In Her Own Words - Don't Give It Up Lyrics

Don't give it up now,
Start preparing for change
Boy don't be so afraid.
Don't give yourself doubt.
Cause you don't need it anyway

Let's take our time to find the answers.
For every cut you just remember.
The memories you're letting burn down.
Will you leave me burning down?

I've thought this one out
And let's just say I've found the best in me,
Come back to me.
I've got a lot to show you about who I've become.
I'll be good to my neighbors
And I'll tell them
To forgive and forget all the times when
I took life for granted.
I can't help it,
But I've made a change since I've been away from you.

Erase the words that confine us now.
Rewrite the chapters that stop and hold us down.
Cause the truth is
Dear Lord, she got me singing whoa
Cause I can't fall asleep till you warm safe at home.
And I can move on.

C'mon and I've learned to let go
If you can promise me one thing
Don't lose yourself!
So free your mind from what's around you.

Don't give it up now,
We've been waiting for change
Boy don't be so afraid.
Don't give yourself doubt
Cause you don't need it anyway.

Cause you don't need me around to remind and revive all my caspers.
I'm sorry for each time I caught fire
This is all so me last year.
Burn our book and this bridge.
We need to learn to begin
So let's leave our past in flames.
Forget my name.

I swear I'll be much better this time.
Maybe this time...
I swear I'll be much better this time!

I've torn the walls that confined my eyes.
Every piece that falls is more of me I find.

Cause you taught me to read.
You taught me to see,
Your compassion, it means so much to me.
Baby honestly,
Because I
I've been so blind,
Blind to these things.
That everyone and everything
Means something to me.

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In Her Own Words Don't Give It Up Comments
  1. HighSpeed TV

    Lol it's like a mix of Suicide slice and a random pop singer I Love it!!!!

  2. Roberto Paniagua

    whats the meaning of the song?

    Greg Mitchell

    Roberto Paniagua he was a bad person when he was with the person he’s singing about, but now he realized he fucked up and he’s trying to let them know. That’s what I get from it b

  3. Greg Mitchell

    What's everyone's problem with the screaming? I'm not a huge fan of screaming in bands like this, but it's kinda the style they built themselves around, and I think they make it work well.

    Gavin Lorenz

    Greg Mitchell There is different screaming just like There is different genres within alternative and the screaming defines their confidence

  4. Anton Karakin

    They're fucking amazing :D

  5. itsnicksharpbro

    Keep it real, keep it posi. I love this band, no matter what happens, this band making music=instant smile.

  6. Kevin Diaz

    the song is awsome and the singer is cool but the screamo voice dosent go with it at all and the guitar either, this song seems more for a normal rock song

  7. XmusicismyraptureX

    They're from Orange County and LA .

  8. Alice Sprinkles


  9. Alice Sprinkles

    My cousin is in this band!!!!!!:0

  10. Rocky DeLeon

    this song should have made the ep!! outro is sick and this guy is a really good singer. really wish he woulda stayed in ihow. support ihow. new songs coming soon. SO i hear =D

  11. Robert Davis

    they would be better if they ditched that attempt at a screamer.

  12. Gergely Tóth

    oh my reminds me of the best a day to remember..:)