Indigo Girls - Elizabeth Lyrics

Three streets off the grid, we were barely kids
But we were old enough to drink in Louisiana
We listened to ‘The King Must Die’, ‘On the Willows’ drank the wine
We could afford from the work study manna

Were were young but not that young
To be cutting our fingers and mixing our blood
Climbing the fence of the St. Louis cemetery
We caught on my heart’s desire
Big as the 1788 fire
Put on little quennie and bring me another whiskey

Elizabeth, the last I heard, you’re in Savannah
You got married after art school happily
I didn’t want to look you up, I’m pretty sure it’s just enough
That I remember you fondly

I didn’t have a car, but I did have a guitar
And I played to my advantage when you let me
I only stayed 2 years, but it still appears
After all of this time the memories still get me

I was young but not that young
To be tied in a knot that was coming undone
The spooks and haunts that vexed me veiled my eyes
It was always dark back then
It was always 3 am
I shake my head to think I made it out alive

Out at night under the lights
Some band is singing a memory
Everybody hits record to play it back over time

But when I look back on our dance
I only wanna hear that music once
And remember it forever in my mind

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