Ini Kamoze - World-A-Music Lyrics

World a reggae music on ya, eh
Keep me rocking with me daughter, eh ya
World a reggae music on ya, eh
Never lef' ya, never lose ya, eh, ya

Now just be nice and hold your space
I won't entertain no more disgrace
Out in the street the call it murder
When rhythm spacing out your head

World a reggae music on ya, eh
Keep me rocking with me daughter, eh ya
World a reggae music on ya, eh
Lord I thirsty give me water, eh, ya

Man showing how man feeling
Man singing goodness gracious I
Then thousand rhythms peeling
It makes the spider kiss the fly

World a reggae music on ya, eh

When rhythm spacing out your head
World a reggae music on ya, eh
Keep me rocking with me daughter, eh ya
World a reggae music on ya, eh
Never lef' ya, never lose ya, eh, ya

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Ini Kamoze World-A-Music Comments
  1. Vitor Antonio

    Essa música me lembra da prainha branca. .. no ano novo ❤️🍀🙌

  2. Zack H

    How many Artists used ( out in the streets they call it murder) and people believed that it was other Artists

  3. Anam Dro

    1,1 dis i like

  4. josé cardoso


  5. Hulk Hogan

    Who else here has weird looking pubes? Hulkamanias coming to town for you!!

  6. ranknonsense

    so just be nice and hold your space a real legend called: Ini Kamoze wont entertain no disgrace

  7. en memoria Mr YosieLoCote

    World a rregae music on ya he!!!!

  8. Dom Trussardi

    Out in da street dey call it MURRRRDAAAAHH!!

  9. Jamal gülyan

    World A Reggae Musik on ya eh bless ya InI thanksss for all

  10. Adson Junio

    Brasil 2020 kd?

  11. Emma S. Bates

    Roots in its finest form. A true classic

  12. Skbots Game

    This is the end of the complex reggae engineering,listen to the echo,reverbing,dubing,of the vocal and instrument, they don't make it like this no more."artist tried to imitate but never originate" still to this day you a hear some copied the style.... like Travis scott.

  13. S. O.

    Fuck dem hen feathered brain Gang Stalkers all Talken queer detective covert Punks Mawn. Blood clot Mawn.

  14. Edu Velasco Soldevila

    The bassline is hymnotic

  15. Arch Fiend Of The Dark

    Still in 2020🔥🙏🙏🙏

  16. 666 New World Order


  17. Octavio Garcia

    El estilo de sly and Robbie en la batería y el bajo suena muy parecido a black uhuru

  18. Jessnay vlog

    PFF que buen roots
    🙋Quién en el 2020 en México?🇲🇽

  19. Walterproof

    I and I

  20. KING 2020


  21. PAC-mario Awesome

    Them song

  22. Pamela Silva Devulgação

    Conheci faz poucos segundos! Já o regue

  23. Michael Nunez

    Pshhhhh solid jam

  24. Eveline Vasconcelos

    Show, me escrevi! Parabéns

  25. Seth Green

    Who's still medicating to this day and into 2020? This is one of the best reggae songs ever.... #Sethgreen90 #GreenerPasturestn

    Moe Rocco

    And the album it's off is one of the greatest ever. Every song hits this level.

    jonny mad dawg

    Everyday brother👑

    Seth Green

    @jonny mad dawg I'm doing that as well actually. 💚💚💚💚👍👍

    Seth Green

    @Moe Rocco couldn't agree more.

  26. Saul Luas


  27. Matheus Gabriel


  28. Terren O'Neil

    What is a Psalm besides something that invokes positive change ?

  29. Fabien Tassie

    Big Thunes thx vibrations !!

  30. Freddy Jr. Gong

    Kanaky new Calédonia love

  31. sL3 6nk 2

    He stole everything from Damian Marley!^^


    this was done in 1983 bro so no stealing actually damien did a refix of this

    sL3 6nk 2

    @azaria I was joking. Inversion.

  32. Henderson Xavier


  33. Chronic Awareness

    this song sounds like it could have been made in 2019, crazy how timless this song is.

  34. Matt Bixley

    Rocking reggae with me daughter 💯. Shes nearly 3 days old.

  35. McGraw Th.d'Aquin

    Who's here after lookin' Luke Cage S02E03 ?

  36. SlighT-in-tha-MinD

    The whole time I thought he was saying world a reggae music ganja 💀

  37. Devon Arap

    Who bumpn this n 2020

  38. Lovan Berényi


  39. Lovan Berényi


  40. Isaac Lucena

    Eita porra!!!
    Saudade Brasil SP
    Nostalgia reggae São Miguel paulista, Mogi das cruzes,São Caetano do Sul,Campinas e Guarulhos 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  41. Iarley Vieira

    Poder jamaicano 🍁🤙🏿🇯🇲

  42. Tommy Hawke

    Get yon it YA! Cum sum!

  43. vhulksantos

    Justin gaethje brought me here.

  44. Aaron Jones

    While I’m listening to this and playing classic world of Warcraft I can’t help but wonder if I’ll still be alive in year 2420.

  45. AMGx_Gunnah

    the legendary beat speaks to my soul

  46. mati el ctm

    La mea caga en chile y yo aquí entero volao

  47. Shyankléber

    CHO! Yah!

  48. a6saddah

    Yes I found it

  49. Fabio Abboud

    Worr Frankly

  50. daniel Dc

    Esto si es buen reggae bless

  51. Dan Duarte


  52. Bora Eroğlu

    Who listens in 2019

  53. 1DownKhonvex


  54. Wheat Loaf

    I wonder how high he was when they took that photo.

  55. OdaKa

    So this song is about how he's a father who didn't abandon his daughter?

    Brian Sparta

    Yoh maad


    @Brian Sparta wut

  56. Jose Beltran

    Andrea it's Jose from Xfinity. Message or comment me lol

    Jose Beltran

    @Andrea Jung Perhaps you can call me sometime?

    Andrea Jung

    hi Jose im so sorry. BTW do you have an IG account?

    Jose Beltran

    Andrea Jung That’s alright Andrea. Yeah I do, do you? What’s your IG?

    Andrea Jung


    Jose Beltran

    Andrea Jung I added you.

  57. Vicious Gam3x

    World a raggae music on ya.. keep me rocking with me gaughter...ehh. aahh....

  58. Oğuz Kaan

    Hadi bir türk

  59. Felix Kandagar

    бля я присоединяюсь

  60. Jorge Hernandez


  61. sergorti

    I’ve been listening to this since a baby and I have never said on ya😂 always say ganja

  62. Shirohige

    Am I the only that got shook but that “ya”

  63. boglemeaster

    out in di street, dem call it MUUUUURDAH!!

  64. Carlos Damázio

    Q pedrada bixo!!

  65. Maike Oliveira CK

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇱🇷

  66. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Que rola mas vergas

  67. Be Positive & simple

    Hey dear new here

  68. GANGSTA'S Lil nas x

    Tá aqui eu

  69. erk swain

    Gotta say whoever put the lyrics in the foreground butchered them

  70. dakvaas

    That guy looks like samory.

  71. EO Rhino

    Sweet music!

  72. Nataesha Johnson

    Bye me being from America I don’t know my culture so I follow JAH🗣operation roots and culture!!!

  73. Justin Ringanayi

    Planning to rock this with me daughter.

  74. Pedro Henrique

    (Quando eu sinto a música entro dentro dela ...)

    Carlos Damázio

    Essa é pesada!!

  75. Joaquin Navarro F.

    Quien bien stone 2020?👽🌎

  76. jose douglas

    Deus salve vcs que coloca essas pedradas no youtube. N'a Real. Haha muito bom

  77. Jose Carlos Rocha Silva Rocha Silva

    Soh eu que vim pela série Luke cage?

  78. Jose Carlos Rocha Silva Rocha Silva

    Soh eu que vim pela série Luke cage?

  79. jimbeezy14

    Kinda looks like cap steeze

  80. Bo0om TV

    It makes a spider kiss a Fly :)

  81. Ariel Oficial

    Like por los que vinen por farruuuuuu

  82. 5 Tito1

    Lyrics are a lil off but it’s coo

  83. Xbot4Life

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Damien.... i see what you did.............

  84. Geni Kameni

    ghetto yute on fruit 🍏🍋🍎


    World a reggae músic

  86. PauloTexasBarber Junior

    2019!smokez secions!PR!clássicos!👏👏👏👏

  87. Diego Ruiz

    like los chilenos ctmareeeee

  88. Brunoo 4i20Novaiis

    Pow poww poww

  89. KenDiriwan

    Ya seen Luke Cage bredren??


    Q tal temazo . Q buena vibra. Q atmosfera placentera. SU ALTEZA EL REGGAE.

  91. Vinicius Martins Rey

    Ouvindo essa pedrada aqui do Grajamaica ✌🏼

  92. Mobb Deep


  93. Orlando Santana

    La base es de Damian Marley “Welcome to Jamrock”