InnerPartySystem - What We Will Never Know Lyrics

Stare into the sun
To see my face for once
All the weakness shows
Too tired to lift the arms
That hold onto the stars
That watch me as I sleep

I want to believe in someone
I want to believe in something
But I want to believe that I can
Love again

The fire came and went
And took everything away
The bruises never healed
So I try to take a breath
To say what wasn't said
But there is nothing left of me, now
There is nothing left

I want to believe in someone
I want to believe in something
But I want to believe that I can
Love again

And one day, you will love again
You will! But I can't.

Look into the earth
To find out where you went

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InnerPartySystem What We Will Never Know Comments
  1. KiddMayhem

    Still waiting for a comeback 😞

  2. Jimmy Jim

    I want to believe that Innerpartysystem will come back and make at least one more album.


    That would be the dream, friend


    What happened? It seemed like they were poised to takeover radio....then nothing.

    Black Tractor

    Sir, I recorded walk the moon's first lp... And yes.... Innerpartysystem is kinda the greatest band to walk the planet. Give us more... But this... Not the way we move crap.

  3. Li Mis

    Loved this!

  4. emilybhighsmith

    So underrated

  5. you remind me of the babe

    why am i just finding out about them now?!? 😩


    Loved innerpartysystem since something like 08. Been 10 years and I want nothing more than them back

  6. Michael Miller

    2017 still caught on this tired of living my life always sacrificing my happiness for someone else...this song hits straight feels just got dumped because my old ladys dad legit threatend to kill me if she didnt break up with me...its not fair.....its not fucking fair...

    Robyn Langguth

    Michael Miller dude in the end you have to look out for yourself. The happiest people in the world are the ones who care about themselves (and maybe their own child) above anyone. You’re always going to get fucked over putting other people before yourself.


    Your old lady? I bet your 12/13 years old.

    AThallOfKiwi - TWTC

    @SUMBOOODY based on your name on youtube... you gotta be 12/13?...

  7. Andrea Mb

    ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

  8. Lisa Zoria

    Love, love, love this song! It just had such a great atmosphere and theme...although sad...but I can totally relate.
    Does anyone remember a different version of this? I remember hearing it but can't find it anymore. :(

    Александр Бужан

    maybe it's another band song, called 'Softa'. They are alike

  9. karod3m

    so fucking beautiful

  10. Jeshua King

    Love this songggg...<333

  11. TheBladeFiend

    I wish so many more people could have seen what you said.

  12. xBiZarre4

    Well if you follow the comment that Boeru was replying to, mentioning "metalcore and shit" makes sense as a response... unless you are replying to both people, then I completely agree with you.

  13. Misaki Hill

    this sounds awesome with rainymood

  14. Asorra Tatsumi

    This is a good song ^^

  15. Kalah Howard

    Probably one of my favorite Innerpartysystem songs. Makes me cry. Now onto adding it to my MP3 player ^^

  16. Contractor 0211

    I remember losing my virginity to this song... ;3

  17. Manuela Maciel

    These guys are trully good, sounds like they have an unique style, wich is pretty hard to find these days

    Robyn Langguth

    Manuela Maciel this entire album is gold. Still even now.

  18. remson


  19. Loris Shib

    2:42 to the end= awesome ! I didn't liked this song untill I heard this part

  20. NickRedMachine

    Calm down, bro.

  21. Glupi Klipovi Debilski

    Yes it got you a top comment! grats, you can die now

  22. Epic Otaku Cherry

    Do you have any idea how much it drove me crazy that I couldn't find the name or artist of this song?! I was going to lose it.

    Then, I finally found it. THANK GOODNESS!

    Go InnerPartySystem!

  23. Alec Priore

    These jokes are so fucking lame.

  24. FunStuff141

    i remember i used to listen to this a lot
    I called it the themesong of my "life"
    but to anyone heartbroken or longing for love
    (even with how young we are how do we know what love is?)
    it finds you when you're not looking
    we all need someone
    but not just someone... we need the ONE
    soo instead of needing we should want... and know who it is that we want
    and realieze the best are worth waiting for
    I mean i've found one

  25. rickrocks3000

    I feel like this song would be perfect for Deus Ex: Revolution.

  26. Epic Otaku Cherry

    First heard this in one of the best MEPs ever. (For SasuSaku from the anime Naruto). I was looking for the name and artist forever.
    Go InnerPartySystem!

    Thumbs up if you know which MEP I'm talking about.

  27. Darkneel

    I played Burnout paradise , i was looking for a song in the game ... i found it ... then wrot the name of the band & i found this song
    ... Now i'm addict
    PS : while i'm writing this they told me to write the text of the img and it was : "lownlyam"

  28. frog123o

    Man tears were shed...

  29. FunStuff141

    this song is a tear jerker!

  30. Krystal Jarvis

    All of their songs are amazing.

  31. poopykins

    (on.n)b ♥

  32. Cassady1AndOnly

    @jamieboyrockon Exactly what I'm going through right now, I'll never forget that first girl who meant so much to me, but I have to move on and I don't know if I have the strength to.

  33. Pedro Ferreira

    get internet for u comp, it's worth it ;)

  34. Caitlin

    WTF innerpartysystem doesn't have a vevo acount!!

  35. PC_GameWorld

    orgasm to this band of IPS = Inner Porn Static :D

  36. James Krudop

    I couldn't have listened to this whole album again at a more perfect time in my life. The pain left behind still hurts, even though it's been a while. But, I guess no one really forgets their first true love.

  37. MissMonster

    like this if a clannad amv took you here <3

  38. XevenzGeiBook

    Can u make this available on mobil? No internet on com, just phone.... N desperate to hear this song. Pleassse.

  39. Whittles

    theres LSD, PCP, X and now IPS. Now the best drug of all. I LOVE YOU INNERPARTYSYSTEM!!

  40. Dylan Ivins

    theyre lyrics are always deep... and about reality

  41. Noah Sklar

    What the hell? Why can I hear the TARDIS in the background?

  42. leahgd1

    nvm that was a stupid question :P lmao XD

  43. leahgd1

    what is the name of the album???:)

    Milan Koshy

    leahgd1 Inner party system

  44. Scott

    If you're a fan of atmospheric electro music (especially songs like this) come check out my music! .. /watch?v=EXD3bT6N26M .. The full album is free for download on my bandcamp as well. Sorry for "advertising" like this, but I get very little feedback on my music, so I'm trying to get a little more

  45. Bates

    @IamGrusd Nice picture.

  46. monica b

    Thumbs up if CoH SasuSaku MEP brought you here :3
    I LOVE this song to bits! I never heard of this band either, but I'm positive I'm going to lovee it.
    <33 beautiful

  47. Rumiho Akiha

    Thumbs up who will listen this in 2079 :D

  48. A Blade

    Pandora WHAT WHAT!!

  49. Matthew Hernandez

    @wakkaman666 Why you mad tho?

  50. wolfspiret395

    9 people cant love again :/
    btw f*cking awesome ! :D

  51. DavidB0325

    @oscarthemole me too this is my favourite song of all time i just love it so much :D

  52. oscarthemole

    3:10 onwards gives me goosebumps. <3

  53. Kathryn Vanderhoef

    Such true lyrics. What more can you say? Its the most wonderful song that helps me through life. *sigh* I love it.

  54. TheQnito

    i can't stop listening that song it's sooooo... i don't know ... real :) i love it <3

  55. Brannon Briedwell

    The massive build up at the end gets me every time. Goosebumps.

  56. Leslie Wray Doyle

    @wakkaman666're sad. I bet it hurts being that angry inside. Your soul is twisted and tied in knots...why would anyone admire your false grip on reality?

  57. Ye5m1nL0ve

    this song is aweosme <3~ thought its sad but it makes me happy :)

  58. Buffy Co

    @AkuneUchiha same here

  59. Matthew Hernandez

    Innerpartysystem is so amazing that I actually go to every video on one of their song results just to hit "Like"... I dedicated this to my ex-gf and we stopped arguing (after about 3 months of going at it and hating each other) and after she heard it we never argued again, she said she completely understood and we've been pretty good friends ever since. The power of music, the magic this "poetry" can cultivate, it's..... amazing.

  60. twilight364

    Awesome Song. Love it.

  61. Boeru Mihai Alexandru

    @Prayerrr7 I fuckin' believe you...Most of the time i listen to metalcore and shit...but I just love this song :)

  62. John Profit

    I listen to this at least 30 times a day.

  63. FunStuff141

    i love this song soooo much ^^

  64. Charlie Morris

    @Prayerrr7 Glad to spread the love x] :P

  65. Similars

    Yeah thats true :D Whats crazy is that I totally forgot about this song and than I had a message in my inbox saying that you replied to my comment and I saw it was on this video :D So glad that you reminded me of this amazing song :)

  66. Charlie Morris

    @Prayerrr7 It's not about the genre, it's about the song and how it's written. The music we hear is put together in such a way that is beautiful and pleasing to the ears of most people. When a song is able to reach the most "unexpected" audience, you know it's amazing. IPS have that amazing ability :']

  67. Viry Salace

    My favourite part starts!! 1:25

  68. cgvrl22

    @madhatter698 They Are A American Dance Band

  69. Yarubi

    Good Song.

  70. sweetbee27

    another masterpiece by ips.

  71. popsmith511

    7 people preffered Justin Beiber to this.. f*ckin idiots.. FAVORITE SONG!!!

  72. Laura L

    why do people make a big deal about bands being christan or not? Who cares,it just means that the members of the band are christan,so what? If it's good music then that's all that counts.

  73. Virayu

    Thank you for the upload & lyrics ^_^ The best audio I've heard from this video ;3 I can definitely hear clearly the lyrics & music background =D

  74. silverwhisper86

    @Prayerrr7 Same. You find the mixture of very melodic, energetic electronic mix into todays hardcore. Big step for that was Underoath back some years ago. You can from there track how bands have always had this last track very serious feel like a muffled double base, slow moving guitar riffs. Thats why i like this, shit, I like everything they have now!

  75. AngelicRaeven


    I know you posted this like a year ago...but for anyone else who sees the question and wonders (and doesn't want to hunt through comments to find the answer) I'm positive they're not a Christian band. Their songs have very meaningful lyrics, but one of their songs had a curse, so I doubt you'd find it under a Christian label, lol.

  76. Iceman Teek

    @NYDude177 christian band or nor their pretty damn good. hahah and im a christian and what you said is very well put.

  77. NYDude177

    No they aren't. I met them at the Wescott Theatre in Syracuse. Cool dudes but the band isn't based around Christianity at all.

    *DISCLAIMER* Seeing everyone likes to get off subject and take things out of context I'm not bashing Christianity

    Awesome Band. If you can see them live they put on a great show

  78. Jenny Bee

    Who could not like this song? It completely mesmerizes me! <3

  79. hatexlifexlies

    I try to take a breath
    To say what wasn't said
    But there is nothing left of me now, there's is nothing left.

  80. Similars

    Haha I meant like screamo and shit that comment was like 8 months ago damn.

  81. HilaryDuffFans2k13

    @ih8tevy1 if they were christians thn it wud say on there channel dont u think? and it says nothing bout them being christians so i dont think they are.

  82. Laura B.

    I love this beautiful song, just amazing :)
    And the meaning of the song make me cry...favorite band!

  83. ReZeeR93

    simply beautiful

  84. DavidB0325


  85. William Lancaster


  86. cbcnate

    Everybody blows this band out of proportion.

    I mean they are decent but not "godlike"
    like everyone makes them out to be.

  87. NyceyunginflyRS

    IPS = Eargasim to my ears.

  88. Lizette

    Love it. (:

  89. Attiláné Projkó

    There is no word, to describe how awesome is this song....

  90. meqoz

    No words, just emotions...

  91. ssd bd

    hah(: ikr.

  92. Similars

    What the hell? I usually listen to like insanely hardcore music but this is my favorite song for some reason!

  93. MrZombieZebra

    Meh, I'm Dutch and I cán understand it. But it doesn't matter. ^^ I really love the song too, I wonder why no one else I know knows InnerPartySystem. ):

  94. Kathryn Vanderhoef

    so true dude. i cant stop listening to it. i could listen to it over and over and OVER! my little sister is getting mad at me for listening to it alot. she just doesnt know good music! she listens to that hannah montana crap. kill hannah!!!!!!!!!!!