Incubus - Priceless Lyrics

The fact that you
You think you can
Speak to me
The way you do
It bleeds me to believe that you
Have never stepped out of the skin you lived within

And then, and if
This day occurs
Your tongue, the taste
Will imitate a battery
The anti-equilibrium
Your stomach becomes the floor

The look on your face was priceless!
The look on your face was priceless!
Yes, the look on your face was priceless!
That look, it was...

A light goes on upstairs,
The attic is ablaze!
This island isn't big enough
For both of us so who will swim
In eel infested oceans?

Kiss the sand good-bye
because the tide is coming up and in
Yeah, water, water, water everywhere!
And every chance to sink!

The look on your face was priceless!
The look on your face was priceless!
Yes, the look on your face was priceless!
That look, it was so priceless

It's an amalgamation
Of the things you aren't
The ways you wish you were
A split second
Perceiving of the way you really look to everyone of them

I wish that you could see because
I wish that you could see

The look on your face was priceless!
The look on your face was priceless!
Yes, the look on your face was priceless!
That look, it was so priceless

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Incubus Priceless Comments
  1. Josef Sylva

    I watched Live at Red Rocks my first time eating shrooms. It was amazing...

    HappyTree Gaming

    Joseph Silva fuckkk!!! lol what a trip

  2. Dedel Lofer

    The fact that you think you can
    Speak to me the way you do
    Bleeds me to believe that you
    Never stepped out of the
    Skin you live within, but when
    And if this day occurs
    Your tongue the taste will imitate
    A battery the anti-equilibrius
    Your stomach becomes the floor
    The look on your face was priceless
    A light goes on upstairs
    The attic ablaze
    This island isn't big enough
    For both of us who will swim
    In ell infested oceans
    Kiss the sand goodbye because
    The tide is coming up and in
    Ya water water water everywhere
    And every chance to sink
    Its an amalgamation of the things
    You aren't the ways you wish you were
    A split second perceiving of the way
    You really look to everyone of them
    I wish that you could get a glimpse
    I wish that you could see because
    The look on your face was priceless!

  3. Alexander Scott

    The drums... Crazy

  4. Whirlwind Studios

    that snare drum though 0.o

  5. Arcarksharklarks

    Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

  6. fleisch19843

    Just an absolute tour de force for Mike Einziger on this song. The precision on the solo at 2:47 is so amazing. Everything he does in this song is so deliberate and has such teeth. Brilliant execution and amazing expression this whole track. A true master.

    Chuck Norris

    Totally agree dude ! One of his bes solos for me!!!

  7. Sung Yul Taylor

    How can people listen to clowns like Katy Perry, Kesha, Lil' Wayne, etc. when Incubus has been pissing pure BRILLIANCE for 20 years? The so called musicians of today wish they had have these guys talents. INCUBUS FOREVER

    Ian Thomas

    Sung Yul Taylor i agree 100 percent

  8. Evander Christy

    Brandon destroyed incubus as soon as he kicked Dirk Lance out if the band. dirk was the heart and soul and was responsible for every funky edgy song incubus made (make yourself, science). no offense to Ben, phenomenal bass player, but he completely changed the DNA of the band and not in a good way.

    Angel Walker

    James Rick interesting opinion. its a good thing that's all it is

    José Acuña

    Completely agree, but can't deny that ben gave the band another way and feeling with this particular album, they still have good songs

    Slyther InDA

    psh mike has always been doing the heavy lifting

  9. Gonzalo Furmiga

    the bass 2:36 ▼♫

  10. MegaTronn

    Jazzmaster Power! Mike Einziger RULES!

  11. Arin Smithback

    I'm a big fan of Incubus's early work, and this song kinda reminds me of it

  12. SandroVM7

    HARD!!! x )

  13. bigfunkytx

    kick ass song!!

  14. Roy Crippen

    Not really Ben Kenney gave the band a ton of flavour and a sexy sound.

  15. Schmoh

    I unironically love all of Incubus' albums but this is one of my favorite songs (top 20).

  16. guillermo sants rodz


  17. danny gonuts

    water water everywhere and every chance to sink!!!

  18. Diego Fernandez

    Best album ever!

  19. Eulices Nicot

    the solo is great, i mean, really great, but the song... well...
    their last album was kinda rale also, i think this one was their best

  20. nate johnson

    steady decline in quality my friend..its pretty easy to see each new incubus song is crafted for the radio...

    Erin McLaughlin

    nate johnson Yeah, I hate it when people mature and evolve too...🙄😂

  21. jan279

    This is probably the best song by Incubus instrumental-wise! EXTREMELY EARGASMIC! =)))

  22. lukitzar

    @imagofortress you fucking ruin them with opinionated comments like that

  23. nate johnson

    ben kenny ruined incubus

  24. lespaulguy32

    ROCKIN INCUBUS SINCE 1997!!! I should also mention I was born in 1997 >:D!!!!!

  25. rob3938

    That one part with the music is good. :D

  26. Philip Rathz

    this is the best fucking solo I've ever heard

  27. Alessandro Valiante

    on my mac i can't hear the bass line starting at 2:25. with my good headphones it's so clear, that bass line makes that part incredible yet it's so simple. BEN KENNY

  28. Philip Rathz

    mike is a guitar legend

  29. rikuantu

    what are the freackin lyrics to this.... theres like none on youtube its self i cant find

  30. des9206

    "The look on your face was priceless!"
    I don't know why, but that part is so catchy (:

  31. Nekusonozaki

    Hmmmm, todays artists could learn much from these musical masters. They know what ppl wanna hear and they are damn good at it!! :D

  32. digthewarmth

    What a dark song. lol

  33. Darrell Tanawan

    @ 2:10 love it.

  34. chaharo

    (.Y.) boobs. on a side note incubus rox and is awsum

  35. Harrison

    dis song is my # 2 song by incubus. my # 1 fav is make yourself

  36. Harrison


  37. Harrison

    dis song is totally awesome. INCUBUS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 04h239

    this band is so amazing, they produce like no other, some slow, heavy, techincal, overall an amazing band, definitely in my top 5

  39. 04h239

    all i can say is............ WOW

  40. Robi McField

    Probably my favorite song by Incubus.

  41. Emily Elbert

    sickest solo ever.

  42. bubbyeater

    Agreed. I don't know whether it's for better or for worse, but it seems as if something was lost when Dirk Lance was replaced with Ben Kenney.

  43. judeisme

    cool song nt my fave bt i love the sweeping guitar 2:15 dudes def got skill love his style

  44. LuisWahWah

    This song kicks so much ass. I used to not like it when I first heard it back in 06 but it has grown to be one of my favorites. It has that energy that they had in science but it has a notable influence from Primus. Specially during the breakdown.

  45. crudechad

    this song isn't awesomeness, but its fun :P
    it will never be on my top 10 list of incubus but its truly a fun song to play and sing hehe

  46. Tim Zsa

    Agreed. This is one my favorite solos from Incubus,although i like the beginning of the solo better. :)

  47. Héctor Rojas

    Not one of their best songs .. lyrically... but definitely this is the one i enjoy to play and to sing...

  48. Tim T

    ur entitled to ur opinion ghasemnosdadian....but this doesnt rank in my top ten INC songs...good tho! INCUBUS owns!