In Her Own Words - Serotonin Lyrics

I remember how you used to say my name
But your voice today, it doesn't sound the same
I guess I'm getting used to letting go these days
But I'm trying not to falter, and I'm trying not to break

But Sarah's got a hold of my wrist and she won't let go
Who am I kidding?
It feels so good, this burst of chemicals
It's what I've been missing

I'm watching from the window of my room
Pretending to be okay without you
But it's like I'm never enough, never enough
You're always giving up, giving up
I'm more than you can carry

Warning signs, am I ever gonna listen?
Peace of mind, too much for me to handle
I'll get by just fine, I'll get by just fine with artificial vices
I tried to follow all the steps with you
You tried to fall in love with someone new
I'll get by, get by, I'll get by just fine without you

But Sarah's got a hold of my wrist and she won't let go
Who am I kidding?
It feels so good, this burst of chemicals
It's what I've been missing

I'm watching from the window of my room
Pretending to be okay without you
But it's like I'm never enough, never enough
You're always giving up, giving up
I'm more than you can carry

Wish I could see some light
Wish I could feel just alright again
I'm dissecting your white lies
They light up the dark side of you
I wanna tell you

You're always giving up, giving up
It's like I'm not enough, not enough for you

I'm watching from the window of my room
Pretending to be okay without you
But it's like I'm never enough, never enough
You're always giving up, giving up
I'm more than you can carry

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In Her Own Words Serotonin Comments
  1. Shitfuck_ph.d

    The lyricism in this song is incredible

  2. Bruno Crispim

    This song is perfect, this band is perfect. So underrated... bands like State Champ, Neck Deep are on the top nowadays, despite I'm a big fan of them too, the last album had a lot of cliche songs ( I love that ) but In Her Own Words are so different, so unique... This band deserves more.

  3. Andy Collins

    Yo this shit hits

  4. Nathan Strubel

    For Fans of In Her Own Words, The Story So Far, State Champs, Slaves, Mayday Parade, NFG, Between You and Me, Neck Deep

  5. Hello!Nurd

    The plot synopsis:
    A guy wants the lightbulb.
    A girl won't give it to him.
    She leaves knowing he'll have to return home to a dark apartment.


    Ptv feels

  7. Aylin Velasco


  8. Shar

    This is awesome!

  9. jesus carrizales

    This shit slaps

  10. Eric Foreman

    Another prime example of my life.

  11. Dominic

    2:42 til 2:53 is the ONLY good part of this entire song and you know it. Julia I love you

  12. matthew alberts

    Sooo nice

  13. 782Danny

    Gr8 stuff

  14. Taylor Smith

    Went to a small concert for them when unfamiliar came out and my boyfriend and I got to speak with them for a little bit! Great experience with a great band. I hope they get the attention they deserve!

  15. jose cespedes

    I’ve been trying to set up my room with the pink lights but it’s hard asf


    I remember Mozart Season clean vocals. Hihi

  17. MollieVerra

    Is it just me or are they getting fat?? Lol. Either way fucking amazing music guys. One of the top current pop/punk bands today.

  18. Unamed 1

    Best pop punk song this year..

  19. jos mcd

    This is music!!! so good guys rocking this in my car today.

  20. goldwaiteannie

    Is it just me or did anyone else think they heard Patty Walters singing at 2:25?

  21. Christian Bosje

    Most underrated band in the scene, these guys gotta tour Canada more often!


    Christian Bosje coming this summer :)

  22. Andy Ham

    These two new in her own words songs are two of the best pop punk songs I’ve heard in a long time. I feel the quality in production and audio quality went down but the songs themselves are absolutely amazing.

  23. Fedora Tipper

    They’ve come far since Brand New Me(still one of my favs)

  24. fizzyjay909

    i am in love

  25. Justin Null

    okay but are we ignoring the fact that she's hot asf tho

  26. Mark Tlumach

    This song is going to be on my "Summer Bangers" playlist for sure. So good. IHOW needs to make more music!!!

  27. uponamidnightdreary

    Heard this on New Noise playlist @ Spotify. Good stuff 👍

  28. ilham afnd

    mantap pak

  29. Hardiment123

    Always been one of the most underrated pop punk bands around. I don't listen to much pop punk these days but always come back to these guys because I know it'll be good.

  30. Dog alpha

    here cause this song used in GSL, nice :)

  31. Thomas white

    A song like this feels like it should be a part of an American Pie soundtrack

  32. NoBetterReason

    Bruh, Call Me Karizma made a song called serotonin too and he did it before and better than you


    Mr. Fluffers sweet. We can respect that. Just checked it out it’s awesome

  33. Ben Essex

    Best pop punk band out! 🔥👊🏻

  34. Ivan Oliveira

    Banda top

  35. Colton Cutsail

    IHOW the most solid band out right now. This is a fookin banger

  36. Rocky De Leon

    Hell yes!

  37. Maykel Royce

    Release another single pleaseeeee


    May Royce whole albums out! Enjoy

    Maykel Royce

    @IHOW Absolutely loved the album, I love you guyss. 😁

  38. John Roger

    Pop Punk easycore in 2019? loved it.

  39. Shinji Cohen

    The Mixing isn't that great. The song (content) is also not great. But still excited for the record. Their first album was/is so damn great :)

  40. JosePerez1220

    Love it

  41. Teddy Turnwald

    This has been on repeat ever since it came out ❤️😍

  42. Avery Whaite

    best pop punk band in existence rn

  43. Joel Murray


  44. nx_saosin

    This song reminds me of you. It’s been a bit more than a year now, but every time I hear songs like this.. I can’t help but think of what happened to us. I was willing to give up everything for you, and even then it wasn’t enough for you to stay. I hope you’re well, N. i hope you’re happy. <3.

  45. nx_saosin

    Catchy asf :)

  46. Chris O'Brien

    Interesting that they chose to release this music video under Dreambound even though they're signed to InVouge. I wonder why they didnt release it with their label. Id be curious if anyone knows.


    Chris O'Brien it’s released through InVogue, just premiered through Dreambound

  47. mex herr

    Im having this BUILT ON SECTRETS kinda vibe here...

  48. AtomicShane

    yeee such an awesome track. The backup vocals sounds great!

  49. patrick soler

    This frickin RIPS. Two singers, the hooks, the pop punkness. I'm in, fellas.

  50. Dristan Yap

    the second vocalist sounds like Vic Fuentes but way less whiny

  51. DayZOfAmaZe

    'sarah' is possibly the 'human' name release of serotonin into his system. When he was with his girlfriend he was happy. Following his break up he is possibly resorting to substances of abuse 'artificial vices' to make himself feel better leading to the release of serotin helping him cope with the breakup. He possibly found that he could not cope with the feeling of happiness being taken from him so suddenly so as mentioned above, he tries to find happiness by other means, such as the use of drugs. Just my take on things

  52. x-Gingerbeard-x

    Pretty refreshing sound tbh! Cool as fuck! Something sounded really odd on the ''I wanna tell you'' line though. Pitch correction mistake?

  53. mark bushell

    Can someone do a lyric video please

  54. J-F R

    Again. High school vibe.

  55. kidhideous

    nice signing, dreambound

    Teddy Turnwald

    kidhideous ??? InVouge has them lol

  56. Roger Garcia

    love you guys so much thank uou

  57. Errol Bulawan

    Dat asian dude is killin it! Is he a filipino?

  58. Javcel Greg

    New fav Band♥

  59. Jay Edwards

    In. Love. With. It.

  60. Rap Fabella

    The album will be a birthmonth gift for me! Thanks IHOW! Been a fan for years!
    Cheers from Philippines!

  61. Adam Richardson

    This fucking bangs, see you in March lads

  62. David Vazquez

    But the big question is:
    What do the flowers and light bulb mean!?!!?

  63. David Vazquez

    So proud of this band for writing such great lyrics with amazing music to accompany it.
    My favorite band right now, and I think will be for a very long time 🌸

  64. Speczzz

    Loved this band since the Brand New Me days. I’m so stoked to see the change and how they keep getting better. Also, to see them partner with Dreambound on this is so sick.

  65. JJ Murr

    Absolute BANGER!!! I love it!!!

  66. Antivist_drown

    I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!

  67. Javi G

    2:41 did the person mixing this not notice that huge fuck up? Or the band? 🤔 im curious

  68. ANewHopeUK

    As usual sonic perfection.

    Melodically what we aim for but with super sweet break downs.

  69. K0alavath

    I’m honestly so happy IHOW are back with new music !!! This song SLAPS as per usual. Looking forward to the new album !!

  70. Parker

    I love these guys and this song is beautiful! Well done fellas!

  71. Chase RH


  72. Carson Sekol

    Sarah's probably feeling real wack right now.

    Bone App The Teeth

    Carson Sekol I think "Sarah" is short for Serotonin

    Lupe Luna

    @Bone App The Teeth hahaha not true!!!! He's really talking about a girl


    @Lupe Luna its 90% of pop punk songs 😂😂😂😂

  73. The Sploof

    Amazing song and video!!!

  74. TheNyashenator


  75. Chrisuke Doomsuke

    Dreambound does it again!

  76. Peter Folliott

    Ohhh yeah boys! I love it!

  77. ddanahs

    I thought they were signed to InVogue records only? Or am I missing something?...

    Teddy Turnwald

    ddanahs they are. Dreambound isnt a label. Lol

  78. Kimmocheck

    I love this band forever ❤️

  79. Ana

    my boys ❤️

  80. Sean Mahoney

    Fuck yes! I'm so goddamn happy to hear new music from you guys!


    Best thing to happen all day. Love it!

  82. Robbie Wright

    Damn the new vocalist is a great add! The two voices work so well together


    Didn't realize it before watching the music video! There's great synergy here!


    How come they never acknowledge the brand new me album? That album isn't on Spotify. I love that album.

  84. Lupe Luna

    Screw what the world is talking about!!! Nothing, but "Government and more pollution's" it's In Her Own Word's time to shine now!!!!

  85. alex wilson

    You guys are the best!!! I hope this is the first of more new music coming!!

  86. ADTR513

    Love this band.Excited for the album!

  87. MRsnipa13

    my girlfriend of 8 years just broke up with me.. i am bawling my eyes out at the moment.. i hate life 😞

    Jordy Beukema

    @MRsnipa13 need to talk to someone? Here if you need a talk man

    Devon Kelley

    @MRsnipa13 hang in there my friend, i girlfriend of 6 years split with me pretty recently and now we are talking again and she keeps talking about this guy and it breaks my damn heart every time . Love hurts man, more than anything really. Keep your head up, you got this


    MRsnipa13 I’m sorry to hear that.. me and my ex were together for a while.. not as long but.. I understand how you feel. :( you got this, time really does help. Surround yourself with friends and family. You’ll pull through. We believe in you!!

    Let It Rain 777

    So have you ever felt same emotion - il never get over this one? Dude it sux... sux real hard... but believe that it will get better... it always does mate. Im 39 and had multiple " i wont get over this one " 😂 im all feelings and not tough emotionally at all...but I got over all of them eventually .. you will too 😉 listen to as much feels 🎶 as you need... cry.. scream... break... get up... fall back down...get up again.... feel your feelings man its natural - dont ever forget - it cant rain all the time 🎶😈

    Marvin Monroe

    fight every day

  88. IANYK


  89. MonomaniacalTV

    I LOVE IT. Whomever is doing the new back-up vocals is KILLING it (still love you Ian) another awesome jam from some great dudes

    Zach McIntosh

    I totally agree. When they were on tour in 2017 the newest singer was a fill-in for the original guitarist, they mustve really liked him. I met all of them and theyre all really cool guys!

  90. Le Chat Fou

    Hum... The mix was better on Unfamiliar :/... Especially the drums.

    Great song anyway.

    Teddy Turnwald

    Le Chat Fou the mix here definitely isn’t bad but it’s definitely different 🤷🏽‍♂️ probably went to a different engineer tbh

    Josh Richmond

    Probably will sound cleaner on the full album release. Usually singles aren’t as polished as the final product

    Le Chat Fou

    @Josh Richmond I hope so !

    Le Chat Fou

    @Teddy Turnwald It's not bad, just not what i expected x)...


    To be fair tho, unfamiliar has like the best pop punk mix I think I’ve ever heard lol. I’m pretty sure the dudes from chunk no captain chunk mixed that last album

  91. Randy Mark

    Interesting band to see.

  92. James O'Niell

    Who’s the new second vocalist??


    Right?? But like, keep him he's great lol

    David Vazquez

    His name is Andretti, and he’s amazing :)

    James O'Niell

    @David Vazquez Thank you! Do you know if he has been in any previous bands?

    David Vazquez

    James O'Niell Yes, he has experience in being in another band or two. Has been gone on tour before. But not too sure about the name of the bands. But he’s just been waiting for the right fit. And I think this is it.

    Maiboi Fitness

    James O'Niell He used to be in Home Movies ex Stanley and the Search.

  93. Andrew James

    the best band.!

  94. Brianna Rivera