Ingram, James - Stand (In The Light) Lyrics

In a time when the words of the truth are not spoken
There's a war... there is hatred tearing us apart
And the sea reaches high to horizons now broken
And the world is so weary and fighting and lost
You must go... go on and

Stand in the light
You will hear your soul singing
Stand in the light
Close your eyes and you'll see all that goodness can be
It's love, real love
It doesn't matter what they say
The sun will rise again today
You must hurry and stand

In a time when the seasons of life are so shaken
And the pain of the world just keeps spinning around
And the eyes of a child speak of danger awakened
There is a hunger inside, it's beginning to push hope aside
You've got to

Stand in the light
Feel your heart beat so clearly
Stand in the light
Where you know that the voices will hold you so tight
All through the night
You can send your fears away
Faith and Hope are here to stay
When you stand in the light

We all ask the questions
What, Where, When, and Why
You must believe inside your heart
The answers lie
Why, don't you

Reach for the hands of a mother who's fallen?
Will you carry the load of your brother who's bound?
If you give of yourself you'll know joy and not sorrow
And the world will remember why love is the way we must go
Come on and

Stand in the light
You will hear your soul singing
Stand in the light
Close your eyes he will touch you and hold you so tight
And make you right
It doesn't matter what you've done
Go to the Father and the Son
You must hurry and stand

Stand in the light
[repeat with ad-libs till end]

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Ingram, James Stand (In The Light) Comments
  1. jb44234


  2. Tarhnisha Amanor

    His death has touched me so much! I keep coming back...And I find this album!!..bittersweet...since his passing he has brought back so many childhood memories...what a voice😘😘

  3. mercy triumps

    I located a one hour long interview between James Ingram and Kevin Bond (from 2010). James discusses his family, faith, and career in an one-on-one interview.

  4. Bobby Clemente

    My main man, my favorite singer, RIP with God. See you on the other side but hopefully not too soon...

  5. Lillie Cabarrus

    You are now standing in the light now ,the best light ever RIP rest on you deserve it. Best song ever

  6. mammieroach

    Thank you James for all the beautiful music you gave us! Fly high angel and sing in the heavens! 😘

  7. Rx Lo10

    RIP brother 🙏🏽

  8. K1 Falls

    One great ones R. I.P James your songs still speak life brother thanks for the time you was here

  9. james rice

    RIP Mr. Ingram.

  10. Stephen Veiga

    Bro. James "thanks" for the music & lyrics that has touched our hearts in more than🎵One Hundred Ways.🎵 RIP....

  11. Cynthia De Landro

    Thank You James Ingram. 🙏🏾 You brought so much joy to the world through your music. RIP❤️

  12. damonemontez

    RIP James Ingram.

  13. c'est la vie

    RIP James Ingram🙏🏽

  14. Staci Summer

    😥😥😥💔Rest in peace

  15. Tracy McCormick

    Rest in the Light beautiful soul <3

  16. Zakiya McBride

    Play this song over and over! I feel it deep in mine soul! Jesus is the way! The truth and light! I stand in his light!

  17. Sue Lathrom

    This is a song full of meaningful of remembering how die for our sins and gave us hope of long lasting love and forever life

  18. Andrew Flood


  19. Veronica Joyner

    "It doesn't matter what you've done, go to the Father and the Son." Beautiful song that reminds us that we all have a light.

  20. Maura Burleigh


  21. Cathy Bilsky

    Thank You James for the beautiful reminder to stand in the Light. What a song of Enlightenment. May we manifest World Enlightenment 2016.