In Her Own Words - Hum Lyrics

The hum from the speakers is a constant reminder
Of all of those songs that we were listening to
And there's something about the way that you wear your hair now
It grew when we grew apart

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In Her Own Words Hum Comments
  1. Matt Nelson

    I literally spend all day, everyday with this song in my head.

  2. ShazMilaz

    Stumbled across this band over Spotify, this song got me hooked. Good stuff lads 👍

  3. Nathan Strubel

    For Fans of In Her Own Words, The Story So Far, State Champs, Slaves, Mayday Parade, NFG, Between You and Me, Neck Deep

  4. Dark One

    That was great. The song, the video, and the sound of the whole band. Very impressive.

  5. Mike Ganance

    What a wave of emotions. This video was nicely done. A+

  6. Phillyp Menard

    This really hits home

  7. aridho punk

    I like this band, and this song is my favorite song.
    I am a fan of this band from Indonesia.

  8. JC Denton

    These guys are so damn good. I’ve been obsessed with them since I discovered them on Spotify. They deserve to blow up.

  9. Jacob Knapp

    In Her Own Words, is filling the void in my heart that A Loss For Words left.

  10. T Rev

    Damn this is good

  11. Logan Antle

    ..i think about you and it makes me feel safe 😢

  12. Victoria Onorato

    They sound like a popular pop punk band in the scene...i just can’t pinpoint who. IN HER OWN WORDS IS AMAZING

    Anthony Provenza

    Victoria Onorato I was thinking the same thing. I think it's State Champs

  13. Danny Perez

    Love the lyrics and content, but I feel like there’s a missing tone on guitars or something. I guess the easiest way to put it is, I miss the old sound. But I know bands always evolve. Good shit. Just missing the old aggressive more distorted sound

  14. Derek Fischer

    You stumbled to the water*

  15. itachiismyson

    My new favourite band❤

  16. Matt Desrosiers

    This should really have more views that this...

  17. R35_ STONESkull1

    You said you wanna runaway but when has running every fixed anything 😪💯

  18. _imjustchriss

    one of my favorite songs on a newly favorite album

  19. Starship Two

    That girl with black hair is fine af!

  20. Colin Merry

    I want more songs like "Losing sleep" and "with or without you" !!! first album/ep and 2nd album so fucking good. Listening new one on spotify and its good, but needs more listens from me.

  21. Chiara

    wow i love you guys way too much.

  22. Peggy White

    When I wanna run away, I think about you and it makes me feel safe 💕

  23. Aaron Smith

    3:38 dude, wow.

  24. xRooK _

    My thoughts in the beginning ... Is she going to call 911 or? 😂 Great video, great message.


    xRooK _ lets say she already did

  25. Martha G

    Omg I love this video so much, it’s so good and important. Can’t wait for the album


    Martha Greg ready for your ears!

  26. C Trusz

    Love In Her Own Words since hearing them for the first time ~5 years ago, wishing them all the best!

  27. joseph malazarte

    A fake smile wont fix a broken heart 😭😭

  28. Gustavo Silva

    i watched full circle by movements and than this... the world is becoming gay or that was a coincidence?


    How did I miss this release??? Another great song by these guys!

  30. Bengal Music

    Love this band and Boys of Fall so damn much

    Ben Essex

    Bengal Music same

  31. Guide Ksi

    can anybody tell me what's meaning of rose by the ocean

    C Trusz

    Guide Ksi Rosè is wine

  32. Griffyn Thompson

    This shit hits so hard. These guys are the pinnacle of pop punk

  33. Huy Yang

    They are making bangers this year

  34. Kimberly Hansen

    Song was beautiful and triggering for me with my own story but it's still beautiful much love


    Kimberly Hansen much love. We wish you the best with any hardship you may have and hope music can be a positive outlet for you

  35. Ben Essex

    This is your best song yet guys, it really hits home.

  36. LadyRathian

    Good job Smalls! This is very moving and a great message. On a side note you and I have the same ugly cry face xD

  37. Riffs Lifts and Fish Fan

    This is how evolving from easycore is done right.


    It's still a downgrade

  38. Madeline Holtzclaw

    💔 this song makes me smile and cry at the same time.

  39. Joseph Marella

    Who the FUCK left these onions here.....

  40. Blair Davis

    I couldn’t listen to the song because the music video and acting was so terrible it took me out of the song. I’ll just wait for the album.

  41. Alejandra Faith

    Thanks God for In Her Own Words band! I hope someday they play in Mexico City 🤘🏽

    Jorge Mario Laveaga Vergara

    Yes, same here

  42. Irving SyKes

    This is more than just music, it's art. ❤

  43. Robert Ryan IV

    love this so much guys! been a fan for 3 years now and you guys never disappoint. This song is amazing also.

  44. fenix182

    Woooooow. Can't wait to see these guys again on Monday!

  45. Maykel Royce

    Holy shit guys! you never release a bad song ever

  46. K0alavath

    IHOW are back at it again. This is yet another great song 🖤

  47. Vivi Strawberry

    I'm crying 😭😭😭❤💔

  48. Vivi Strawberry

    Eles são meus amores 😍❤❤❤

  49. Nicolas Plett

    Best band in the scene right now 👌

  50. Ephrem Molina

    I am so glad to see new stuff from this band, and controversial or not music is the proper medium to talk about these hard things.

  51. christophermarang.

    Not sure how genuine you feel about something if you use the words “Trigger Warning” inform someone of the contents of the videos... in the description.

    Blair Davis

    AntiPunkMedia cry about it?


    Blair Davis there’s enough of that in the video.

    Blair Davis

    AntiPunkMedia omg 🤣🤣

  52. KoaAbyss

    Probably the most relatable song I've ever heard. I love it, thank you guys.

  53. ShatroFTW

    Great song, very corny video, though.

  54. RetroCade


  55. Hernan Raza

    I wonder who's in charge of writing the lyrics in the description, most of the times, lyrics have some mistake

  56. Motard Volume

    Aaannndddd they came out with ANOTHER NEW SONG THAT TOPS MY FAVORITES

  57. DecayLegacy

    Damn just in time

  58. Sour D

    KINGS of pop punk right here, hands down.

    brett linthicum

    Sour D they are good but not even close

    Austin Anderson

    @brett linthicum not sure where the not even close comes from lol these guys have more bangers in 2 albums than most pop punk bands get in their whole career

    brett linthicum

    Austin Anderson what you just said Is called an opinion. Like what I said is an opinion.

    Charlie Crooner

    I’ll have to agree

  59. LaylaMichelleLuv

    i’m actually first for once? niceee BUT i’m so excited for this music video.

    this song came out at the time i needed it the most. thank you. ❤️