Imagine Dragons - Lost Cause Lyrics

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
'Cause I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

Wait, all this time that I have spent away
Makes me think that I might be okay
The kiss of death will have to wait
My head, is holding on to all those things you said
You taught me to be strong and get through it, the mist of darkness
In my head

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
'Cause I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

Wait, no one said what's lost cannot be found
You are here to make it safe and sound
Oh we, can make it, out alive
Fate, hath its way when all that's learned is sin
Nothing really matters in the end
As long, as you, are with me, friend

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
'Cause I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

No one can understand me
Like you can understand
No one can fill your shadow
'Cause you are all I am

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
'Cause I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

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Imagine Dragons Lost Cause Comments
  1. Doris Edwards

    You're not here to be cheered up, right?

  2. Oleg Rudyi

    Love it

  3. Shiohei

    What album is this music?

  4. Shrek

    Can someone dig my shallow grave

  5. Renigee's Box

    I don't mean to sound dramatic but I'm going through a rough time and this is my daily cycle.

  6. Nixie

    L📁Imagine Dragons
    L 📁Bad Songs
    ⚠️sorry! This folder is empty

  7. Zachariah M. Baird

    This reminds me if twenty-one pilots ||-//

  8. It's Me

    Snape and Lily

  9. Jordan Torres

    The Weekend would have been a good back up feat. for this song !1

  10. Zachariah M. Baird

    I feel like I've heard this a million times, but I haven't ever heard it before.

  11. boneless books

    Twenty one pilots vibes

  12. Shockrider1

    I wish this got popular. It's not even on some music streaming platforms.

  13. Kristóf Barta

    Me: *listening Imagine Dragons songs on Spotify*
    "Hmm, this song has a good melody, which song is it exactly? Hmm, maybe it's Lost Cau-... Sh*t, turn off the volu-... This time, you won. You got me, and my ears. But next time..."

    **I listened to my list about 10 times in a few days. I could defend my ears only one time. Dan, you're good at these battles.**

  14. Qasim Sh

    I want yhos on spotify

  15. Courtney Waller

    Girl i love you but my grave is already dug just sprinkle my ashes and let me swim through the earth yeah right there is nothing but darkness after death a sleeping darkness

  16. Wish you were here

    This is track is rare coming from imagine dragons, a deep dark song. This sounds a lot more like
    " linkin park" great job done👍 we want more of these.

  17. Kelly Wilson

    Maybe 5.5 million of them 5.6 million views are just me listening to this over and over again.

  18. The Perceiver

    Again! Why does every song I hear make me think of something Aedra related?

    Yes, I do have an emotional attachment to Ian. But still, why do I share a fictional (in this universe anyway) characters attachment to and almost share his emotions towards said fictional characters similarly fictional dead sister? Yes, I created (or as I call it, perceived) them, but I should not have this strong of an emotional and general attachment to a fictional character.

  19. Niall Jones

    Really random comment... but I always link this song to TWD game series, which I'm a massive fan of.

    I first heard the song around the same time as the season 2 finale, and this song always makes me think of Luke's death... cause that hit me so hard lol. And this song hits really hard too, it practically sent 17y/o me into a depressed state for a week or so along with the game. The song fits so well with that idea of choice and being able to save someone, and then the idea that everything ultimately can seem pretty hopeless. I think Luke's a pretty similar guy to Dan Reynolds as well haha

  20. Irina K.

    Me singing this dramatically, pretending to rip my shirt
    Brilliant song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have no words. It´s so deep and desperate and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Galaxy Hunter

    This would fit to a Vader/ Anakin tribute 🤔

  22. Nicolas Ochoa

    I want to meet this person so bad dnt hve money right now to to a show

  23. Kenneth Morgera

    Imagine dragons are the only people that can calm me down and with the amount of stress I have they need to keep making music for a long time

  24. The Rouge_Kitsune

    All I can think of with this is how I could convince someone else not to kill themselves and even said that their emotions were clouding their judgement, there are so many options. All that, but I couldn't even convince myself... I could never pull the trigger, but I wanted nothing more than my life to end, and I still think it would have been better to do it at I find distractions. This song, and others, reminds me that I need to face my demons, I can't keep running.

  25. Shalcho


  26. Otterly Strange 2

    0:23 When you're caught not doing your Spanish lessons.

  27. Audrey and Remington

    Who's listening in 1984?

  28. Lia Angyal

    this somehow reminds me of the original Roswell tv show's theme song

  29. CoalGames101

    “No one can understand [email protected] love that part... also 2019 anyone?

  30. Emo Life Win

    Oooo this is really relaxing...
    Me: Ahhh!

  31. Evolution Inc.

    Gives me a Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die kind of vibe. I love it!

  32. Hayden Winey

    love this song

  33. Hayden Winey

    the first scream scared me so bad! LOL

  34. Monica Hyman

    Only problem is: there is NO ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME.....
    NO ONE

  35. HoneyBadger DGAF

    When I get a paper cut

  36. MxckingJay


  37. As I See It A


  38. Marcus Hode

    This song reminds me of love the way you lie by eminem

  39. Dead Spider

    this song doesn't exist on spotify, but is on imagine dragons YT, but not this country. dafuq?
    this next imagine dragons singing mad world makes me wonder, how many more songs do these guys have we americans don't know about.
    Edit: this song is from a Frankenweenie OST. 🤔

    eevaa eevaa

    Yes it does, u can get it on Spotify!!

    eevaa eevaa

    If you search Frankenweenie on Spotify (the movie this song is from) and scroll down you’ll find the song.

    Dead Spider

    @eevaa eevaa what shit are you on. The track is from frankenweenie "unleashed", both of which are not on spotify, and this song does exist out of youtube, the song was released before they went global, why the track on the their channel says it's in a different country, I don't know. did you really come all this way to talk shit to a random comment someone posted on a four year old video, and then be proved you were wrong?

  40. M Mize


  41. Vigilante 1421

    "Imagine Dragons are the world's most hated band" - People who have only heard Thunder and Whatever it Takes which still arent bad songs


    Not bad , but not as good as night visions' songs :/

  42. Diamontix

    0:21 when you accidentally tell your crush in front of many people

  43. Preetka Kalaichelvan

    I'm still stumped on how not everyone knows this some. Its sooo good!

  44. Yasmim cabrial

    ai que saudade que coisa linda meu id indie

  45. Rajat Rkp

    Shout-out to @smoke.and.memes page on IG that brought me here.

  46. Sean Smith

    the weiredest imagine dragons song

    Rosie Ink

    You didn't spell weirdest right

  47. Señor Brando

    Too bad this song isn't on spotify

    eevaa eevaa

    If you search Frankenweenie on Spotify (the movie this song is from) and scroll down you’ll find the song.

  48. Samira Shab

    черт я охерела я их фанатка и даже не знала об этих песнях🤦‍♀️

  49. Akanksha Thokade

    This was so intriguing. It felt as if it's a story and I'm waiting to see what's to come next, sitting on the edge of the my seat! I liked it! I was hoping for a last chorus saying he lost his lost cause, but oh! It was still amazing!

  50. Alexander Scherer

    i think i this is one of there best songs!!!!!!

  51. Trish Shang

    Why cant i download this

  52. gavin todd

    thanks TUG

  53. Izaya Wilhite

    ow my ears OHH

  54. deniz is alive

    0:21 when you press a lego brick

  55. jJohn Mary mary

    linda musica

  56. Julia Cadieux

    Are you ever doing a random task and think of a song you haven’t listened to in years? Yeah, that’s why I’m here

  57. Luisa Frugoli

    I just found this song... and now my heart is heavy because there's just so much in my head

  58. Evie Wolf

    Why do I relate to this?

    Oh yeah, my *GENERATION* in on word.

  59. S3nc3 0f Su1c1de

    Dig my shallow grave for my ears... dont ever turn up the volume during a imagine dragons song you have not heard of...

  60. Geoff Marshall

    I definitely think its "OOOH", but some people are saying "i'll", does anyone know for sure

    The Unkn0wn Gamers

    Yea its oh, i googled it before i bothered creating the video to do my best to avoid errors :)

  61. Disparity

    Why god why
    My ears are dead now
    I blasted this with earbuds and speakers to my friend and only me died inside so karma I
    Read more

    The Unkn0wn Gamers

    Well played sir
    i mean honestly i kinda saw it coming due to the Read more not being bolded
    But it was a great effort just lacked the bolding its easy to insert into your text if you know how you just press shift &
    *Read more*


    I’m on mobile

  62. Disparity

    0:23 - 0:45
    When you KO a shiny Pokemon that’s also rare
    When you KO that Pokemon you spent ages looking for
    When your Pokemon knocks itself out and you have no one else
    When you failed the test
    When you missed the homework
    When you get detention
    When you have plans but they get cancelled
    When you lose your fave toy
    When you get homework for Friday and Saturday
    When you wake up on Monday
    When you lose to anyone
    When you KO a Pokemon 3 times in a row
    When that stupid f***er who has ruined your life turns up and takes that victory from you

    This is stuff from my life

    The Unkn0wn Gamers

    When no one replies to your comment so you think your lost in the sea of comments


    Ah ma gawd!

  63. Angelo Adair

    RIP my human life

  64. linda aumiller

    and again another great song. Always looking for a song I haven't heard yet

  65. Fluffuchs

    Why does this sound like reversed?

  66. Md. Ridwan

    O:22 RIP all headphone user...

  67. Николай Дончев

    Still wonder why this song is not in spotify for one of my favourit Imagine dragons songs of all time for sure in top5 and its not in spotify :(

    Darth Scil

    it's not on spotify because it's from the frankenweenie unleashed soundtrack.

    eevaa eevaa

    It is actually. If you search Frankenweenie on Spotify (the movie this song is from) and scroll down you’ll find the song.

  68. EviLove YT

    0:22 when you step on a lego brick

  69. pin prick

    Finding spn fans that listen to imagine dragons and they also like pjo= happiness

  70. Veronica R


  71. dawn

    *spamming lyrics on the group chat while everyone else yells at me to stfu*

    Darth Scil



    Darth Scil i am not lying

    Darth Scil

    i noticed. that's why it's funny 😇

    The Unkn0wn Gamers

    Wow, you really are a lost cause then huh :P

  72. strzalek


  73. Alan Estevão

    Why can't I find in the Spotify?

    Darth Scil

    because it's from the frankenweenie UNLEASHED soundtrack and spotify doesn't have that 😭

    eevaa eevaa

    It is on Spotify! If you search Frankenweenie on Spotify (the movie this song is from) and scroll down you’ll find the song.

  74. Barbora Kopálová

    Nikdo není ztracený případ.

  75. Noa Sagi

    0:22 me when I hear this song


    This song is ironic, imagine dragons is everything but a lost cause.

  77. smolandnonbinary

    The music in the beginning just pulls me into another world with how it sounds

  78. Super Ragnarok

    5 million views brother!

  79. Tintin121

    I'm so pissed because this an album only

  80. Jasmine McGarigle

    kinda sounds like I Need Something by Twenty One Pilots

  81. Justus Waugh

    crazy. 200 of them where from me

  82. Azra Hussain

    💓 Imagine Dragons.

  83. Pookta Fyte

    1:25 when you see a little bee on your body

  84. the challenge team McDonald

    This song describes how I'm feeling right now, 😢

  85. Angel L. Figueroa

    I don't know why this song isn't in spotify

  86. Neptefish

    Its illl dig my grave

    The Unkn0wn Gamers

    I looked it up its not, also "ill dig my shallow grave, its not me youll save" is pretty much Ill dig my own grave you wont save me
    instead of Dig me a grave cause you wont save me, which makes sense due to him not caring about himself so if you care to dig him a grave make it shallow. Thats how i'd explain it but it is oh, you can look it up if you wish


    The Unkn0wn Gamers thanks

  87. Pookta Fyte

    kinda would fit in with mass Effect or something

  88. Pookta Fyte

    the minute I started to listen to this song I knew I had a new favorite song

  89. Serpoji

    It could just be me, but the beginning sounds a bit like the Yume Nikki ending theme.

  90. The Announcer

    Your description is painful to read.

  91. RunningFlame Marta

    It's sad that nobody gets the message of the song..or the true feelings. ;-;

  92. Ookun Danny

    First time hearing this song: "I'm not impressed."
    Next day when I wake up: "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  93. nikoletta papaxatzi

    I was at school today. We had a PE lesson. Here is a conversation between me and one of my classmates:

    Classmate: Why do you like Imagine Dragons?
    Me: 😒
    Classmate: They sing really well and their lyrics are good, but most of their songs are terrible.
    Me: 😡

    Should I kill her or not?

    Pookta Fyte

    kill. Nobody hates on my fave band

    nikoletta papaxatzi

    I'm totally going to do so. I hate people who hate ID

  94. Yasemin Özdemir

    *couse I'm a lost couse. I'm a lost couse. A lost, lost couse..*


    Noldu sana

  95. No One

    This is a awesome song I can't stop listening to it

  96. The Unkn0wn Gamers

    1 Million views!!! Thank you all :D

    TheFishieGuy 2

    5.3 mil. Now

    Daniel Reum

    It's Imagine Dragons...what did you expect!?!?

    Daniel Reum

    Also I am at least 100 of those views

    Nerd YouTube

    The Unkn0wn Gamers ðis would make for a good meme song

    Joseph Esparza

    Now it's 5.5m