Insane Clown Posse - Fonz Pond Lyrics

Off Lickity Trail, there's a pond
Where many a children died
It's a place to run to and disappear
A place where some folks hide
But they will tell you about the rumors
That swell around this lake
Some say there's something in the water
Them deaths are no mistake
The fog that rides along the top
Has been said to carry voices
Those of the dead who took the dare
And jumped in, they made bad choices
Some have seen and others heard
And they say along the bottom
Are all the bodies of the girls and boys
Preserved, remaining, half-rotten
The water's thick with murky mud
The weeds are red like splattered blood
In this pond a spirit cries
Snakes and bugs replaced his eyes
Some don't believe and dare to swim
Something under will pull you in
Hidden deep in the wild brush
If you know where it is then hush...

We almost there
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond

Off Lickity Trail, there's a pond
Where many a children perished
The water is black, even in the sunlight
Deep and dark, nightmarish
Some believe the bodies surface
And bask underneath the moon
Others say they seen a headless boy
Stumbling around the lagoon
The loons scream all night long
Sounds melodic, sings you a song
Missing children, swampy deaths
Mysteries are secrets kept
Staring out are snakes and frogs
Leaches living off hollow logs
Something's watching from the water
It took the missing sons and daughters

It's over there
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond

Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me under, pulling me under
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me down
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me under, pulling me under
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me down

Many terrifying horror tales
Emanate from this one place
Several children, young boys and girls
Disappeared here without a trace
What you believe and what you don't
Is entirely up to you
But if you go up there and swim alone
You'll know exactly what's true
Something's dragging through the mud
Mosquitoes attracted to the blood
They say the dark depths have no bottom
Some never came back up and got em
Crazy kids come party here
It swallows more souls every year
They jump right in and disappear
Best to stay away from up here
At Fonz Pond

There it is
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond

Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me under, pulling me under
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me down
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me under, pulling me under
Fight for air!
Something strong is
Pulling me down

Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond
Don't go near the water
At Fonz Pond

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Insane Clown Posse Fonz Pond Comments
  1. aces atworcco

    Still good, even better than first I saw...every year check-ins...

  2. Slit518

    Anybody else get a We Don't Die (beat) and Marsh Lagoon (theme) vibe from this song?

  3. Brett Reid

    What the hell is going on? What happened to ICP? This music really sucks

  4. travis willis

    Icp always seem to have awesome songs.. Whoop whoop

  5. Barbara Camarda

    Eh. It's okay I guess.... But they have so many better tracks!

  6. Dustin Thompson

    Slaps even in 2019

  7. Skeletillo Z

    Pobres niños

  8. At Wit's End Unltd

    just wanted to say thanks to Psychopathic for their music. Wasn't for them, I'd have no outlet my sometimes murderous anger.


  9. Sheila Wolfe

    picker forest? whoop whoop

    Death Eater


    Sheila Wolfe

    @Death Eater mcl homie

  10. brentton adkins

    who still listing 2019 i am babyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Josiah Burns

    Get the fonds pond

  12. Samuel Nocella

    I haven't seen an ICP show since 1997 nor have been listening to them much. But for the past few months I can’t get enough of them!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  13. Patrick Bloodgood

    Not the biggest fan but this song is dope

  14. Ryan

    Wow this Is gay

  15. Nernx Ultima

    for real though this song is dope

  16. Johnny Gunz

    I'm new to the ICP but this really has a pedo vibe I can't get behind.

    Like killing kids or using the water as a metaphor about being a kid/overwhelmed is sorta lame.

    I'm drunk so I might be off but this video creeps me out not cause of the juggalo but teen kids.... Teen kids are gross and shouldn't be in music videos.

    The singer looks like he's 25-35 .... Get age appropriate people in your vids... Yuck.

    Slipknot Army

    Johnny Gunz teen kids are the ones who like to party.

  17. Redline


  18. Jimmy Dunn


  19. 8 Cheese

    This song sucks! ICP gotta learn to give it up... they haven't had anything good since hells pit

  20. Cary Carralez

    These guys truly suck no rythem at all

  21. Big Ninji WCR

    I feel like this is based off a real urban legend

    Willie McGenitals

    Reminds me of "the legend" by steve cook? I think his name wad its an urban legend in mi "dogman" has similar feeling lines about 2 cometely different things if thats sense... :/

    Big Ninji WCR

    Hm, it could be, idrk, lol. I just think that this shit could be a local legend cause the way the song is put, it's too good to be just made up

  22. John aston

    whats with the Michel jackson glove violet j

  23. Dean Lübker

    It's not good but bang pow boom is the best from the 2nd hand

  24. Franz Haas


  25. Guess Whocifer

    At the end it should be revealed that Fonz Pond is named after the Fonz from Happy Days and his decaying corpse is what drags victims to their demise.

  26. Jason Peters

    Mike Massy this one's for you.

  27. Joseph Cardoza

    Whoop whoop maddclown in the house

  28. Aquarius Dragon

    Whoop Whoop


    Jugglo and jugglets weres my fam at

  30. Amanda Hendrix

    I know 10 icp and thay know me

  31. miguel villegas

    No profanity . It’s like a scary story for little ninjas ! My son loves this one . Whoop whoop!!!MCL

    Dry den

    miguel villegas

    Well in the original audio there is in the intro, but just because a song has profanity doesn’t you shouldn’t let your kid listen to it.

    miguel villegas

    Dry den lol ohkay

    miguel villegas

    Sounds clean enough for me .

  32. schwoogie78

    Its about the ghost of Arthur Fonzerelli. He rises from the lake and goes AAYYYYYYYYYYYY

  33. master skull

    At fonz pond

  34. Scott Mercer

    Icp rules

  35. b0ck _

    Who in there right mind would let there kids be in a music video with a couple grown man dressed like clowns with make up

    Clayton Knudsen

    I dont think there is a single scene where the kids and ICP is in the same shot.

  36. Baby Rere

    If it was real i will go in the water. Yep I not be cry.not wwe boxer icp.if it was real icp never been here.😈

  37. Isaac P

    Why haven't these guys made a song about Sandy Hook? Where many a children died. And also where many a children perished.

  38. lebron jame

    Only the OG's know

    lebron jame

    @deez nuts Avenue nikos, good to see you here.

    deez nuts Avenue

    @lebron jame I knew it was you

  39. Danielle Gibbs

    Whoop whoop. Fam love

  40. Casey Pilarczyk

    I am joker wild card from hell and see you at the Gotham city and really insane of clowns are axe murder stories about haunted Gotham city by joker right now like a bad childhood day

  41. Mr Tibbs

    The fuck, its marsh lagoon v2.0

  42. Jason Shipley


  43. zach P

    Whup whup

  44. SilverDOMO

    That guitar thooooo

  45. litty R

    2019 ? Anyone🐵

    Death Eater

    Me right here🐺

    Ben Brown

    Forever bro. Wicked clowns never die!!!!

    Bubblegum Casket

    Of fucking course! Mad Clown Love! 💚

    Skiermax Skiermax

    Russia is here too

  46. Jessica Farnsworth

    i wonder if there is a actual fonz pond

  47. Big C Production

    I'm a kid

  48. G Roland


  49. Ross Hall

    Juggalos aren't family by blood, but we're family by heart! Whoop Whoop!

  50. Aradia Megido

    Well, this is awkward. My profile pic looks like the thumbnail of this video.😅

  51. TheStupidNerdz

    Kings of the horrorcore genre, without a doubt

  52. aces atworcco

    Get the fuk over's
    I Fukn CP! What, it's a horror Movie du jouire!' Grow up already, your nitemare awaits! Fonz Pond is real...

  53. Bex

    I'd rather hear icp over anything any day whoop whoop mmfcl

  54. Matt Well

    Poop Poop! Much Brown love. This song is shit!!!

  55. G Roland

    Don't re

  56. G Roland

    Half or what iz

  57. G Roland

    I know or will belief

  58. Damien mannix

    Whoop whoop, juggalo for life!

  59. 73 Formosa

    Violent J is one of the best rappers of all time.

    End Me

    73 Formosa fuck no💀💀💀💀

    Antonio Lopez

    @End Me 😂😂

    Corey Junius

    Jesus christ. If that was true id instantly become a country music fan

    Jack Hazardous

    Water fire air and dirt, fucking magnets how do they work?

  60. Emma Talbot

    I grew up listening to there music and I'm nine years old.

    Kaitlyn Schiller

    Same I'm 11

  61. Emma Talbot

    I love this music video ❤

  62. Joe Penick

    2019 and still bumpin!!!


    I had no idea this song had an official music video, thats whats up!!

    Matthew LaFontaine


  64. Christopher Hurless

    Worked jawbreaker and end of line kill room

  65. Christopher Hurless

    Packerland plainwell michigan

  66. ur mom gay productions

    Does he have Michael Jackson's white sparkly glove?

  67. Fuck The Fuck Off Bitch

    They should have shot this video in dark

  68. Perfect Stranger

    7772019👁️❣️👁️🤘☝️🇨🇷🇨🇷 LILIN YEZ THANK YOU ALL MY WARRIORS SUPPORT 👁️❣️👁️ 🤘🇨🇷🇨🇷 FONZ TRIP TODAY.

  69. Christopher Hurless


  70. Tony Ortiz

    I wonder if anyone donloaded google earth and typed in "Fonz Pond"....?🤔

    Rufus MONOXIDE Holency

    Have you? I'm about to

  71. Brown Lucy

    awesome song, I have a pond that resembles this on my land, and it's haunted there

  72. master skull

    Whoop whoop mfcl

  73. Don Mac-ee

    sucks...hire me to point you in the direction of way doper shit yo peeps will appreciate

  74. Mike Fu

    As a Rock/Metal guy, I really Like ICP.......we connect with the horror, and Good Vs Evil it or not, it takes Balls to be original and Keep pushing in the faces of people "wishing" you really makes people push Harder. You're really just wasting your time and energy being's all on YOU....not us!

  75. Grant Mackinnon

    youtube faul. !?

  76. Grant Mackinnon

    best of the best C

  77. Julie Cox

    Whoop whoop

  78. Christopher Hurless

    Abramerlin hebrew nation

  79. Christopher Hurless

    Goerge burns

  80. Christopher Hurless

    I wanna feel this way forever violent jays sin the teenager

  81. Christopher Hurless

    Justin Jacobs

  82. Paige Tompkins

    My girl was at the 2012 gathering and the dude drowned during ghettoo rainesbows.

  83. Darringer Lathrop

    love them

  84. Kimberly Wolfe

    Absolutely love this song can’t believe where we’ve come from when I was like 11 with back yard wrestling and we’re here now keep this shit up thank u icp

  85. jordanforever21

    These guys really are clowns lol

  86. phlangephace

    this is wild

  87. Bruce Dillon


  88. Leo STL

    Love this song and the the drum sounds bad ass

  89. Kaitlynn Higgns

    So my husband introduced me to icp and at first I hated it... Now I love it ; -)

  90. jordan jumper

    isn't this just the plot of beware the wild?

  91. Thanks Wetook

    WhooP WhooP ! ! !

  92. Nathan unknown

    Sounds like the theme for the Podesta's.

  93. Stephen Ison

    oh so sad 😂 if those dumb ass kids would've listened. woo woo but I'm a juggalo so it only made me laugh