Insane Clown Posse - Jump Around Lyrics

Yo THIS is for my Ninjas
REAL ninjas
Who ain't afraid to get loony

Get up BITCH!
Get Loony

Pull it out snap it in, let me begin
Cut under the chin fresh out the loony bin
You don't want me to act up, punk you'd better back up
Swingin my axe everybody gets hacked up

Get up, stand up, bloodying my hands up
Can't control the feelin' here I come a wig peelin
I can chop a hater up even though I'm drunk
Yo, I'll stab 'em in the eye and then I'll take the punks home

Freak show, funk it, bodies in the trunk'in
Pullin drive by on the cops at a dunkin'
Donuts shop, My hatchet goes chop
Guts hit the floor and I'm losin it but I won't stop
I came here to clown, I came here to clown
Lets get lunatic and jump around!

Jump around
Jump around, jump up and down like a clown


Jump, jump, jump
Jump, jump, jump


Jump, jump
Jump, jump, jump
Jump, jump,


I'll serve your ass like a rabid chef
If your girl steps up, I'll stab her to death
Word to your mother, A scrub from the gutter
That'll cut through your neck, hot knife to butter

I turn the moon off and dance in the darkness
Choke the life, right up out of your carcus
I got sick jokes for you, there not fun
Fuck you in the ass with a shotgun

I plead insanity, ' and shout to the death
Had to muster WOO with my last breath
Tell me to Chill.. I don't think I will
'Cause when I shoot the shit, I shoot to kill

I came here to clown, I came here to clown
Lets get lunatic and jump around!

Jump around
Jump around, jump up and down like a clown


Jump, jump, jump
Jump, jump, jump


Jump, jump
Jump, jump, jump


I'm the cream of the crop, I rise to the top
I never eat a pig but I eat pig slop
I swing a chainsaw through the brains and all
Veins and jaws, sip it all through a straw

But I ain't going out like no punk bitch
Get used to one torture and yo then Im like SWITCH!
Then up up and around buck buck it down
Put your head up and you wake up in the dawn of the dead
I'm comin to get ya, My hatchet'll split ya
Twist off your head and snap a picture with ya
They found ya in a ditch and said you're a bitch ya
Just like me it was the rythem that hit ya

I came here to clown, I came here to clown
Lets get lunatic and jump around!

Jump around
Jump around, jump up and down like a clown


Jump, jump, jump
Jump, jump, jump


Jump, jump
Jump, jump,
Jump, jump,


Dedicated to the FBI
In the ballsack
From the juggalos
The "gang"

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Insane Clown Posse Jump Around Comments
  1. cassie Brenner

    Jump jump jump get clowning around.

  2. Melinda Dua

    Best cover

  3. SoundOfSam 1

    So much better than this new garbage being put out today.

  4. Tanner Wagner

    Found another one of their songs that I dislike.


    Why are you still here?

  5. Robert Strott

    anthem of spencers gifts

  6. Mick Rudy

    Jump up cuz I'm down with the clown whoop whoop


    Play backyard wrestling 1 n 2 with the ICP IN IT THEY GO HARD MANE


    Love it

  9. Wayne Copeland

    Very good remix it good keep it up

  10. NSB :v

    1000 ways to die???

  11. Maad Wunz

    Who Wrekin the decks...??

  12. Cooper Petersen

    is this like a fatter, lest talented, and more shitty type of hollywood undead

  13. David Isreal

    You hear these Kats coming from southern Africa!✡️

    David Isreal

    $✡️$✡️$- peap game. ICP✡️

  14. Peggy Schmidt

    Yes, they took House of Pain's song, but I still get a kick out of this.

  15. Ra HoWa

    One of the best cover versions of any song, respect b/c it's like covering Stairway to Heaven, gonna attract hate from all the muppets

  16. Roger Antle

    and they talked about Marilyn Manson's lyrics
    ICP hold my beer

  17. Arun James

    nice im diggin it

  18. Mila Milagros

    What happened to the dead clown?

  19. flexatarian Life

    Be honest it’s ten times better than the original

  20. Eric D

    get looney

  21. Ismail Abdul

    Jump! Jump! Jump! Yeeah, we down with the clowns!

  22. American Pride

    How can you honestly jam to this

    Ra HoWa

    How can you not?

  23. Karla Guzman

    I just found this song.Good asf

  24. PRonda Music

    Trump trump super rich bitch his ass they going to impeach dumbdumb wont shutup on the phone phone

  25. Kenneth Miles

    Wow. This is actually worse than the limp bizkit version.

  26. Duke Richards

    Aw hell yeah..
    Magic magic ninjas what

    Magic magic ninjas what

    Magic magic ninjas what



    Welcome Magic Ninja One and Two you mysterious Magic Ninja motherfuckers

  27. LPS sparkle cake

    LOL my dad and his brother went to see this band a long time ago

    Mr. Paint

    I saw them last Friday night !!

  28. Henry Burby

    Woop woop!!!

  29. Jason Shipley


  30. Narko Man

    We're all clowns

  31. Aleksander karelin

    I love both Cypress Hill and icp.

    Robert Horning

    Cypress Hill is good and all, but the original was by House of Pain.

  32. Lil Lil

    This is gay

  33. War Hammer


  34. Anthony Enos

    They definitely driving people away from Jesus......

  35. Matthew Smith

    Makes me want to go to Detroit and jump around

  36. purplerain 816

    I got a trippie red ad before this now I need to be revived

  37. xirsamoht x

    What a terribly cheesy shit version of this song.

  38. DOS ESCENCIAS A.K.A El Muerto Grande

    Buena mezcla

  39. Decco Major

    Get looney.

  40. chris scanlon

    anyone know any single juggalette that are chubby and heavy and overweight and big beautiful woman i mean bbw are a ssbbw that are looking are interested in single guy hit me up at this [email protected]

  41. Justus Declue

    Insane clown posse, Twiztid, Slipknot,anybodykilla,blaze ya dead homie,boondox,dark lotus all way better than stupid ass 69 or lil pump

  42. Cody Staples

    Took a long time to actually listen to their music.....shit

  43. Aleksander karelin

    Icp sure like cypress hill

  44. John Reynolds

    Jump jump

  45. Bbngingerlove

    You need to realize that you're not lucifer

  46. DON Matrix

    If yur girl steps up ill stab er 2 death whoop whoop

  47. Seth Henager

    I think it would be best if they covered linard skinnard instead of people who aren't white and have a circle in their gene pool. Keep it real fam. Woot woot. Smoke meth every day.

  48. Artemisia Studios

    Hey ninjas. If you could do me a favor and jump around to my channel I greatly appreciate. I accept anyone who is down to clown. Whoop whoop fam

  49. Larry Delk


  50. Junie Ivory

    What does Everlast House of Pain have in common with ICP they both got dissed by Eminem lol lol but everlast got it worse at least the clowns still make music not too many artists Do that after being dissed by Eminem

  51. rob riley

    Get looney!

  52. Gonereaper 67

    Word to your mudda

  53. Laoagan Lester

    House of Pain!!!

  54. TheReturnOfRobertELee

    this is far better than the orginial song

  55. Lacey Steele

    Down with the clown! ✌🏽

  56. Unterarzt

    This really goes bumping in the trailer park in my neighbourhood

  57. Sean Cali

    This is terrible



  59. CrazyRay

    Well, this blows

  60. Blake Buratt Fitness

    Juggalos a gang but Antifa isnt? lol. When was the last riot juggalos held in order to get their way? Antifa is a straight up by definition, terrorist organization, of course since they are all for the far left it is ignored, just dont be a juggalo or the FBI will be coming. haha. Politicians are the true clowns.

  61. ChrisSchroederMUSIC

    He sounds like luigi

  62. Cray Cray


  63. Obviously Present

    Just stating facts. Claiming insanity will not help nobody. Insanity is, basically, what fools try to claim for crimes they've commited. Judicial justice never grant insanity pleas. Claim asshole when you kill if you get caught👍

  64. kameo_monroe

    Everytime I listen to icp, I hear H20delirious and vise versa

  65. Beezysaurus

    bill bill bill

  66. Mr Tibbs

    Jay got some brain atrophy or alzheimers, energy level at a 1 cuz if he goes up to a 2 he will break a hip and spill his colostomy bag.

  67. music lights

    He came here to clown. haha.shitttt!

    And songs like this. Made hip-hop even better! X

  68. Twiztid Mason

    Shits dope J is a beast

  69. Khalid h

    Ksi song

  70. John Williams

    Yo this is for my ninjas.. Real ninjas.. Who ain't afraid to get looney..

  71. Trisolis

    This is possibly one of the best examples of so bad it's good in music. Thanks ICP.

  72. TheParanormal70

    Man icp really must want to get sued badly, for copyright infringement.

    House of pain and sly fox both had their songs basically taken from them by these guys.

    These guys apparently cant write their own music and feel the need to take other musicians songs and profit from them without their permission.

  73. Gacha Junia

    tapers the real one is very old

  74. Jack Thinner

    Southwest strangla!

  75. Jorge L De Jesus

    House Of Pain will love this homage to their 92 classic...frame to frame Kudos Clowns cause you did a great job

    xirsamoht x

    I doubt that very much.
    I just hope they got a cheque for using their song, but I doubt that very much either.

  76. Dug E Phresh

    I came here to Clown... I came here to CLOWN....

  77. master skull

    Juggalo for life

  78. Justin Barney

    I wonder what Everlast thought of the re-make :)

    Jesse Moon

    House of pain, dipshit!

  79. Gary

    House of pain??

  80. Philip Fauth


  81. Philip Fauth

    Hilarious Music Video, Terrific Job, On This Music Video, Keep up the good work? Good Luck, And Have a Good One?



  83. Rodd Z

    Jump up and down like a clown, get loony 🤣🤣🤣🙏🤘

  84. Matthew Clements

    When the knock offs are better than the brand

  85. Melissa Miller

    I grew up with the original of this song, Icp did an amazing job on this song.

  86. Chapsterx

    Violent J stop jumping I can’t hear the music!

  87. Doom E Gaming


  88. Cornell Waters

    🎛️ Music!

  89. John


  90. dusty trousers

    Shit had me roaring in laughter

  91. Ayanna Little

    God damn, 6 years later and this is just festering garbage. Its somehow worse now than it was then.

  92. Niebo biegaczy


  93. Duder

    hukh I need to clean my ears with the original...

  94. fut mas

    Versión original the house of pain