Insane Clown Posse - Beautiful (Indestructible) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Every day is so wonderful
They fuck with me
It's hard to breathe
Deep inside, I get insecure
From all the pain
Shit's so lame
But I'm...

[Violent J:]
Indestructible, no matter what they say
Words can't cut me down
Indestructible, in every single way
Hate can't take me out
[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
[Violent J:]
I'm still around
You can't break me down
You can't chop me down
I won't drown
I'm too proud (unfadeable)
You can't chop me down
A wicked clown
I'm too proud (unfadeable)

[Verse 2:]
[Violent J:]
Tell them hoes, they delirious
So I wait
Demon faces
Tryin' hard to fill the emptiness
The peace is gone
Shit's so wrong

[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
It ain't easy scrubbin the road less traveled
My nerves are shot, my mind unraveled
What they gettin' out of fuckin' with me?
I'm baffled but thoughts of givin' up
I ain't even dabbled, I shine till they blind
But they crushed all of mine
You'd think they would have learnt something from Columbine
That's the problem with jokes, you bring too much laughter, and some might bring the disaster after..

[Violent J:]
Indestructible, no matter what they say
Words can't cut me down
Indestructible, in every single way
Hate can't take me out
[Shaggy 2 Dope:]
[Violent J:]
I'm still around
You can't break me down
You can't chop me down
I won't drown
I'm too proud (unfadeable)
You can't break me down
You can't chop me down
I'm too proud (unfadeable)
You can't break me down
You can't chop me down
I won't drown
I'm too proud (unfadeable)
You can't break me down
You can't chop me down
A wicked clown
I'm too proud (unfadeable)

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Insane Clown Posse Beautiful (Indestructible) Comments
  1. Malmonster74 Iley

    We might be going into WWIII in 2020 but everyone that's listened to this song will never really die especially ICP

  2. Maryjane Monarch

    When I feel sad I come here and puff alone. I watch the clown dance in front of a giant bong. I laugh and smile. This video rules. Now every time I see clouds I think about this video.

  3. The Jedi

    I love it no matter what

  4. BIG Joe Duncan

    Just horrible

  5. Jason Shipley


  6. dor sol

    I'll be down till I'm dead in the ground. Do you Remember this!
    You all are tripping. Icp have always been the centre of the carnival. With out the love there isn't any carnival.

  7. Juggalee 1979

    Shags verse is prolific. Whoop whoop! Mmfwcl.

  8. Universe

    Real talk -!! Awesome


    Thank you for saving my life! You are my hero"s !! Thank you for my life!! Its wonderful now! I LOVE YOU!!!

  10. James the Fisherman

    I miss Detroit

  11. Blaze-z

    When im feeling down this track lifts my spirit back up, Whoop whoop!

  12. Josiah Burns

    I love this song

  13. colin mccarthy

    1:08 to 1:10 ...BEST PART OF THE SONG

  14. Mike Yacoub

    Shaggy killed it in this one hands down!

  15. Tyler Odell

    damn fam love this man back again in 2019, still helping me get through some bullshit, whoop motherfucken whoop

  16. Lance Coleman

    i....(the original) cyclopath

  17. Joey DeDominicis

    That sounds like shit.


    No tags for this? why?

  19. Noah Harris

    Like 2 or 3 years ago I used to hate this. Now I really like it.

  20. Tanahmera

    mmfcl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  21. SwizzyJ303

    Lol this shit is horrible and tha music video was like 1K budget 😂😂 my shit is way better than these clowns will ever be , come Fucc with my channel and you’ll see what I’m talkin bout , Much love

  22. CHIQUITO '13'

    Whoop whoop good way to start my day fam MFWCL.

  23. skeletorthagod


  24. Lance Nunya

    old fan from the start. This is beyond fn worthless sell out crap. Period.

  25. Perfect Stranger


  26. CHIQUITO '13'

    Hate can't take me out So fuck off. Whoop whoop MFCL.

  27. Yo Mama

    It’s all true

  28. Perfect Stranger

    TY, PERFECT STRANGER 👁️❣️👁️🤘2018

  29. Perfect Stranger


  30. Princess Soosay

    Yes beautiful 😎👍

  31. juggalo oz 89

    I love this song

  32. MetalLive Entertainment

    This shit LAME as fuck! Rep that Twiztid shit!!

  33. Asura Seikei

    Whoop whoop fam

  34. Jerrod

    Shaggy says: What their getting out of me. I baffled.
    Stop messin' with my boys bitches. Shaggy should not need to worry. He tends to get violent and no one wants that. Why do you always be stupid?

  35. Safe House


  36. Cory Hannon

    Thank you icp

  37. Dennis Murphy

    Joe Bruce you are beautiful. btw, how did Christina Aguilera react to this song??? lol

  38. KWPR - West Coast Pirate Radio

    Stop hating there will never be another ICP whether you feel they are gods or they scammed you with marketing, they definitely hit some nerves and make people feel uncomfortable, is that really a bad thing? WTF

  39. Smug Cat

    Alright Joe and Joey you got the budget to make any kind of video for indestructible go nuts
    The two get together
    J: alright shags let's get a green screen put some flowers and shit in a field
    Shags:fuck yeah what about my idea for the single clown dancing?
    Everyone goes silent moments later: fuck it let's do it it'll distract everyone watching the video

  40. Hugo_5fdp

    Yo are twiztid and icp good again? Or are they still beefing? Btw. I like both

  41. Jerrod

    I have to pee... and hide my face.

  42. Austin Will Allen Raney

    whoop whoop!

  43. Marley Chew

    I got my nine im my gut and its startin ta hurrt where can you keep a gat wearin skins and a T shirt - Violent j

  44. JuggaloKev WHOOP-WHOOP

    Fu××in awesome

  45. Carmina Burana

    Clearly, this is about the FBI's campaign to destroy the band and its fans by classifying Juggalos as a gang:

    I'm indestructible no matter what they say

    Words can't cut me down

    Indestructible in every single way

    They can't take me out

    So fuck off, I'm still around

  46. MitsubishiEvo10mr

    U should join 69 cause he’s shitty just like u

  47. MitsubishiEvo10mr

    Wtf is this crap

  48. Ryan Carthen

    This shit is bad rip psy

  49. Deborah do Crim

    You tell them ICP ! Soooo fck off !!

  50. Big Rob

    Wtf is this one lol come on that dancing clown is on something lmao still im huge fan but not to this song sorry guys too weird

  51. Brianas channel

    I love this

  52. steven krazieboi thacker

    love this wicked life whoop whoop

  53. TwinDevilDedzik

    Yo J. Trippin on LSD and watching the wicked clowns in the background dancing and the Wickedest clowns going to town killin it was one helluvva trip y'all. When my days got me feeling down and out ICP brings me right back up outta that pit where I need to be and MY PSYCHE EARNS MORE KNOWLEDGE.... And my second sight sharpened all due to the mystic one behind The Dark Carnival.


    The mystic one being the same force behind the visit in our dreams homewolf

  54. shame full

    It's sad to me that they don't take any time writing any more their lyrics are getting lazy

  55. Nothing for Granted

    Haters still gun menstruate. Sad.

  56. Deborah do Crim

    So how do all the Juggalos like this song ?? I think it's the bomb ! It's badass ! Whoop Whoop mcl always and forever 😘😘

  57. juggalo oz 89

    I never get tired of this song

  58. Ninja 419

    I luv this song and all the Juggalos and Juggalettes!

  59. Cipher Aeon

    I just vomited in my pants a little. D:<

  60. Anthony Rath

    Sticks & stones can break my bones...
    But words will never hurt me...

    Good message for this generation.

  61. Seuche

    Tina 😍😘😗😙😚😍

  62. Baphomet 666

    I feel like life is nothing but a riddle, and ICP are the only ones who uncovered the truth.....

  63. Chris Mittel

    Thank you Psychopathic especially Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope you saved my life you Give me meaning whoop whoop fam forever MCL

  64. ninja k

    If j or shaggy needs any extra clowns for back up in videos IAM down this is ninja k whoop whoop Icp for ever hit me up

  65. Deborah do Crim

    I live you guys

  66. Deborah do Crim

    Words will never bring me down again

  67. Smug Cat

    Out of all the covers icp did this is one of my absolute favorites whenever I'm feeling down I put this on loud

  68. JW CY

    Most think this is a great or shit song... but to some this song is speaking about their life... but to some this is real shit ... love ICP always have since the 80' s. Props guys you will always be the door to the downtrodden to find their way home

  69. the midnite rider

    I bang this shit every mornin gets me ready for work whoop whoop mmfcl

  70. Nemesis

    LOL WTF is this shit?

  71. Deborah do Crim

    Love you guys ,,, you tell em !!!!!

  72. Nicholas Phillips

    It's better than Miracles.

  73. ninja k

    Iam stuck in the bath room watching videos on my phone reminiscing high as fuck on dabs this ninja k whoop whoop highya super ninja punch to y'all haters

  74. 508Student Unknown

    yo my grandmother died now my fucking older brother died dec17 this is a fucked up world

  75. Michael Mcguire

    im a clown and im proud whoop whoop

  76. Harley quinn

    Christina Aguilera really

  77. Harley quinn

    Dude this shit is getting fucking worse with every song plz stop it go back to your roots this shit is garbage

  78. Deborah do Crim

    He's singing my mind . Guys , haters here calling me names , huh that doesn't bother me ! They can't bring me down ! Maybe if they meant anything to me ...nope not even then haha 😁 Whoop Whoop mcl always and forever 😘😘

  79. Deborah do Crim

    That's right my man !! Whoop Whoop ! Dope ass song my family ! 😁😁 Sing it . Let all those haters hear that . They can't take me out either . I don't care what names they call me , they can't bring me down either !! Dam I love them !! 😁😁😘😘Whoop Whoop mcl always and forever and ever and ever . Hear that haters !!!

  80. Deborah do Crim

    Dam he looks hot as hell , lost so much weight ! 😘 I have a few of these new videos of ICP on my playlist called debdolist . Check it out when you want . Love these guys like no other . They're so down and they stay down . They aren't like this one year and like that another year . They're just awesome ! 😁😘😘 Whoop Whoop mcl always and forever 😘

  81. pinhead Larry


  82. Mole Rewey

    when was the last time any gang had this kinda message... mmwcl

  83. Ashley Day

    Whooep whooep

  84. 508Student Unknown

    my birthday is Monday November 20th and i would love if you guys make a song and dedicate it to me or come see me at miracle hill boys shelter soon i am going to be 16 but the reason i ask this is it would mean a lot to me because my older brother got me hooked on you guys and i love your music but please do some thing for me i haven't seen him for 8 years now thanks to the department of social services they took me away im a orphan pretty much im at a fucking boys home please do some thing for me see me or dedicate a song to me here is my address if you call ask for kelley greenway : 2709 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29615
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    Monday 8:30AM–5PM
    Tuesday 8:30AM–5PM
    Wednesday 8:30AM–5PM
    Hours might differ
    Suggest an edit
    Phone: (864) 292-0552 you make me feel me

  85. Cali Thompson

    im gonna ask this one question:

  86. D C

    I agree with everybody else, "Fuck Yeah"

  87. Adam Rowles 666

    Very fucken cool. ⛧🤘⛧

  88. BigBewtieHoles

    vilent j shoud dis twisted in thids vidio! SHIT ON EVRYONE WHO DOSENT SEE THE VISONS OF THE DARK CARNAVAL!

  89. Jerrod

    My wife loves this tune.
    There is hope.

  90. SKRAPE

    Wtf is this shit? How dare y'all comepare this trash to HU?

  91. HappyHerbals

    Funny they ripped off Christina Aguilera's I am Beautiful song.

  92. BigBewtieHoles

    wheen i her this song i feel raligos visions from the dark carnaval and realise i am truly indastructable as a trutru jugalo.

  93. Guillermo Flores

    ughhh this is an awesome song, makes me think of my LORD JESUS when he says love those who hate and persecute you

  94. Pennie Bondy

    Screw all you haters, I'm down for life no matter what they put out. If you don't like it then your not family... Penniewize

  95. Joseph Yuhas


  96. Xenomorph \//\

    Christina Aguilera eat your heart out!

  97. MrPeanut023

    Butterfly would be proud of what you both have accomplished!! Whoop Whoop, MMFWCL Fam, from Australia!!