In Her Own Words - Cut & Dry Lyrics

Thinking through the consequences. I don't have much time
And I'm miserable, I'm not invisible
And my head is like a heavy casket going down the line
To an early grave. What I'm trying to say

Is what you don't want to hear

It's what no one wants to hear

And I've broken every bone in my body and left unspoken for
I can't understand all of the long-term plans
So cut and dry, so why the fuck can't I
Seem to catch a break this time?

Can I make it through the night?

And I thought about the emptiness I feel coursing through my veins
It runs red. My bloodshot eyes suggest that I've been trying to numb the pain

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In Her Own Words Cut & Dry Comments
  1. Jared Powell

    Best IHOW album so far

  2. Andrew McGee

    Sounds very Neck Deep-ish
    I like it.


    both are awsome

    Holly Cassidy

    Pop punk for lifeee


    I read this comment within the first 10 secs of this song and wasn't too sure about it...Then the vocals kicked in...

  3. Scott Drazdik

    This song rips. Nice job guys!

  4. Satans Princess666

    ♡ keep it up!!~♡

  5. Cam

    Good record boys, you guys killed it.

  6. Jaru TV

    Love this Shit .