Immortal - The Rise Of Darkness Lyrics

The rising moon so bleak and old
Its darkened grin poisons my soul
Mist pledges the darkness, be my home
I ride this night - lustful with pride

The lurking mist appears out here
Breaths of evil fire through the snow
This cloudless night smells of fear
Keep my soul - dark and cold

The rise of darkness in my sight
Black forces bound to the moon
Shadows creep under my skin

Smell of fear - darkness is here

All evil lurk under bleak skies
Undead and restless are their souls
Hatred lust aligned by the signs
Blackened night - darkness rise

Burning eyes watching upon me
From the dark haunting side
Caught between mighty winds
Kingdom of evil find

Demonic in this realm
I haunt marked by the sign
Caught between mighty winds
Kingdom of evil find

From the woods I see the rise of darkness
In its deeps I'm on the other side
From the woods I see the rise of darkness
In its craft I'm on the other side

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Immortal The Rise Of Darkness Comments
  1. Johanne Steinway

    So bleak and old it was
    Rise the new one
    Shame they hear

    Johanne Steinway



  2. Lucio Sema


  3. Rodrigo Araújo

    2:25 wow!

  4. Dark 766


  5. Marlon Andrey Granada Hernandez

    la nueva pasiva de morde esta de puta madre

  6. Stefan Vollmer

    Geiles Album. Danke fürs hochladen! Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Shadi Frost

    I thought the last line in description was from the lyrics for a second

  8. nikon d3200

    Good band

  9. Synystershy

    Why do I get the feeling if Beavis was a vocalist, he'll sound like this?

  10. JH Shim

    Fucking Great! Black Thrash~~

  11. Tale of the Misanthrop

    Soo good..

  12. Karl Logan

    I don't like most black metal, but I like this band, particularly this album, some catchy, hooky riffs and growling, snarling.

    sounds badass, epic and otherworldly.

    Lord Belial

    It's because they mix Traditional Metal riffing with Black Metal.

  13. Tim Bonnell

    One of the Greatest songs ever created.

  14. CrniPanter444

    anyone knows what are they saying at the end (when they are (playing the voice backwards)?

  15. Garreth

    Anyway,this song is awesome,I liked at lot the guitar sound from 2:26 to 3:23

  16. Garreth

    Damn,I didn't know Popeye was so good at singing black metal

  17. Arnaud Boeche

    Excellent !

  18. Aymane Mabrouki

    I only like the instrumental, the voice is horrible

    James Peterson

    I used to agree with you for fuckin years. It has to grow on you if youre ever gonna like it idk what else to say haha. Point is I feel u

  19. Keenan Manson

    Does metal radio play this? :D

    James Peterson

    WREKage in Atlanta definitely will

  20. Lucas L.F.

    la wea buena CSM! Immortal fucking rlz!!!!!!!

  21. The North Raven band

    0:02 This riff reminds slayer's riff: "world painted blood no sactuary"

  22. Reign of terror Zion

    my favorite song on this album!

  23. Ayr Berly Fox-Cunni

    i am him,

  24. Nuns Wit Gunz

    Ugh 1:27

    Ayr Berly Fox-Cunni

    so handsome

  25. Leafmouth 0

    Immortal in a nutshell, if I may be so bold -love it :)

  26. Riff Dude

    it sound slightly thrash!


    That the style of Abbath's guitar play since At the Heart of Winter. A mixture of black metal with German thrash metal. And that's why I love Immortal.

  27. pablo roca

    que es esta mierda?! esto no es música es ruido perturbador! mierda q me emputan este tipo de rockeros q solo escuchan cosas sin sentido!

    Charlie Sea

    jodete niño rata

    vla d

    @Charlie Sea no habla espaniol

    Alex Sitaras

    +mr sick, he said "fuck you rat kid"

    Strom AlerT

    oye niño, si no entiendes el arte del metal, haste a un laado y ahorrate tus comentarios sin sentido. aa tomarse su papa kjkjakjjjajaajajaja

    Jafet Linares

    chinga tu madre mierda no sabes que es buen Riff mejor ve a escuchar las homosexualidades de Juan Gabriel .l.

  28. jani kajanus

    Immortal rumble the world for real!

  29. Macaforbrains

    Memo to Immortal..

    MAKE MORE VIDEOS GUYS! This song could've made a great video..

  30. Macaforbrains

    Anyone able to decipher the backwards message at about 5:20?

    Hail Immortal. One of their best tunes ever.


    @whatwouldjesussmoke there isn't any backwards message lol


    kinda sounds like backmasking.

  31. Dan O'Bannon

    so good. damn

  32. DeathOldschool

    Too bad he doesn't exist.

  33. ViRuSTriNiTy

    the drumming - fuckin groovy, one of the best songs of immortal i think.

  34. Shann Chavez

    I fukinn luv this band

  35. mike D'isoard

    wow. found it right in time. ;-)

  36. Geoffroy Dell

    My favourite song of Immortal! Very strong!

  37. Christkiller Chris

    I still think Son's of Northern Darkness is/was better. Hope the next album will grind/shred/ and just be much more brutal then this one...I just wasn't impressed with All Shall Fall when it came out.

  38. HiveBeresrker

    Immortal didn't participate in the Church burning, glad they didn't. Satan can lick a prostate.

  39. A. Alonso

    Immortal is one of my favorites black metal bands ever....!!! This song is sick!!!

  40. Black Emperor

    those 6 persons suck my black balls...

  41. jrlajara

    I think you have anger issues...

  42. PhillyPhil02

    Great cover art. The gates of Blashyrkh!

  43. churrimetal19

    like si piensas que este imbecil merece ser empalado.

  44. Bruno Bass Rodrigues

    that's why he's dead







    Vlad Dracul

    Jesus is a cunt


    OK! But just remembering that this band is not satanic.



  49. Necromancer666

    make that 6 people who are mortal

  50. Mauro Maiello

    Fuck jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. James Leblanc


  52. Kråke

    how about a dislike uh?

  53. Ulises Hernandez

    Eres un noob y deberias sentirte mal...

  54. J. Arturo P. Aguilera

    like si viniste por werever tu morro por la parodia de esta cancion

  55. k5lta


  56. VALIHAN13

    Sorry, Trivium – Entrance Of The Conflagration =)

  57. David Kilgore

    How is that even close to it?

  58. VALIHAN13

    Master of puppets intro

  59. Grigori rASPOTIN

    go kick some ass
    these is greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  60. Marsel Taroreh

    Niceee Shit....!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. amaister93

    This song probably helped me do over 1000 pushups by now. Listening to it every time i hit the gym! Thanks :)

  62. Björn Fhager

    haha shit, you are right. nice

  63. Kevin Languasco

    this song is fuckin perfect!
    i love it!

  64. oldpeoplelive

    For some reason, this album reminds me of Megaman X's music.

  65. PRHILL9696

    I agree!

  66. hades vehemence

    Greatest black metal Band along with Dark Funeral

  67. Tacitus Kilgore

    This is some amazing album, starting with the epic artwork..

  68. Firstdergeg Lastdegeg

    @hinunia I'm pretty sure their band name says it all..

  69. Highlander

    Awesome album.

  70. harrismetalas


  71. David Bureau


  72. gorelord187

    I only listen to this song at sunset...

  73. Jair van der Stelt

    @hinunia Isn't immortal already forever?

  74. David Wizowski

    The drums are just a kick in the nuts! I mean wow! Immortal Kicks ass!

  75. sindecent

    \m/ the best

  76. King Kai

    there lastest album has a strong death metal influence

  77. Fauztinn

    love the beyonce advertisement that pops up

  78. Schraudi

    favourite song from new album!

  79. Sartor Odium

    1 person is mortal.

  80. racional3rs

    thumbs up if you are immortal!

  81. lordofthegarlic

    wow. really underrated song

  82. DiligentObserver

    No dislikes good.. lets keep it that way

  83. Daarkvader

    i like the backward words at the end of the song at the fade...

  84. Rainy Sean

    I feel the fade makes it that much better, but I agree. My favorite as well

  85. Mitsuraga

    Ugh, my favourite track off the album, and it has to fade... god damn it.