Insane Clown Posse - Ain't No Future In Your Frontin Lyrics

To the beat, yall!
Yes! This'll always sound good to me
Rest in peace, MC Breed

This sound hard and juggalos gonna jam to
Get the record a second 'cause I plan to
Hit the people like a scene of a amezement
While they slip my graffiti on a pavement
Grumble like I never do
Shotgun pointed dead at you
What are you gonna do?
You listen to the knowledge of a sunset
You wanna get high? We gonna touch the sky
Throw a "Wicked Clown" up, we proclaim the name
We don't show no shame, 'cause we across the lane
I'm like a rhino runnin' through the roughest path
They figure I'm a trigger-happy killer, so they step back
Because we's the coldest
Who lasts the longest and who's the boldest?
And in the game it's plain to see
You listen to the sounds of Breed

You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
It ain't no future in yo frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop

I never got caught with a kilo
And if you ever do, yo, you never be with me, yo
Always getting head 'cause I love the way it feeYol
Leave the crowd bald 'cause it's the place that I be, yo
Never have to worry 'bout my crew getting jumped
And if we ever do, Legs Diamond pop the trunk
We don't go for playin', unless you playin' with my balls
When I'm on the mic I ain't for playin', not at all
Cause I fuck 10 hoes a week boomin' at my peak
20 years on stage, but I still get geeked
I can give you a job, a place to eat hearty
And we all gettin' rowdy in a Hatchet Man -party
Takin' over, barkin' like a dog named Rover (woof!)
Big bad-guy from a four-leaf clovers
Hit yo bottom like a venomous cobra
Sharpen my axe up and then I'm coming over

You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
It ain't no future in yo frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop

Joe B, R to the U-C-E and
Down with my homie M-E-C and Joey and
Suckers causin' static, cause we still be disagreein'
I don't give a fuck 'cause I'm from D-E-T-R-Oit
A city where pity runs low
If you ever shoot through my city, now you know
Cause we are strictly business and we also got our pride
And if you don't like it, I suggest you break wide
Juggalotus got hellfire, can't deny it
Fuck the fake-weed, if it's legal, I don't buy it
I ain't got time to fuck with these hoes
Blow my fucking dingaling until my dick explodes
That's the way I am, every ninja be different
When we order Faygo 3 semis for a shipment
If I was the president, then I would state facts
And rule to fucking world with a solid-gold axe

It ain't no future in your frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
It ain't no future in yo frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop

Stick my damn foot angle deep in yo colon
When I go insane, no it ain't, no controllin'
Put my name Shaggy on everything I own
I once stole a jeep, put a gat up to his dome
Shine it up good, kickin' through the neighborhood
Carnival of Carnage creepin' out the Kenwood
Quick to grip around it, and then I'll have it chopped
Won't pass mad cops but I never got stopped

Ain't no future in your frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
It ain't no future in yo frontin'
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop
Bring that shit, bring it
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop

I said fuck all the rules of the world
Live my life raw, cause I never liked the law
In my black truck I pass Bentleys
Had my old crew turned to crack-headed fiends
I put in mad work, but I never break a sweat
Time to move out, my posse sayin' (bet)
You got my back, and I got yours
What time is it? Hm, tear down the doors

To the beat, yall!
You don't stop
There ain't no future in your frontin'
Never was, cuz
Yo, Mark, drop that, drop that
To the beat, yall!
To the beat, yall!
To the beat, yall!
You don't stop

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Insane Clown Posse Ain't No Future In Your Frontin Comments
  1. Cousin It

    Blaze ‘em up biaaatches

  2. Cousin It

    Ol’sKool shiaaat Woop Woop McFl

  3. mao zefong

    This shit is fuckin lit in 2019, shout out to all my juggalo's WHOOP WHOOP

  4. Blood Eagle

    Oouuuu this a nice cover

  5. 17SewerTeeth17 Tha2nd

    Smothered covered and peppered bitch boi...there so shitty & dumpy they dont even car

  6. Thanks Wetook

    WhooP WhooP ! ! !

  7. Star Zombie

    fuck yeah whoop whoop mcl still rocking this

  8. chase noneya

    Best on the CD followed by mins playing tricks on me

  9. DJ Run4kover

    Shits fresh

  10. drew wellstill

    Hard as fuck!!

  11. Jason Shipley


  12. 5ifty1ne 5ifty

    R.I.P MC Breed !


    whoop whoop !!

    Hades Kooser

    Whoop Whoop

  14. eksoedusprime

    WHoop WHoop brotHER!!!!!!!

    Hades Kooser

    Whoop Whoop

  15. apollo fright

    lol fuck haterz whoopity whoop whoop

  16. Maciej Kozyrski

    "What the fuck is ICP?" - Eminem :D

  17. TheChrxnic

    Fuck jugallos

    Edward McIntyre

    Fuck you too. Whoop whoop

    Hades Kooser

    Juggalos* And why, exactly?

  18. Jamesetta Nash

    Love this

  19. Mo Lewis


  20. ladev91

    thit is dope as fuck RIP MC BREED Real MICHIGAN SHIT!

  21. MoneyIsHoney Cash

    I was in Layton, UT when i heard this. I have listened to ICP since Amazing Jekel Brothers. I bought the White Pop. My friend had the red pop, I LOVE THIS! Shout out to my friends that hold down the axe.

    Mike Hoffman

    I'm in SLC

  22. David Totten

    Bad ass jam

  23. The Real 2Dope

    shags definitely did his thang he killed it!! Whoop Whoop

    Hades Kooser

    Whoop Whoop

  24. shawn sims

    whatever bro bounce out like i bounce on yo moma's ass

    Worst Superhero

    incest in the street

  25. Eric Anderson

    Fuckin sick!

  26. Chauncey Washington

    I like the song it something.listed to

  27. William Hay

    Icp remade this track shaggy did great on mixing

  28. Shark Man

    Ruined another fucking song god damn you ICP and your fuckalow nation

    Edward McIntyre

    you ruined this with your comment homie. whoop whoop

    Thanks Wetook

    Fuck ur self jail bait

  29. lazloryder

    Dang, the mix on this beat is even better than the original. Nice job!

  30. Moses yo mam

    how kan you not love this shit

  31. TheNZLander

    gta sanandrea's juggalo edition WHOOP WHOOP!

    apollo fright


    Hades Kooser

    Whoop Whoop

    Worst Superhero

    Shit fam! Ai seen this n ai been playing gta san andreas, kicking in to this tune

  32. barney baggett

    true story homie Whoop Whoop!!

  33. Zach Tell

    Shaggs has come so far. His solo is good too

  34. chris davis

    Whoop whoop

  35. Andy Anderson

    fuck yeah. whoop whoop!!!!

  36. Juggalokiller937

    Old school with a touch of freashness whoop whoop

  37. Jeffrey Sorenson

    R I P BREED i think J and Shaggs did a good version of this one and payed homage to a OG from Flint WHOOP WHOOP MMFWACL

  38. tyler durgin

    this is the shit, whoop whoop!!!

    Hades Kooser

    Whoop Whoop

  39. TofusOnFire

    this is fucking awsome crazy fun.....:)

  40. My Channel The AJ Channel

    sounds old school not old school icp but old school rap

  41. rob mobley

    Bomb track!!