Ingram, James - Don't Let Go Lyrics

I remember when daddy used to tell us bedtime stories
As we went to sleep, choosing words that last forever, ooh
And when I'm feeling lost, thinking that I cannot find my way
Those words still come to me while I'm kneeling down to pray

I can hear daddy say, 'Keep the faith and hold on
And don't let go of the promises in what he said
Troubles don't last always"

Don't let go to the mystery of his word
'Cause joy's gonna come in the morning
Don't let go, don't let go, ooh

I remember times I try to do it all my way
It always seemed to end with me falling on my face, ooh
The long and winding road sometimes turn into a pile of sand
Those words still come to me while I'm kneeling down
Kneeling down to pray

I can feel my daddy say, "Keep the faith and hold on
Don't let go of the promises in what he said
Troubles don't last always", ooh

Don't let go to the mystery of his word
'Cause joy's gonna come in the morning

Daddy said, "All the angels are singing in heaven
And I know they can be heard everywhere
Through the trials and tribulations we go through
We can hear them singing everywhere", yeah, everywhere

Singing don't let go of the promises in what he said
Troubles don't last always

Don't let go to the mystery of his word
'Cause joy's gonna come in the morning
Don't let go

(Don't let go)
Daddy said, "Always keep the faith"
(Don't let go)
Faith is the substance of things hoped for

(Don't let go)
Evidence of things not seen
(Don't let go)
Hold on to your dreams

(Don't let go)
He said, 'No one can tear you down'
(Don't let go )
Once ya have the knowledge, boy

(Don't let go)
Don't let nobody steal ya joy, ooh
(Don't let go)
Don't cha lean to ya own understanding

(Don't let go)
Letcha Father directcha path
(Don't let go)
Speak it, see it, dream it

(Don't let go)
Then you can believe it
(Don't let go)
And you can live

(Don't let go)
My daddy told me
(Don't let go)
Now that your body's the temple
Spirit the most high, God lives within you, boy

I said, Thank you, father, ooh
Daddy, I won't let go, you put your love so deep inside of me
And all of my brothers and sisters
I'm so glad you were a grand man
(Don't let go)

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Ingram, James Don't Let Go Comments
  1. Jason J Lynch

    His last hit, RIP Mr. Ingram, "The Voice".

  2. onelove

    Omg! Just hearing this song for the first time, although this guy has always been one of my favorite artists ever. Always could touch my heart with his voice. Now im here crying as i listen to this song on repeat. I will be playing it all day, everyday for the next few days. Cant stop listening to it. I love this guy's voice. RIP James.

  3. Malete Lebo

    What a song...RIP Mr Ingram...

  4. Velda Gumbs

    Very inspirational song. James Ingram you were the best. RIP.

  5. Nasser Berkaoui

    Peace of you James from France

  6. cece love

    I always loved him

  7. mercy triumps

    James Ingram stated in his interview this was one of his favorite two songs because the message came from his father. He speaks very well of his father and his training in the Word of God. You can hear more about his marriage to Debbie (43 years at the time of his death), his faith, family and career at
    James discussed with Kevin Bond (a 10 time grammy winner himself) the secret to his success...and other things. Please enjoy

  8. pussycatal


  9. donna tate

    RIP Brother!!!!!!

  10. Mary Ann Campbell

    I love your voice, James Ingram. Love you to life.

  11. kriss mg

    Rest In Heavenly Peace Mr Ingram ❤️

  12. Robin Hicks

    Woooooooooooow so beautiful thank u Jesus thank u mr Ingram for leaving us with such great music 🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹🌷

  13. The Messenger

    It's like I've rediscovered this song, I love it!

  14. M W Gatson

    Rest In Peace Mr Ingram😢

  15. Blanche Klein

    RIP JI. You will be greatly missed. All your beautiful amazing music brings back beautiful memories from my youth

  16. Eddie Cain


  17. Mohd Faizi Dato Mansor

    RIP my bro..

  18. Garry Reedy

    Yeah RIH

  19. InSight-Worldwide

    James Ingram... One of my absolute favorite artist. Thank you for the greatness. Rest In Heaven my Brother

  20. jenny Jenny

    Daddy told him..may they meet up...RIJP🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. Richard Callaway

    AMEN! Such a beautiful song! Thank you for your testimony my brother. Thankful for you! See you on that great day!

    jenny Jenny

    So true..sweet fellow fan..God Bless you... thank. you..James is in God's Peace now

  22. Terrance Moore

    R,I.P James Ingram. GOD has another angel in his beautiful chorus.

  23. Nicodemus Harding

    Underated singer resting with the greats in heaven

  24. Masuka Magambo

    May you Rest In Peace. 🙏🏾😭

  25. Redtail2012

    I come back to this song from listening to it last night for the very first time not knowing that James Ingram was on his death bed. God bless your soul James Ingram and may your songs and beautiful voice be heard forever. If you run into my dad in heaven, please sing this song to him for me and tell him thank you for all his sacrifices.

    George Ramsey

    James tell my dad...I love and miss him and I can't wait to see him again and put my arms around him.

    George Ramsey

    A friend who's faith could never be in question. His love of family life and people was his foundation. James fulfilled God's wishes completely here on earth and has rewarded him forever... in our hearts, minds and his music. Love you bro.

  26. Rahman Muhammad

    RIP to one of the best singers ever. Mean pen game as well!!

    Lillie Cabarrus

    True legend you are one of the best singers ever,love you RIP

  27. Nikki Smith

    Love this song. RIP James Ingram. Forever a legend!

  28. CJ Walker

    RIP- he died today

  29. Andre Sienes

    Before Ne-yo, Usher, Mario, and Chris Brown, there was James Ingram.

    tony georges

    who they are? when you talk about real singers none of them can touch old school singers

    mercy triumps

    @tony georges amen

    TEG Knox

    @tony georges And nobody wants to work with the any of the members of the yo-yo squad there. Mr Ingram was the goto guy to partner with if you wanted your release to stand out. Talented, understated and confident.

    V. Dargain

    Correct .

    Lyn Harrod

    I have CD's of Usher, but I never heard of James until U Tube AUTOPLAY.....He was a very wise soul....Perhaps he watches over us all now. 2020.

  30. maria R

    Sir James Ingram, you are the BEST!

  31. Jomar Reiter

    Your the best my idol. 😇🙏🙏

  32. coachwill1

    Difference between religion and relationship. Religion is finite man’s attempt to reach infinite God, relationship is Infinite God’ Reaching down to finite man. His Word is truth. Read the entire Book. Genesis to Revelation.

  33. kriss mg

    I listen to this song at least 5 times a day everyday, just wonderful.

  34. Andrew Flood


  35. yvonne Finch

    love your voice just a different one of a kind sound that you just can't find in music:

  36. chrispleasantable

    This was track 2 and the 1st single from James' 5th album "Stand (In the Light)" and was the 1st song I learned by this amazing singer. This is a real 2008 encouraging song right here. I remember hearing this song for the first time on the show "Video Gospel"

  37. Andrew Carlisle

    I have all his albums on CD except for "Stand in the Light". I don't believe in that religious stuff. It's just man made nonsense to control the lives and minds of people. I know James is the son of a deacon so I guess that's why he believes in religion. If I had kids, I'd let them make up their own minds about religion.

    January Son

    I'm not religious although I have my own beliefs...... but, I still have this CD. You're missing out because it's awesome. In the right hands and minds, religion can be a beautiful thing.

    Devine Hope

    +January Son well spoken. where religion may not work for you it can definately be a blessing in others. I can always appreciate good sounding music especially when sung by powerhouse vocalists

    kriss mg

    I'm not religious but I love Gospel music. Good music is good music.

    Jimmie Morrison

    God is not Religion but Spiritual.
    So many confused today between the two.
    Spirituality is not Man made.
    We are all Spiritual Beings in a Human Body and not Human Beings in a Spiritual Body.
    It's sad when people have become so focused on Man that they can hear God's voice.
    James heard it and used it to become famous.

  38. Hooves III

    Fantastic tune. What a gorgeous melody. Great writing, and even better vocals!  James is still the man!

  39. Fadedjean Recording Studio

    I can tell he wrote this crap.....

  40. Bahati Nyah

    Very Inspirational Song!🙏🏾😇❤️

  41. Teddy Crispin

    Great voice, great music.

  42. Anna B Tsa'toke

    I love this song...shows that he hasn't let it goooooo....

  43. Garry Reedy

    Now this is real music

  44. John H Sconiers of my favorite power houses from the. 80s sings Gospel. Wow awesome I still love his music and his voice.

  45. dayaa sidi aissa

    thank youuuuuuuuuuu.....

  46. William Cope

    Don  t   LET   go

  47. Morrisman Smith

    Still have those great vocal chops!!

  48. penny banks

    The LORD can not and will not LIE......James Ingram is a man of GOD!!! Keep the FAITH...

    Satan is a Liar to cause confusion....Scratch a Lie find a THIEF!!!
    The Music Industry is a DIRTY industry.

    Well done James Ingram....Dont let nobody STEAL your Joy....MOTOWN is a bunch of Sell out controlled by NAZI's

  49. Guys and Dolls Co Records

    The song is nice, but he need to put that sexy voice on some sexy ish. He can't hide that hotness in his voice even he sung about donald duck!

  50. rickey waldon

    Dude got on his nephews Fedora Hat

  51. rickey waldon

    You can tell he came outta pocket on the budget. Look like he shot the video with a camera from wal-greens

    mercy triumps

    everything is just fine with the video. it gives it the feel of back when his father gave him that good advice. don't be critical in life. enjoy life . you'll feel better

  52. Lizz1234321

    not bad! imagine .... singing this seated?

    kriss mg

    Judge a person by their talent. He's a top class singer and songwriter. Better than most.

  53. davirouse

    i love tis song it reminds me that trouble dosen't last and u can make it through any thing

  54. JC Garcia

    His my Idol!! truly bless with a golden voice by GOD!

  55. piper scout

    5 people let go of god

  56. 1bol390

    Thank you for the fathers day song James! PEACE! : )

  57. yeolyeah

    Mr Ingram.. You Are THE GREATEST.

  58. Dudu971

    Is it me or do I hear a bit of Luther in his vocals?


    His style is the absolute furthest thing from have got to be deaf

  59. Triniexodia

    @tashay92 Pain is how we learn in life, don't give up, keep on keeping on and just wait and see, things will get better.

  60. tashay92

    2day i lay in bed trying 2 think about how 2 end my life the pain is 2 much i cant bare it , i cut my rist lastnite im just in a whole lot of pain wounld someone please tell me something good dont want 2 die...pain in my heart

    Steven Shaw

    Please Call on the Lord He's knocking on the door to your Heart, Let him in and I promise you will never be the same again, Satan comes to kill ,steal, and Destroy. Jesus said he comes that you would have life but more abundantly . Keep looking up trouble don't last always. Hold On in Jesus name amen! I know your post is Old but for anyone that feels like you did this is also for you God Bless!

  61. tashay92

    love this song keeps me holding on...

  62. Rapharez

    what a beautiful testament to the love of a son for his father. Thank you James for modeling honor for one's parents. Honor is the way we show love for one another, and I believe it is what Jesus would do . God bless you mightily!

  63. smsmyf1

    iTunes Baby iTunes get a copy. This is so pretty!

  64. VANILLIA1000

    im inlove with this song..this is one of my favorites from him......when something is not goin right in my life will listen to this song but most of all i listen to this song on my good days well as my bad days because this song jus lifts me up and make me feel sum type of way...i love you james:)

  65. Pat

    Pure talent from the Father.

  66. hotchilli75

    this guy is wicked. check out his voice and the lyrics . very powerful voice and a very encouraging lyrics. not even the new comers in the music world can push james ingram to the sides. he is just too good. even age couldnt stop him from being that fantastic singer he has always been.

  67. blahblahbubblez


  68. Good Vids


  69. terry bigup

    powerful song

  70. Presence With Purpose

    This is a very encouraging song by one of the most talented vocal artists of our time!

  71. Presence With Purpose

    This is a very encouraging song by one of the most talented vocal artists of our time!

  72. Eli Minor

    I miss my daddee

  73. billeba100

    This song i dedicate to my daughter Rosaly.What a song ,what a song.James Ingram ,my favorite singer.One in a million.Thank you so much James.

  74. Emily Ringström

    One of the most pleasant male voices of all time.
    (I really don't get him using his hands so much,'s a little too much, in fact.)
    Love ya!

  75. Rosina Williams

    James Ingram is the best and he is my favourite male artist!!! This man is so gifted. When you listen to his songs you won't forget his soulful voice cos he can touch you with his beautiful voice. I bought this album on amazon and it's great. A collection of his music is priceless..

  76. penny banks

    Absolutely Marvelous

    James Ingram is a Musical Genius!! God's gift to the Loyal & Faithful!!

  77. Jazzyo85

    We thank God for your beautiful voice and
    for giving you the heart to share with the
    world. I pray that your music will lead millions to the Lord..

  78. Gary Vincelli


  79. BFFFL16

    i heard this on 103.9

  80. MrsHood47

    i also love how he really gets into it at 3.15
    sings with passion.

  81. MrsHood47

    i totally agree with you! very under-rated! i give him top rate. i love 2:32. the way he hits those top notes! very James Ingram.

  82. koparker

    James Ingram doesn't get his just dues, what a great artist!

  83. XxRedxX

    i luv the part at 3:48 to 5:00 its my fav he talks about his father

  84. XxRedxX

    ^o^ DONT LET GO

  85. NanTheGoldChild

    This is one of the baddest songs out!!

  86. COGICSticks

    Yo this is a hot joint,Yea DONT LET GO!!

  87. MrsHood47

    Fantastic singer, i am glad to see and hear him sing for the LORD.