IMx - Bubbling Lyrics

[Rap by Ra-Ra]
Me and my niggas is gettin down like what!
Immature for the 99 like what!
mad at my niggas cuz they platinum plus
yo im Ra-Ra,bout' to tear __ up
frontin cuz i said i couldn't trust a friend
man i'll never choose the chick again
It's time to double up,get this loot and win
Standed on my own,Countin benjamins,what!

Im just trying to understand
how,you said he was your Fam.
Could this all be a scam?
Why am i bubblin

[Batman 1st verse]
Now,I've heard,about your kissing cousin
Telling me he's your Blood,when,you know,he really wasn't
(I can't believe you)
Pictures culd be worth a thousand words,
I try to understand...

[Chorus 2x]

[Batman 2nd verse]
You,could have,told me,the truth from the game

([Romeo adlib] "Instead of runnin behind my back,you should'v sad somethin")
Maybe then,me and you,would have been straight
([Romeo adlib] "now i got problems with this nigga that i don't even know")
Staying nights at the crib,was you buggin?
If i didn't love you,you'd have to get somethin
girl i try...

[Chorus 2x]

[Rap by Romeo]
Never thought that i could get down like this,
Immature back and back with more hit's
and we gonna bring it to ya' like what!
all up in your face,you can't compare us
in the 99 we comin to Hot
Sittin on top of the world,it don't stop
All chicks are the same,
it ain't meant to be,what!

[Chorus until fades]

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IMx Bubbling Comments
  1. KrisHoppz88

    Playing the whole imx album tonight. Miss them. I had ALL the posters

  2. MzSongbird Shey

    Marques fine self ❤️😘this song was riding in 1999. Glad I don’t have to go through my old cds to find this particular CD . Now I got problems with this n****a that I don’t know.-Rome

  3. Choc Barbie

    This beat does something to me

  4. QueenAries0327

    Never thought that I could get down this. Immature back in fact with more hits, and we gon' bring it to you like what. All up in your face you can't compare us. For the '99 we coming to hot.
    Sitting on top of the world it don't stop.
    Romeo, Batman, LDB.
    All chicks are the same. It ain't meant to be. What What!
    I swear this is my shit until this day. I love me some Rome. I used to rock my baby to sleep singing this to him lol.
    He's 18 now and knows every word.


    Still jam this hard every now and then lol


    BeastmodeForever This is my favorite song on that album

  5. isaac marcus

    20 yrs in the '19 like what!

  6. isaac marcus

    19 yrs later!!!!!

  7. Choc Barbie

    1:41 got me weak damn Romeo fine

  8. AD Hughie

    Wow... brings back memories 🎧🎤

  9. The-90s-kids Monroe

    They needed a video for this

  10. Alishia Anderson

    this is my jam.

  11. Akira Stewart

    This still goes on in today society, nobody knows the word loyal.

  12. MICO

    yessss this was my mom shit when she was 21 😁... now it's my shit 😍

  13. GodsChosenElect xx

    still sound lit 17 years later 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Cory Simmons

    Still hot in 2016

  15. BeastmodeForever

    Wow I used to really bump this way back when lol

  16. Lala 2pac's Apprentice

    OMG 16 K agree
    this a HOT ONE!!!
    I MISS DA 90'S


    YES I miss the 90s soo much this song just brings back so many memories

  17. Josh Bounty

    Yall don't know about this

    Lala 2pac's Apprentice

    say dat!!! =

  18. Britany Barnes

    man I miss them!!

  19. VenusLove

    Why don't you ask Omarion why Marques Houston is dating his long time girlfriend and having an anniversary with her as well....not to mention she is ssoooooo gorgeous.....

  20. Chimsom Nwosu

    @oneita822 then what is he then

  21. Chimsom Nwosu

    @kaylamr25 thanks

  22. channa757

    this is my song!

  23. Chimsom Nwosu

    is marques houston half black half mexican

    Karina Caballero

    Chimsom Nwosu no he’s not mixed with anything

  24. The Willie Green Show

    @MakeitHOT22 you mean two Gay Pieces of Chocolate! dont believe me?........Ask RAZ B!

  25. ericakane02

    This is my jam!!! Still play this song out

  26. buckup23

    i am your biggest fan ever and i know so, and still am. you all just dont know the shit i went through back then to go to your concerts and the shit i bought at your concerts i still have everything from magz to bios, to albums to everything. i still have it all i even went 2 hours out of my way just to go get that damn special edition shit of yours and they gave me some more stuff of urs while i was there and they put me on the fan list so they sent me shit all the time of you guys i love u all

  27. stephsfashions

    i love this song , thank you for having it up , dont feel like digging threw my old cds lol

  28. shockiest

    one of the best tunes from imx.