Imogen Heap - Closing In Lyrics

I can't be with you.
No, I just can't sit still....are we there, yet?
Takes me back...I remember.
Such a magical place...
It was all you

Closing in...I hope that you make it.
Closing in...I hope that you find your way.

Frame by frame...
Red speed ahead.
A city dissolving, the thread of your love in the headlights.
Is it safe now...will your arms be open?
I just have to kiss you...try and stop me.

Closing in...I hope that you make it.
Closing in...I hope that you find your way.
Closing's all that I want... in the whole world.
Closing in...please be mine... please be there.

What are you like?
Where did you get to?
No word, not nothing
You didn't hold me, for any longer.
What you want for the fear of love?
Oh, don't you believe enough.
Well I'll cover both of us. You can!
Leave that to me!

Closing in...I hope that you make it.
Closing in...I hope that you find your way.
Closing in...closing in...

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Imogen Heap Closing In Comments
  1. Faith Baham

    All of her songs sound like they should be in a fantasy apocalyptic movie -
    I love it

  2. Jobje Rabbeljee

    You arrived and I knew she wanted that for Both.
    Your friends alike.
    Thanks love.

  3. Marijan Desin

    Love how they hold back that badass bass line for after the chorus on 1:10
    Its like a Royal Flush reveal.
    Oh yea I had this in my hand all along 🤗

  4. mybookfacetube

    Got into IH through Frou Frou. What an amazing voice and talent. Still listening in 2019.

  5. Snow in da funBoots

    feel 4 yourself😢

  6. The Vexion

    Does this count as artcore tho?

  7. Jonathan Keeler

    This song Djents.

  8. EquilibriumTelevision

    Great song, I like how she can vary up the rhythm of her songs. Although they all tend to fall in the same emotional realm, she can do it differently and beautifully each time. Range and variation is something I respect in an artist, and she definitely has vocal range, lyrical variation, and rhythmic variety.


    She's was one of the few successful artist, that's not afraid to explore music for music's sake and push boundaries.

  9. Vicky LaWolfe

    This is the kind fo song that makes me feel like running away and jus disappearing into a new world where... i don’t know. Somewhere like a meadow where i can run freely, no chains to stop me, just wind to push me further.

  10. Darek Madejski

    My piano cover of the great chorus :)

  11. Gmail Gmail

    This is the absolute pinacle of her sublime brilliance

  12. Amy Louise

    Memories ♡

  13. Exabella

    Song is craaazy

  14. Jac R.Z.

    The voice sounds like what vocaloid would be at it's best .


    Vocaloid could never hope to be this good. :P That said, there's actually some kind of treatment going on in this recording - in certain passages. I think it's some very light auto-tuning / modulation.


    Sounds like just some reverb eq and maybe a really good compression pre amp chain. The mix is amazing. She sounds like hurt, hopeful angel.

  15. muyunda malambo

    am love with this beautiful voice

  16. Drew Hunter Web Series

    Seems like a final fantasy battle song lmao


    Someone made a really awesome Blood+ anime music video to this song that was so good, so I could totally see that haha

  17. Julia Moon

    Wow ❤️

  18. Rashid Hafez

    Grafix Night shift uses the vocals from 4:08 this song is really nice

  19. Francis Broka

    Many thanks for all you do, Imogenius.

  20. Ian R.

    This is now my official love song

  21. Nia White

    i listen to her at night, if im feeling some type of way.. always helps me feel free and takes me away .. love it

  22. Sonyo

    I feel weird
    I found this like 2 months ago XD

  23. tia

    "It's all that in the whole world" hits me some type of way. 💜 you Imogen

  24. DatDamCaldwell

    love playing this while I jog...makes me feel free

  25. kit kat

    Aagh all her songs give me childhood feels 😭😭

  26. Lynne O

    a song of both longing and hope. amazing.

  27. Tex Loxx

    Is it weird this song makes me think of Naruto

    Noah Jay

    Literally just watched a naruto movie last night listening to this album hahahaha

  28. applebug

    One of the greatest songs, ever! Incredible.....
    We love you Imogen<3

  29. Guts

    Found this song a few years back

    Still sounds great~

  30. Sage The Producer

    oh so you are what makes frou frou, prettygood

  31. Dawnleafxoxo

    All of Imogen Heap's songs remind me of Portal for some reason..


    YES. In fact, it triggers memories from all the Valve games for me.

    Dan Large

    I'm hearing a bit of Ghost in the Shell.

    RaZoR WrAiTh

    Ghost In The Shell to me

    Trevor Farrell

    I wouldn't say ALL her songs, but ESPECIALLY "Headlock"

    Andromedan Angel

    Exactly what I thought!!

  32. Omi B

    This song has become my new addiction.

  33. Sofia 88

    The feels <3 *takes me back too...?*

  34. Angor Randford

    Such a beautiful song!!!!

  35. Justin Schram

    Here and Natasha Kmeto are my 2 favorite artists right now. Work at 3 am is so much nicer

  36. Fume Shroom

    imogen heap always makes me melancholic and i wanna live in the past at least for a while.

  37. SilverSauce

    This is, quite literally, the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Chills. Every. Time.

    Amel da Silva

    2-1 is a beautiful song too

    My dick is beautyful too

    Gmail Gmail

    @💰[F O K K//E V R ¥ B D ¥]💰 of course. now go and make some tunes.

    +Gmail Gmail of course i made them. And u should check it

  38. ThedumbnerdAxel

    This is phenomenal!


    @ThedumbnerdAxel **Is running from the  white room down a narrow hallway when suddenly**


    Augh... **Rubs head** That really smarts **Looks up to see the other Axel**

    O_o' Dis doesn't look good for meh TwT


    @AntiFormKeyblade Don't stop the story! It's getting to the good part! :p


    @ThedumbnerdAxel W-wait, is that permission to do random awesome stuff on this comment? I swear, that's Haxel and my specialty.

    For some reason it's just more awesome when it's on a random comment too XD

    Chapter one: Two burning embers.... XD 

    Also, I've been meaning to say, you have brilliant taste in music my good sir ^-^


    @AntiFormKeyblade Thank you. Do whatever the heck you please. Randomosity is my type of humor.


    I agree with you man...Anti is my favorite commentator on YouTube o3o

  39. Gina Ramos

    reminds me a lot of Mockingjay this song. sort of speaks for itself. maybe katniss' perspective after peeta's, uh, "accident" and just mockingjay in general. *don't wanna spoil anything* #somanyfeels :')

  40. TheRedHairing40

    There was a Radio Booth in high school that I used to operate... Imogen Heap was always a favorite to play, next to The Vines, The Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Daft Punk, and all those other groups and/or singers... That was my high school experience right in front of me. :)

  41. Christine

    God, this song takes me back to when I was 16 :')


    24. Sorry. I am bad with numbers hahaha.

  42. Dustin Rodriguez

    Trinidad James - Hipster Strip Club


    come on brah, plenty people have sampled her voice why mention trinidead James.

  43. mike dawson

    trinidad james - hipster strip club

  44. andyzdoesit

    Reminds me of Yoko Kannos music, like from something that would come out in Ghost In The Shell.

  45. Alexis Rubii McMahon

    Imogen Heap is the best artist <3 love her music. Freaking fantastical

  46. Pridefulsuccess

    He's right God loves you.

  47. 3Dartist247

    Imogen, Regina Spektor, Temposhark, etc.? Of course I'm subscribing!

  48. 3Dartist247

    If Imogen were about to kiss me, trying to stop her is the last thing that would cross my mind. She's beyond amazing. I hope she gets all the love she sings about...and not just that of her many fans. My admiration for her art grows every time I hear her. If angels exist, she's surely one of them...the most creative.

  49. 3Dartist247

    Just all of us. She gets plenty, if she reads any of the comments on her songs...mine included. <3 :)

  50. Lyssa Burke

    ..the fuck?

  51. earthwielder

    Nice song.

  52. 1batnthn

    YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!! That is what i think every time i hear it

  53. Chuck Tayler

    Thank you so much for letting mt eden use your beautiful voice :)

  54. Kevino

    Cool story bro

  55. Mino Minklo

    This song reminds me of Ghost in the Shell...

  56. Miles Jordan

    Jesus seems cool. God not so much.

  57. ytemsg

    For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him - JESUS CHRIST CAN SAVE YOU - Open Your Heart

  58. Alice Duncan

    Wow! I thought it was a young man this whole time. Fantastic *_*

  59. Sophie Marshall

    Imogen Heap is just so talented. Her voice is amazing! I love her.

  60. Anthony Newland

    I Purchased this album back in 2005, I took a chance............And i didn't regret it. XD

  61. abcdefghijklmnop

    Sorry for the typos in my previous comment.... I'm on my phone and autocorrect kills.

  62. abcdefghijklmnop

    Love Imogen :) Fru Fru is a duet type group with Imogen if you want to look up more stiff with her singing. Also I found that I really like Florence and the Machine, who is similar to Imogen but in a harsher tone. I regimens looking her up!

  63. BananaSticker3

    Hello from the future.
    You're still right xD

  64. bxbdelights

    Her music is pure bliss and at the same time it's very emotionally charged. I don't know how else to describe it.

  65. fimmfam

    this whole cd is amazing

  66. Porsche Shannel

    Imogen heap is so underrated. Truly an amazing artist.

  67. Kyo Honey Tod

    This is truly an amazing song, I can't stop listening to it...And her voice...I can't explain it...

  68. Alfonso Espinosa

    he wants sex with you xD

  69. entheogenic

    Epic song...

  70. entheogenic

    i love that bit... there are so many little random bits that take my breath away. she is absolutely amazing...

  71. ArisantoMade

    ahhaahah ok ok because she sang that part so freaking mystical and made my night really magical ahahaha

  72. SilverSauce

    it's not weird or crazy at all. this part gives me chills, often
    Closing in is one of the most beautiful songs ever, if not the most beautiful

  73. cat nip

    This album is truly a gem. Imogen is brilliant.

  74. Trisha Juliette

    absolutely incredible

  75. ArisantoMade

    it may sound weird but my fav bit is " please be there" from 2:29 to 2:32. but i love the whole song. and i think this is the best song she has ever done

  76. Kcvee777

    So epic.

  77. fruity2dots

    @fruitsbasketmangalov Hahaha

  78. Michelle101Sweet

    He dedicated this song to me ::/ what does
    It mean?

  79. Music Daybreak

    The first song I heard from her was Headlock and I had it stuck in my head for weeks before I figured it out who the artist I can't.......stop....LISTENING!

  80. Maka Albarn

    I wish there was a Love button...

  81. Simone Owens

    Imogen is such a great artist. Hide and Seek was the first song that I ever heard by her. I heard Hide and Seek years ago but for some reason suddenly became interested in listening to more of her songs, so I hit up Amazon. I never realized that she had so many other great songs.

  82. Tai Wu

    NO dislike!!!  this is the way to go!!!

  83. Totty Luna

    ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Y U VOICE SO BEAUTIFUL?!

  84. wotanzorz

    @the1grover Using a few seconds of auto tune in a few songs doesn't = talentless. I don't why a song about someone talentless would get 25,000 views, a lot of remixes, a record deal, or most importantly why you're listening to this song if you think she's talentless.

  85. Lucid Mutant

    we share the same name <3

  86. Chesspile

    Imogen Heap, inside out .. you are one unique person, singer, musician and artist!

  87. GiftOfaSpaaazZz

    This song should seriously be in a drama/romance movie! It would work out so well, especially when the girl is persistently trying to get the guy, who is holding back for whatever reason there is... It would really build onto the drama.

    Amazing song, overall :]

  88. Stone Anderson

    A song is never "was" until all records and memories of it die out. :)

  89. Raphael Diaz

    how true this song is...was..whatever...i still love it

  90. Trisha Priebe

    Wow...i can relate to this song..... so sounds likes my mother when she sings.... (but way better)
    I love this song.

  91. Mary Voisin

    her voice is so jelous