InnerPartySystem - Die Tonight Live Forever Lyrics

You can feel the pounding wrapped around your chest
Nothing's too excessive when you've got nothing left
We're all here 'cause we've lost control

If we all should die tonight, we will have no regrets

If this night should take my life
We can't go back, we can't go home
If we all should die tonight
We can't go back, we can't go home

You can see the plastic dripping off her face,
We may not all be pretty, but we feel pretty fake
We're all here 'cause we've lost control

If we all should die tonight, we will have no regrets

If this night should take my life
We can't go back, we can't go home
If we all should die tonight
We can't go back, we can't go home
If this night should take my life
We can't go back, we can't go home
If we all should die tonight
We've got nothing left!

We're all here 'cause we've lost control

If this night should take my life
We can't go back, we can't go home
If we all should die tonight
We can't go back, we can't go home
If this night should take my life
We've got nothing left!
If we all should die tonight
We've got nothing left!

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InnerPartySystem Die Tonight Live Forever Comments
  1. Gilberto

    Too bad the videoclip is not up anymore, it was pretty dope!

  2. Vishal Patel

    fucking hell took me ages to remember them....

  3. Jamese Galen

    This song inspired me to make a pretty interesting batman fanfic with an original character in the mix.

  4. nekai bwa

    It’s 2019 and I still listen to this album!!!

  5. dooder

    What the fuck happened to these guys? I get pissed off everytime I listen to this record because every song is gold. It should be mainstream. Yet it was neglected. I'm probably more pissed off than the band members. This could have changed popular music forever. Instead, it's an unknown classic. ARRRGH.

    I'm a musician myself. The fact that these guys didn't make it just makes me want to quit. It has all the pop appeal you could ask for. Yet it still failed somehow. FUCK it, dude.

  6. The Phenomenal Me T

    lets just all agree that We're all here 'cos we've lost control right?

  7. mike fisette

    i dont like this music


    I don't like you, so fuck you.

    Displeased Doggo

    You get a sticker. Good job. Everyone cares. Very good job

  8. Corvu55

    i discovered this song just now. want to know what im doing right now? making a bootleg DNA model the night before its due.


    i got a B+ my dudes

    Shelby Wheeler

    good job


    @Shelby Wheeler i am in university now


    @Corvu55 2 years gone by fast

  9. NK Ultimate

    Actually so happy I've never forgotten this album. Each song spoke to me through the years. Still one of my favorite albums. So influential to me and has gotten me through so much.

  10. Wynter Potts


  11. dickz mcgeelol

    fuck you lol jk

  12. Deft zKid

    RedNBlueProductions anyone?

  13. Eyoldaith

    "Innerpartysyste m"
    > Triggered

  14. ivy

    i always want to fuck when i hear this

    Reece Bark

    @ivickyee Hahaa I'm not sure which way to take, that giving the nature of this conversation hahaa


    Will you settle for a platonic butt touch?

    Sir .Driken

    @ivickyee ikr


    +ivickyee i know what you mean the beat is amazing

  15. Syntelle

    HOLY SHIT this song makes me so fucking PUMPED 

  16. Jessica Labor


  17. Kendra Conover

    If anyone has seen any of the Saw movies this song reminds me so much of them! If I knew how to make a music video for it I would!

  18. cloudbuster66

    i lost control years ago im now 47,im fucked hahaha

    Contractor 0211

    lol hey dad


    dad please come back

    its been 9 years since i've last seen you... :(


    in all actuality though i still havent seen my dad

  19. cloudbuster66

    so hard to find original vid

  20. Chaos World

    May IPS's Music live forever!

  21. HoboJIm117

    If I was a potato I'd be a baked potato. Or perhaps a fried potato.

  22. matt

    Words Of Wisdom Right Here *claps*

  23. bpomatto

    spread some butter on that too some matalica butter

  24. Chiaki Mimi

    Like..if you listen in 2013....<3


    Th more this comment ages the funnier it is.


    Yeah, how bout 2017?

    cicely dorris

    #2019. Been listening for 10 years now 🙌

  25. skugga

    this song makes me really happy for some reasons lolz :3

  26. Emily Rayne

    so many memories.

  27. JW lya

    u guys make awsome music

  28. Summer Haught

    1,580 people were here because they lost control!
    29 people had themselves under control ! >:(

  29. TheBladeFiend

    Like number 218,135 keep em coming SHARE spam TIME!

  30. fourstarbro

    If it was an accident...Live forever
    But if it wasn't an accident...Die tonight ;p

  31. ProfessorKinky

    ...I'm sorry I lost control and accidentally hit dislike...gonna go cry now...

  32. EmpLaun


  33. Brandon Childs

    I lost control :( I spammed the replay button to many times...

  34. ProdigyPoop

    I think I found my new favorite band :O

  35. Nano Bytes

    dubstep!? D:

  36. Gordon Frohman

    Well, in 500 Views it's at 200 000 :D

  37. quentin boullet

    those bass !!!

  38. nicole h

    this band is perfection

  39. diedemus

    Their website is to the contrary.... so yeah

  40. Bizarre89Alien

    they left like they r no more y??? what happened?? sorry just became a fan just yesterday don't know anything about these guys

  41. FeloFilms

    @silent13379 that noisy synth at the beginning, alsso the lowpassed-crushed bass... nothing trent would compose haha sounds different, but the sounds used really remindds me of them

  42. Chase Schlueter

    @FeloFilms how? nothing like them

  43. 0XxdnLxX0

    Damn they are good XD

  44. Jake Williams

    Turn it up really loud at the beginning it's sick bass but make sure you don't destroy your ear-drums

  45. lWalky

    @NE0Nwhip I did not lose control. I'm just here because I enjoy this music.

  46. Luciano Mazzetti

    @bulletsrunred welcome to the crew

  47. FeloFilms

    sounds a little nine inch nail-ish

  48. Chad

    its true! I clicked on american trash, which sent me to obsession, and now this song, I cant stop listening to Innerpartysystem, im here because ive lost control! cant stop listening!!

  49. YouOnlyLiveTwice

    This is such an underrated band. I guess that's a good thing though. I don't want them to turn out like 009 Sound System where you can't watch a Youtube video without listening to one of their retarded songs.

  50. stinknus

    comparing them to 3oh3 you people make me sick

  51. André Linares Vieira

    they first album was so awesome... this knew sounds so generic =//

  52. bpomatto


  53. Jace B.

    @Xandeth they didn't break up. They went on a indefinite hiatus to persue SOLO careers, I just read about it yesterday -_-

  54. Hal

    @MrDelta01 Except that they're better than 3OH!3. >D

  55. Adam Spakka

    Ohh this brings back memories! :D x

  56. MrDelta01

    this band reminds me of 3Oh3

  57. Julia

    @FeldbergThePlayer 21 ;A;

  58. Cyral Drive

    @MidnightKraehe13 Please don't, every time i see someone like that that manages to get a top comment i start to lose faith in humanity.

  59. Cyral Drive

    @MidnightKraehe13 That was a failed attempt.

  60. InkPuppet

    I love them T.T <3

  61. Andrea Villasana

    Cant get enough :)

  62. starlinaful

    Hehehehehehehehe i dont even know this band and i love it so those 21 people can go F*** them selevs ^_^

  63. Claire McClean

    best song ever fucking made

  64. Bayley Gibson

    20 people are controlling idiots.

  65. Brooke Batterton

    20 people dun have inner party in their system :O

  66. HoopSingg Visual

    OMFG! orgasmic .

  67. KidKutthroat66

    holy shit, what the hell was that???

    i want more!!!!

  68. Kachunnga

    @Hazzbazzy WTF? This is the only video i said it on. :/

  69. lydibug lydi

    I will add 20 MORE skulls to my collection....
    *chambers SVD round*
    Dobrenin, comerades. see you on the news....

  70. Myke James

    evidently, 20 people meant to say "dis....i like!!"

  71. Zak Blair

    ill make this simple.....20 people need to DIE TONIGHT!!!!

  72. EmpLaun

    the beat is so good I keep waiting for it to be ruined by a female singer

  73. piratesandrebels

    saw them live a few years ago wen they opened for underoath and norma jean, sound great live!

  74. mervh58

    @MoarROFLCopterPlz or 18 people don't share your/my taste in music which is fair enough

  75. Kachunnga

    Honestly, i can't say i like this song. It's just not my style. :\

    And don't say something like "OMGZ0RZ DEN Y D1D U SRCH 4 1T"
    I searched for innerpartysystem because of their song 'don't stop'.

  76. Brannon Briedwell

    @imaclay777 They are...listen to the lyrics...

  77. MoarROFLCopterPlz

    18 people have bad taste in music, obvs.

  78. geletomi

    its not original as well, but at least true :D

  79. Бром

    rofl ftw =))))

  80. Potvalor

    two of the highest Rated comments need to find a more origonal thing to say -.-

  81. Anomaisie

    18 people don't know what talent is.

  82. Ian Maclay

    I like ips better when they sing about stuff with a cause like in Don't Stop and American Trash

  83. Great Kunkka

    i just wanna say three word:
    this is AWESOME!! XD

  84. Broth3r John

    Some of the beats remind of Front 242

  85. Jenni Gore

    These Are Amaaaaaze

  86. zargaus

    15 people willdie tonight

  87. soldierss666

    @RaccooNooB ironic,yes! but it was necessary too

  88. Equals C.

    @soldierss666 That's.. ironic....

  89. kwissie2

    @soldierss666 are you one :D?

  90. alina madonna

    @battlep0t at this point it was 14

  91. MissisWitchy

    734 are just being way more cooler.

  92. soldierss666


  93. ariana cain

    13 people just shit the bed.....

  94. Steph Flores

    This song is so damn addictive. ;D So amazing.

  95. Cameron Fish

    they are AMAZING live!!!!! just saying.

  96. AJB

    13 people are not living forever.

  97. lakie1992