Ingram, James - You Never Know What You Got Lyrics

I know you'll never find another love like mine
And I know just what you're gonna do
You've said those words before
Walked out and closed the door
But you'll come right back
You know it's true

We had so many times together
And we always seemed to make the magic last
If we let it get away
The love we had may never be the same

You'll never know what you got until it's over
You'll never know what you're missing
Till love slips away
You'll never know what you got until it's over
And you're all alone sitting by the phone

I guess I'll never see my place in history
And I know just what I'm gonna do
I'll write a page in time
And make you change your mind

And you'll see how much you mean to me
I know I'll never be a hero
Or the kind of guy who sets the world on fire
But if you let me try
I know I'd give the sky to you and

You'll never know what you got until it's over
You'll never know what you're missing
Till love slips away
You'll never know what you got until it's over
And you're all alone sitting by the phone

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Ingram, James You Never Know What You Got Comments
  1. Geraldo Barbosa

    Nice melody!

  2. Maxine Palmer

    You never know so take care of the ones you love .love you James ingram .

  3. Danielle Rayner


  4. mindurbusniess

    Who listening today ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Patricia Bradley

    James Ingram had one of the finest voices around. He will be missed by me and many more. R.I.P. James Ingram.

  6. Ronnie Josephs

    RIP..James.gone but not forgotten

  7. alro mclean

    So true guess we all can relate to this song by one of the best artist for all times,love always Mr James Ingram Jamaican love you and we miss a lot,R.I.P

  8. Eric Ngwato

    ''you never know what you got until is over'', you will see it when he/shes gone and lift alone.

  9. Eric Ngwato

    it takes two tangle in life and you realize it after awhile.

  10. Jean Kweyama

    My God

  11. Karabo swanz

    Rip J.l ...your music will live forever and ever...he never knew what I got but now he knows he knows...but m over everything.😢😘😘😓

    Eddy Altidor

    Karabo swanz 😭😭

  12. Julia Read

    Haven't stopped listening to this incredible singer songwriter since the news of his passing. We will miss you so much. RIP Amazing James Ingram

  13. Ellis Mnyandu

    Vocal Prowess. Forever Cherished.

  14. Millicent Skaal

    this song fill my eyes with tears ....memories of us is all thats left. S.A

  15. kaya swan

    I love this man so much. We'll miss you James a true legend.

  16. Kwajane Mmakola

    he construct music in social way touching man

  17. cecil brevett

    Remind me of the love I let slip away this was one of her favourite songs, she was trying to tell me and I never got the message until years after

  18. Dee noneofurbiz

    he is already so missed been playing his songs since i heard last nite.!! :(

    Christo Andries

    Just when I really really start appreciate this man music he pass on...his music is here forever

  19. Benjamin Oates


  20. Seana Geddes

    My fav song from a fallen star. RIP James!

  21. kevin whyte

    We will miss you James... January 29, 2019

    Latanya Greene

    Ur music will be miss rest now all the greatest ones making new song's

  22. Mich Shaw

    RIP James.

  23. MAPHUM' Lo

    Yooooo!!!! the ending of this song i dont knw it warms&breaks my heart at the same time❤💔🤔😂

  24. Pat Thutse

    this song is real jeez

  25. Maxine Palmer

    Never know until it's all over

  26. Claims Desk

    Truth this is.wonderful and inspiring song..philosophical.

  27. Makhosazana Mnguni

    this song reminds me of my long time boyfriend Tefo who passed away with blood cancer this tuesday... so sad

    Nqobile Billy Ngwenya

    May the Almighty heal u Makhosazana ...

    MAPHUM' Lo

    @Nqobile Billy Ngwenya kind words God bless u

  28. Amanda Sibiya

    Golden Voice😍❤

  29. Merlissa Bruce

    This song is my daily healing song from a 10year lifetime with a man who broke me in pieces.

  30. Andrew Flood

    I LUV THIS SONG !!!!


    Love anything by James Ingram .

  32. Nombatha Nombatha

    His voice.....

  33. Neville Bell

    A beautiful song for missing someone you love.....

  34. Paulo Siwsan

    I agree totally!!

  35. Lele Tshabalala

    Damn , this song healed me when I decided to end a decade old relationship!


    Ungasho uphinde Lele ...

    Samuel Morewabone

    My God 💔😭. I felt that. Recently lost my best lover of 7 years.

    Sonny BERNETT

    The greatest of all.I think he was a singer who sincerely thought what he was singing.what a voice he had!the preferred one of Quincy Jones .Will always be missed.R.I.P MAESTRO.

  36. Clement Murray

    when I'm down and out these songs lift me up

  37. Catherine 2016

    James tem uma grande voz, e essa e uma bela musica.

  38. pearl grace

    I real love yo music James when ever I'm I'm not in my moods I listen to yo music I come back to my senses!:-)

  39. Masuka Magambo

    Amazing voice.

  40. Xs forel

    Aaaaaaah l'epoque trop bon

  41. Al Gibbs

    the voice of a real singer

  42. Grande Mauro

    Golden voice... thanks, GOD!

  43. declerck gary

    trop bon

  44. declerck gary

    chanson funcky soul magique j adors grave

  45. breebrad312

    I love anything by James Ingram and I had never hear this one. I love it too.

    Julius Mbowa

    You are...!

    Dineo Dinny

    Love dis song

  46. soulsister0707

    Thanks for posting this song. James you are the best Soul & R&B singer of all times. Mh such a sweet harmony voice, Mh Mh Mh love lyrics, out of this world OMG. You and Jeffrey Osborne. Luv u stacks.....

  47. dee fisher

    So gorgeous this guy could not do a bad song if he tried. Love songs where made for this amazing voice. Sens shivers down the spine. Dee Kent uk.

    Dlamini Mlondie

    I was sitting with my girl friend in a deep conversation about life and away forward she played this song and it just reminded me that we had to cherish everything u have before it's gone or loose it