Fav song on the album. I'd like to see a dark red video!! Real Dark, with a hint of Blood red and black in color. Like the old chicken hunting video, mixed with how many times. Updated and fucking sick. (I got it all pictured). Lol whoop x2

  35. King Nosam

    This and Triplex are sadly the only good songs on the album. I was super letdown with this album after all the hype.

    jumpshot 17

    I'm not bashing u ur opinion but WHAT?!?! Lol. Personally I don't see how songs like fury,game over,seriously hilarious, or satellite aren't bangers but I guess that's what an opinion Is lol


    I can see that but its not really about making comparison at least not whats better or worse think of it as a gene pool even thoe one kid was born better then the other its not about that. I see it as a mix breed from each jokers card from last set the melinkos wand and crow from wraiths crow sampler forks up forks down from ringmaster to flips feet and so on... I dont want to fit as much words as possible so talk later lol sorry. But much like people everyone has that different style or vibe.

    jumpshot 17

    MusickWritersMovement thank you. Ppl keep comparing these to the original when even icp said they will never hold a candle to the original six. But that doesn't mean they aren't masterpieces in their own way. Even though personally I think this one is 2nd best to the wraith. But like u said. That's not what matters. What matters is that we get new icp period. They could have quit then years ago if they wanted and been fine but here they are

    Brian Double U

    Eeesh, Triplex is my least favorite track on FFF. But this one is beyond dope. Others have grown on me, like Satellite, and Fury. I think it's good to have opinions. I mean damn, look at this shit, 22 years after I discovered ICP and my life changed forever -they're still here and we're still talking about em! The Wicked Clowns are fucking legends and will literally never die. History has been made brothers and sisters. And the story continues....

    Someone Else

    How has nobody heard of the shining lol

  36. jason parmelee

    One of my favorites on the album. Gets me geeked like Milenko shit did

  37. joshua campbell

    That Wicked shit!!

  38. Michael LaDeaux

    Bringing me back to the ICP i grew up on

    VooDoo Wiz

    ya this shit go hard bro

    D Colwell

    No doubt! This album is DOPE ass freshness! So reminiscent of 90s ICP

  39. Andrew's Planet

    I like this song!

  40. twiztid313

    I haven't actually liked anything icp has put out for the last almost 20 years, but this album knocks. They did a good job with this one

    Brian Stone

    twiztid313 I agree bro

  41. John Williams

    This is ICP 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Kaden Yorgason Progress - NO WAR

    I am stoked for the next 7 jokers cards! My hope by then is to own a physical copy of all 17 jokers cards for including the ones with double and triple cards

    Michael W. Rauch

    6 cards

    JTK 14

    12 cards

    Hal Jordan

    17 cards

  43. A Boii Called Sunni

    whole album bangs no cap

  44. Tribe

    Reminds me of track one of someone else's album for some reason! Mcl 665!

  45. Lance Tuck

    I thought shaggy is the south west strangler??

    Hal Jordan

    He is. The line was The chick saw me covered in blood, is he the Southwest Strangler!? He is hen says he's an artist covered in red paint 😜 MMFWCL

  46. weather Less

    One ofnda best icp Dark lotus style of weaith+ catnivsl of carnage+ ICP missing links & Bizzar album of stuff .def gonna get on cd.
    Goes so hard sounding Horrorcore NuMetalclike.toybox album is so hood to kickback& chill to.
    From-R% Nitrous Demomusic.

    weather Less

    Gloomy sunday& Brother EP Album both bump

  47. Jordan Worrall

    This is the wicked Shit! Way better than Marvelous Missing Links

  48. duzted

    This got an Assassins vibe

    Being Kiel Frieden

    Glad I'm not alone on that one!

  49. Michael Stanley

    Night of the Axe, Night of the .44, Night of the Chainsaw and now Night of Redrum!!!! So Dope!

    Hal Jordan

    I love Night of the 44

    Dave Lozano

    I love all the night ofs

  50. last frink

    My favorite from fff! Red fred the 4th is all red!!! On first lisen i liked nobody's fault. After about 7 listens i like 1. Night of red rum.2 Simply hilarious
    3 satellite
    4 west verner ave
    7. Red fred
    8 low
    9 gameover
    10 shimmer
    11 nobody's fault

    The rest is neither here or there

    Brian Stone

    last frink triplex and freedom are also good songs in my opinion

    last frink

    @Brian Stone thats your opion! 😉

    Brian Stone

    last frink how can u not enjoy triplex though that's old school icp on that track the wicked shit

    last frink

    @Brian Stone its not all about wicked shit! I like found out of the 2 decks is my fav! Love Will always beat evil

    Hal Jordan

    Listen to Triplex's chorus with a deep bass. It has this one sick part that made me absolutely love that song

  51. Mista CutThroatz

    Whoop whoop MWCL

  52. nsmagnum10

    I f’in love this song. RedRum!😡😡665

  53. Converse kid


  54. jeremy steelman

    After about the 3rd or 4th listen, this might be one of my favorite ICP tracks.

    Hal Jordan

    I feel the slimy black snake slither in and out of my ears it's chow time!

  55. The duh ScRIP Shunn

    Almost as good as Night of the Axe.

  56. Toxic Fraud

    best album since the first six era!! this is fuckin lit! 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Gazen Whitestone

    Love the whole album but this iz one of my favorite songs off it

  58. Mr. Paulino

    call me crazy but I like this


    Mr. Paulino that’s why we’re all here. We all enjoy this wicked shit homie! Whoop whoop! 🙌

  59. pistolgripz

    Yo I know J has always had like a 75% to Shaggys 25% on most of their albums but damn this track is must have Shaggy verse!! Still fresh though

    Brian Stone

    BONEsAwWIZaRd I totally agree


    J is def the heavy lifter. I listened to this album front to back yesterday and was like, damn, where’s shaggy?! It felt like there was about four straight J sounds with shaggy going, “Yeah! What! Ugh!” Haha!

  60. JMT Jugg

    Spell red rum backwards it spells murderer 😮

    VooDoo Wiz

    stephen king a horror legend boi

    JMT Jugg

    @VooDoo Wiz ya he is a legend

    Mister Hatred

    Walker Anderson-Williams: There is an older 80s Shining with Jack Nicholson and a "newer" remake from the 2000s.

    Both have different endings and are worth checking out, but the book is where it is at IMO.

    And IT is dope AF as well. Love the OG movie but the remake is solid. Cant wait for Part 2 to release.




    Hal Jordan

    😂 wow... No way

  61. Spring Shorts


  62. 1031247

    Come get cha some RedRum son!!! #FFF

  63. William Hallberg

    This is fuckin bangin! Wicked shit! Icp is back !

  64. Loose Skrewz705

    Totally impressed. That wicked shit is back baby. Now on to Flip

  65. Zachary Schultz

    Kind of energy they should have had with Mike e Clark spinning is eccentric production. But str8 jacket did great!


    Zachary Schultz oh, this is a different producer? That makes so much sense! I was just replying to a guy about this new synth bass and ratatat drum sound that was big 15 years ago. Different producer! Of course! Mike E Clark I think has a thing where he wants it to sound as organic as possible, if that makes sense. Like, real drums, real guitar. This album sounds like a throwback to 2005 AND modern!

  66. Moon Roach

    J really goes hard on this one!! I like shaggys dialogue too

  67. Robert Tolosa

    Whoop Whoop

  68. Jeremy Milam

    Yum yum Bedlam!!!

  69. Drew Smith

    Old school wicked. Reminds you of Hell's Pit. This new entity fits perfectly amongst its predecessor Jokers Cards. Notice the mix of style with their improved lyricism? Like any artist whether they paint, Draw, cook, sing, they just improve and become even better. They were Dope back then and be Dropping shit even harder like this as time keeps on ticking

    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    Even fred and the the wraith share simiallaritys in appearance. Both had a familiar the rat and the raven

    Kim Surbaugh

    @Anthony demons Siller runb4ME
    Good comparison. Thy Wraith was/is the most important Card in Juggalo history. This Card in a lot of ways is almost as important for the fact that they had to show us they could deliver us the true wicked shit again. And they did not disappoint at all!

    Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    @Kim Surbaugh yeah for the most part this album is fire but it's somewhat disappointing to hear shaggy with verse on only 4 or 5 of the tracks. Also a side note on fearless fred he also has a crowbar so it could be seen as the wraiths crow. Quite possibly could be the wraith uncloaked

    Shaun Glidden

    Anthony Siller
    Im so use to Shaggy not being on i never notice anymore to be honest. But this Card is not corny at all like MDP Or Found. J has that aggresive delivery he was missing for some time

  70. Wicked 420

    They came correct on this CD 💿 got iTunes need hard copy with flip the rat didn’t no it came with 2 !!

    Melanie Scott

    Wicked 420 Jesus learn the kings English


    @Melanie Scott Its funny I always watch for correction officers like this and they usually come up being corrected as well thats why you should mind your own. Well cause you could be missing a period at the end. Also this aint Anglo-Saxon back in 550–1066 CE this is futuristic electro english....

    Hal Jordan

    Dude I got both in one for $14.99 U.S. Dollars

  71. Whiteness Mc tennisballs

    Ima have to cop fff every song released off that album has been sick af

  72. Whiteness Mc tennisballs

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 icp is sounding like icp again


    It sounds more like a combination of old style and new style. I don't know. listen to them on and off.


    rjlundholm89 I completely agree. It’s like they are 10-15 years behind. These heavy synth bass lines and ratatat tat drum beats remind me of what my friends were listening to, 36 mafia etc, in high school (2003ish). They’ve JUST discovered auto tune on this record?! I really like this record, it’s just weird to hear all the production tricks that were popular when I was in my 20s (I’m 34 at the moment).

    jumpshot 17

    @ghostdog2041 its cause icp is old school a d detached from the mainstream


    jumpshot 17 no doubt. I remember when j did a video interview and was like, we’re so busy doing our thing, I can’t tell you what’s in the top ten.

    jumpshot 17

    @ghostdog2041 yeah I know the one

  73. Isaac Johnson


  74. Daniel Burnett

    Red RUM!