InMe - Beached Whales Lyrics

This is all that we are, just freckles on her cheek
Her every sweet moan beckons us to seek a love insatiable
Ungrateful martyrs depart us to lands unchartered

I can't believe we were destined for nothing, I thought we had something
Beached whales sing their songs
Once strong but now weak
We are slaves to our own dreams

These precious lands slowly begin to break
We pushed & we pulled 'til she gave birth to an earthquake
Shadows dart from the cracks in our hearts & they merge into darkness
We live our hardest

All my demons I exorcise for you
All my pain that I paint on this canvas is for you
And if it all comes crashing down on me I'll drown with a smile

This is the way it goes time & time again
This is the way it goes

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