Insane Clown Posse - Echo Side Lyrics


[1st Verse - Violent J, (Shaggy2Dope), ((Monoxide Child)), {Jamie Maddrox}]
Imagine a place that exists beyond, a place that's seldom seen
((A place that even the wickedest souls that burned have never been))
{There was a soul named Damien, he was nothing heaven could save}
((Instead he was cast to the flames of Hell to serve an eternal grave))
(Even in the Afterlife, things don't always go as planned)
((As Satan's throne sees ??, it's hectic and over jammed))
{Damien burned his spot in hell right until his dying day}
So the wagons took his sorry soul and taunted him all the way
((They finally reached that resting place, an endless pit of fire))
(But Damien had escaped through the back door of Satan's lair)
((Out the back entrance of hell but with nowhere else to hide))
His hell is just a tomb, resting in the Echo Side.

[Chanting x2]
Underneath the shadows of the other side of time
If there is a hell then there must be a behind
You can take me to the ghetto land move everything and back
Take me from the Echo Side and never bring me back

[2nd Verse- Violent J, (Shaggy2Dope), ((Monoxide Child)), {Jamie Maddrox}]
Damien ran as far as he could before his legs began decaying
((There were many dead trees, a blood red sky, and headless children playing))
(A wicked man with a long black toungue saw Damien's legs were dead)
So he laid on top of Damien, and then licked the back of his neck and said...

"Fuck the Devil, fuck that shit.
We believe in life legit
If you're hearing what we say,
Why yuu throw your soul away?" - Save me from the darkest corner [4X]

Underneath the shadows of the other side of time
If there is a hell then there must be a behind
You can take me to the ghetto land move everything and back
Take me from the Echo Side and never bring me back
[Background whilst chfnting:]
(Take me to the netherland and bury me in black)

[Backwards Dialect] Save me from the darkest corner

[3rd Verse- Violent J, (Shaggy2Dope), ((Monoxide Child)), {Jamie Maddrox}]
{Damien called for many hours, in puddles of blood he lay}
Tortured by everything he saw, yet wishing along the way
((His arms decayed and fell off his body as he rolled along the floor))
{Still trying not to look back, as if something else was in store}
(The clouds above were dark and hot yet dripping with blood rain)
((The ground infested with rodents, that crawled throughout his veins))
{As Damien laid in Echo Side, Hell's screams could still be heard}
The blood red sky would flicker with the tourturing that occured
(Thinking back, he had escaped; every scream he heard he laughed)
The headless children pointed and urinated in his wrath
((He finally saw some fortress gates, so he quickly rolled into it))
These red gates were the front doors of hell...he never knew it. heh heh

Underneath the shadows of the other side of time
If there is a hell then there must be a behind
You can take me to the ghetto land move everything and back
Take me from the Echo Side and never bring me back (repeat till end)

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Insane Clown Posse Echo Side Comments
  1. drizzache 666

    This song been on youtube since 2008. Fuck yes

  2. Rosaleen Perez

    B4 I turn into an ax murderer one of my goals is to go to a Gathering.

  3. Chris Romero

    Alv was liked.... this us good.... fuck impeachment.... this is , our anthology.... please believe....homie...we are who we are.....u no?????

  4. Jason Shipley


  5. The duh ScRIP Shunn

    Massively underrated Jokers Card. My number 1

  6. The duh ScRIP Shunn

    Maybe the best Icp track ever !!!

  7. Wolfy Chaple


  8. jeremy slone

    the 79 people that disliked are apparently also named Damien

  9. Peggy MacMillan

    "These red gates were the front doors of Hell..., he never knew it"

  10. Gerald Chavarría

    Im here just for Z Nation, i dont like this types of songs

  11. Skylie Rose

    "🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 "

  12. Star Zombie

    still rocking this whoop whoop

  13. Maryland guy TV

    Echo side

  14. renee sepulveda

    I wrote These lyrics for an English paper about a story or some s*** and I got an a thank-you ICP

  15. claude simard

    They talked about this song on Z Nation s04e07...19 th minute...

    hatchetmaster 0627

    The dark lotus and the carnival of Carnage. The whole episode was based around juggalos


    Holy shit I thought they only made 2 seasons. Thanks,

  16. James Robbins

    Fine icp and twiztid record

  17. lonestr1

    My baby is named Damian


    *So is mine!*

    lipslike blooddrips

    Wow two retards

    David Gonzalez

    lonestr1 My baby to his name is jus a tomb resting in .....

  18. Rinzler 667

    This reminds me of a dream I had where I met a 7ft tall woman with grey skin and horns.

  19. Kellye Jackson

    This song is old but good

  20. THEst0n3rgam3r

    Like it! Just WICKED enough for me. Crazy how i started really loving these guys this year and i'm already into them like i am.

    Ryan Smith

    Their best years are behind them. Look to the first six for guidance.

    Crimson Moon

    THEst0n3rgam3r Welcome to the Juggalo Family. Just be real and don't diss us a few years down the road. I've seen it happen I don't know how many times now. Posers are in every scene though. Go hard fam!

  21. Graciela Reitz

    The Mark Of The Devil Is A RestIng Peace Place, Because Life Is Long And Hard, Broadway Is The Bible That Opens The Eye, Narrow Is The Way Of Life And Struggling, Those That Live Easy Broadway 666

  22. Dave Hollifield

    If you actually listen to the lyrics of's EASIEST the Wickedist shit ever dropped!! Out of Psychopathic atleast...

    Tin Tizzy

    Nah dark lotus was more wicked

  23. Nikki S.

    I enjoyed a lot of ICP's albums up to Hell's Pit and while I liked Ride the Tempest song and a few songs off of The Calm, I def stopped listening to them. For me I just didn't enjoy the beats, verses or what they sung about...I dunno, felt like the soul of their old style changed. To this day the way this song is, still has a haunting sound/feeling to it.

    Earle Black

    Nikki S. wraith killed it for me


    wait so u guys hated wraith? was that apart of the jokers cards? or did it end wirh this record? n the first wraith is kinda dope but hells pit wasnt as good

    Isaiah Cline

    Ya's Dumb Sell-Outs!! Ah...EVERYONE JUST RELAX!! I Meant NOTHING by that. I've BEEN-DOWN with THE CLOWNS..Er, should Say, THE INNER CITY POSSE. I EVEN-HAVE THE GREAT MILENKO CASSETTE & CD, that actually has, ISLAND RECORDS on The Back, INSTEAD OF The Hatchet Man.

    Isaiah Cline

    I Do TOTALLY AGREE with MOST of ALL The Ninjas' Out-There in OUR WORLD. When they Did that Song Saying that "THE CARNIVAL IS GOD,and MAY-ALL THE JUGGALOS' FIND HIM" I WASN'T to KEEN on THAT SONG. Painfully True.

  24. Stefanie Eygendaal

    Time already happened, once before and I keep getting gunned down and I can't get home to Jesus

    Paul's Mom

    You can ALWAYS come home to Jesus.

  25. GrandAdmiralGamez

    Used to play this on loop and play RuneScape (the original one with shit graphics and fights in the Wilderness). High school memories.


    It still has wildy fighting. If you want shitty graphics, play old school RS.


    GrandAdmiralGamez used to listen to this and play splatter ball on AOL LOL

    jimmyjack buckley

    I just downloaded it on the phone man and am playing again if any of you are interested you can add me I just started lol

  26. CelestialHaze

    ?yawa efil ruoy worht uoy yhw ,yas ew tahw 'niggid uoy fI .tigel efil ni eveileb eW .tihs taht kcuf ,lived eht kcuF

    Brad Cleveland

    it's actually fuck the devil fuck that shit we believe in life legit ain't you gettin what we say why you throw your soul away is what they are saying backwards lol

  27. Chrislaraperchesochogalindo Miller

    to whom all luvs me, back at you!! I love all and miss all !!!! IM BACK !!!~crazy,but very happy''''' getting married and haven't seen my babies in 9yrs IM READY AND  SOBER

  28. David Castillo

    qwerty mc purrrty

  29. Raphael Solanine

    Idiots. Everywhere I go. Idiots. All too busy smashing skulls and killing dreams to notice their victim is themselves. Idiots.

    Michael Horta

    U should make a metal rock song cus tht would make an amazing song


    Whoop whoop 777

  31. DanishARMA2

    i do miss collecting jokers cards and researching what will be the next

    Eric Draven Nevermore

    unfortunately that was it and i was satisfied, hell's pitt was the greatest end for it


    i miss hearing this for the first time


    juggalocpirate me too that was a looong time ago

    Crimson Moon

    DanishARMA2 Same

    Misty Geist

    DanishARMA2 ME2

  32. Some Drunk Asshole

    For those of you who want to know what they are saying in the reverse speech, it's something like this:

    "Fuck the Devil, fuck that shit,
    We believe in life legit
    If you hearin' what we say
    Why you throw your soul away"?

    Michael Horta

    he saw the light he also said he is christian

    Brad Cleveland

    fuck the devil fuck that shit we believe in life legit ain't you gettin what we say why you throw your soul away

  33. Kontonymous

    HAH! The irony in these comments. A bunch of degenerates discussing philosophy. Great song though.

    Crimson Moon

    Kontonymous Your no better than anyone else. Your becoming what you hate just by putting others down.


    Says the buffoon with a gun in his picture.

  34. lilkornman1

    They are not Christian but believe in God and speak down on satan and sin

    syniztr lotus

    +Some Drunk Asshole getting raped in hell by satans tail

    John Smith

    Lmao hypocrites nothing more

    John Smith

    Shalom Angels know who else was a Christian... the btk killer lmao

    H Wilson

    youre funny

    Shawn Crowson

    if only you put that much effort in your home work.

  35. lilkornman1

    I bet this place exist

  36. amber n

    Just wanted to be # 573 and give a S/O to all my (573) Fam... Whoop N shiz

  37. Charlie Tophat

    The reversed part is really cool when reversed


    @Jada Smithers thank you :D

    Some Drunk Asshole

    @Jada Smithers
    It's "If you hearin what we say" not "listen to what we say".

    John Smith

    To bad satan devil and lucifer are 3 different characters lol

    John Smith

    Fyi hebrew translation of devil is an obstacle.... lmao another words literally anything can be labeled as such

    John Smith

    Shalom Angels god? I completely agree

  38. TJ Boyer beardguy

    every body has their own opinion about icp people just want somthing to bitch about ive been a juggalo since like 95ish and non violent.... the violence is why now we all are considered gang affiliated my point is this following " juggalos" is all about the underground and good music for people who want somthin to nod their head to proud to be a lo mmfwcl

  39. TJ Boyer beardguy


  40. Justin

    I think Jeckel Brothers was there best Album along with Bizzar/Bizaar

  41. Anton Sherar

    Exactly. I mean try to check out for example the videos with Tila and Method man and look in the comments. People are seriously generalizing and hating.
    The US have even named them a "gang" now. Even though they are more like a "brotherhood". You can try to wikipedia "juggalo" it's a pretty nice description

  42. ItsNickJx - Old Username

    Quite; I've also heard considerably bad things about the Juggalos. I'm not saying that I agree with those statements. On the contrary, while there have been some bad situations in the past, in general, the Juggalos and the other ICP fans seem to make much more sense than some of the fanbases I've seen. But people always seem to find the worst in a crowd when they form opinions.

  43. Anton Sherar

    The reason so many people hate them, is because SOME of the fanbase, named the Juggalos, now i am saying SOME since i'm sure most juggalos are nice and smart people, but anyways SOME are violent and have thrown shit at artists like Method Man (from wu-tang) and tila tequila... but that's basically the same as saying all white people are nazis because of hitler. Bullshit innit? anyways i aint a juggalo i just like their music

  44. johnb2131

    lol u must be stoned

  45. brittany woods

    whoop whoop to the fam

  46. yoyozaki kai-shien

    wares god when you need him? no ware. I'm the juggalo of the echo side.

    thomas betty

    I'm with you there brother woop woop welcome to the echoside my fam

    darren eveleth

    Where's your English teacher wares really

  47. robC92489

    i dont this may be my favorite icp song ever love this song love my family whoop whoop '

  48. yeshua onishua

    icp were mockin the satanic subliminal messages with the one they did in this song LOL XD

  49. jakenbakeboise

    I'm no expert on Icp but I'd say it depends on your preference. Seeing as you're into metal I'd recommend The Great Milenko. They made it to have a rock/metal oriented sound and they collaborated with Slash and Alice Cooper on a few tracks. Personally my favorite is their first album, Carnival of Carnage. Its got a very early 90s hip hop sound to it, but then again hip hop is my favorite genre.

    BTW you got some cool ass bands on your channel.

  50. ItsNickJx - Old Username

    I'm not a juggalo, either, simply an open-minded entity from the metal underground. But while I'm in ICP's comments section, do you have anything to recommend? Favorite album, or something?

  51. jakenbakeboise

    Cuz their new shit sucks some serious dick. But like the other guy said there old stuff is where its at.

    By the way i a'int no juggalo. There's music that's leagues beyond ICP.

  52. kosjeyr

    Why you throw your soul away?

  53. SerasVictoria

    Whoop Whoop!

  54. DVRHB

    3:13 he love you....ishefaufofauf

  55. Cole Swanwick

    ICP is beast

  56. redinexo

    Listen to some of their older stuff.

  57. ZXC77777

    Woah. When I got on here, this video had 666 likes. I'm proud to have added my like, and gotten it off that number. Fuck the devil, I'd want Shangri-La.

  58. lorenzo parlatone

    whoop whoopp

  59. ItsNickJx - Old Username

    For all the bad things I hear about this group, this song is surprisingly good. Some others I've heard are good too. Why in the world is a band (or "group", whatever term this genre's following uses) that makes music like this, the subject of such strong controversy?

  60. Alejandro Ramirez

    lol dude, you need to improve your reading comprehension skills. i love you

  61. Chance Polska

    So, what you're saying, is everyone who disliked is a dumbass?

  62. Alejandro Ramirez

    actually it's the intelligence to stupidity ratio. the dislikes obviously being the intelligence.

  63. Chris Foster

    My mom was the same way for a long time. She read the back of the this album I think. "I want my shit?, Fuck the world? What is this shit Chris?!"

    She said more cuss words at me a day than the Fuck the world Album did if I played it on loop.

  64. Chris Foster

    Fuck the Devil, fuck that shit.
    We believe in life legit.
    If you gettin' what we say,
    why you throw your soul away?

    ... Save me from the darkest corner...

  65. Kurisu The Daemon

    I love how some people are finnaly starting to understand that these songs do have meaning. Hells pit is mostly about what happens when you go to hell. Listen to "Its All Over" It sounds like its about rapture.

  66. TOAST

    i think bang pow boom kinda helped man but yea the tempest is ok i like the joker card albums and this joker card and carnival of carnage is what made me a juggalo they spoke to me

  67. TOAST

    lol god parents they always judge

  68. drewskyflatts

    fuck the devil fuck that shit we bealive in living life legit

  69. Jacob Jeckel


  70. Seeds and Stars

    Life's a carnie ride.
    We can't ride all day because there's a line for this ride.
    We all had to wait for our turn.
    When we die, we don't disappear.
    We get back in line.
    Life's a carnie ride.

  71. Jaspidoodles

    MY mom loves this band! in fact, if it weren't for her, the song "In My Room" wouldn't exist!

  72. Zachary Naragon

    this song has the message all need to hear

  73. TheReaper251

    fuck the devil fuck that shit we belive in life legit!

  74. Hurtydwarf

    they went downhill after Tempest. hopefully Mighty Death Pop gets them out of this rut

  75. Dan Elliott

    when icp were good...

  76. Roland Jade

    thats down with the clown, it was ont he great milenko

  77. Dave B

    down with the clown

  78. rozariojackie

    my favorite song on this album

  79. NightmareSyndrome

    Thats Down WIth THe Clown homie

  80. Lucas Maddox

    down with the clown off The great milenko


    icp is about god

  82. Nicholas Garus

    @2003mitchdog Down with the clown

  83. 2003mitchdog

    I used to listen to ICP All the time. Me and my buddy used to sing The Neden Game. Can anyone help me? I need to know the name of a song I thought was on The Jeckel Brothers Album, some of the lyrics are; " What if I grew another fucking head, and his name was violent Ed, and he head butt me every time I cussed. I would need two microphones when I bust." Please post it if you know it, I have been dying to listen to that song!

    Jasen Heffner

    down with the clown. great melinko

  84. BengalsWillBeGoodOneDay

    i wish i could draw a Jeckle Brother on my teachers board when she isnt in the class

  85. mikeyrich420

    @justindark3651 it is a hidden message, he is saying, "fuck the devil, fuck that shit, we belive in life legit, if u believe in what we say, why you throw your soul away" ICP is religious and they put hints of that on every cd theyve put out

  86. Joe Monroe

    IMO best Dark Lotus track.

  87. Malferic

    @ConsumeYourSoul619 NO ITS NOT!!!! Its track 16 on the ICP album "Amazing Jeckel Brothers"

  88. dividedjester

    @NitroJuggalette cuz like it or not our family is just human after all we are the same as most people in the good and bad aspect of things though if it came down to it id trust a juggalo/lette b4 id trust anyone else

  89. NitroJuggalette

    @TheWikkidLette people are afraid of what they do not understand. They don't understand us so they fear us and call us things that we are not and say things about us that are untrue. unfortunately there are the "dumb asses" of our family out there who have been ruining it for us by doing stupid shit. Because of them, more and more people fear us, when there is actually nothing to fear at all.

  90. Roland Jade

    @ConsumeYourSoul619 i could giva fuck less. its one one of the best songs ICP ever made, whether it be by themselves or with dark lotus.

  91. Dan Elliott

    @SlaiethDiv6 Tolling? another spelling fail.

  92. Roxxy Sweets

    This song sucked me in and I didnt even know it happened O.O

  93. Dan Elliott

    @SlaiethDiv6 "there?" i think you mean their, learn to spell before you troll

  94. Roland Jade

    @Chdosborn16 even if you disliek them, we agree that this is there best

  95. rozariojackie

    love this song. cant get enough of it

  96. Chdosborn16

    Maybe if all of their songs were of this caliber, and yes, I have listened to everything they've ever put out, they wouldn't suck dick. Oh well.

  97. Skillcheck Failed

    Damn, this shit is sick.

  98. B1AM3th3GN0m3

    whoop whoop ;) 4803957437