In Her Own Words - Departed Lyrics

All roads lead to no control.
So whats difference in paths you choose if it rings true to you?
I don't believe like you do, but I believe that faith isn't faith if you're forcing me to move.
This isn't your place, you threw it away.
When you made the point that you'd still break.
Complete lack of interest wasn't my mistake.
I found better purpose while you left your calling misplaced.
At this rate I'll be driven by doubt and encouraged to see.
But the current still holds me from searching for some kind of proof.
Free myself and I'll move, my feet forward to truth.
A time and place unbounded by you.

Could I, move forward while you're left stuck behind?
The only good that counts is inside. At worst you cannot find it.
Bury loss, and miss me when I'm gone.
The consequence of ignorance if you live out your own way.

The debt you left, it represents every time tried to save face.

My struggles with faith.
While you're stuck in yesterday, cleaning your own slate.
You're helplessly quick to deny that you're cold and benign, and you're weak in your own ways.
So leave me be.

Set me free.
I'm free.

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In Her Own Words Departed Comments
  1. Equinox


  2. BoyScoutMikey

    Damn. The new record rips so hard, but I still miss how ihow sounded with their old singer.

  3. Jerome Gilbert

    its way better

  4. oneforandrew

    lol this is leaps and bounds ahead of adtr

  5. kayd

    Ew, adtr is nothing compared to this.

  6. xSTYG15x

    it saddens me that this was posted a year ago :( heres to hoping they find a new vocalist and get another album out soon! :D

  7. xSTYG15x

    you were just a month too early. look at them now T_T

  8. zkezia15

    Yes, the original singer left after the EP. New guy is great too.

  9. Ylva Elinsdatter

    this sounds like ADTR.

  10. egergarg ergergerae

    didn't know adtr was working on a side project

  11. Ricardo Boykin

    Surprised I haven't seen a "This sounds like ADTR" comment.

  12. Brian Ellis

    this band is SO SO SO good!

  13. T0miii

    Easycore at its best! :D

  14. Kenny Aguilar

    love these guys! good homies

  15. Sam Redman

    @JStuStudios Hoy EHH

  16. Hello

    it's funny cause I love set your goals, a day to remember, paramore, four years strong, a loss for words, the story so far, crucial dudes, i call fives, and hit the lights =D all of them are in your tags =D lol

  17. Hello

    @smokeandmirrors85 I agree. xD

  18. smokeandmirrors85

    Big call but I would have to say that this is by far thier best track to date!!

  19. gula-gula getah sabah

    Is it me or am I loving the new vocals on these new songs better

  20. Marina Isabel

    IHOW ♥

  21. ToucheManor

    The melodies of this song reminds me of Counterparts.

  22. Pandorian63


  23. William Jacques

    Fuck yes! <3

  24. Colton Clark


  25. sasquatchbunny

    you guys have yet to seize to amaze me. I really can't wait to see you live someday!!!!