Imagine Dragons - I Was Me Lyrics

It's just another day
It's just another year
"One step at a time", they say
"One trip, and you're back that way"

I don't recognize these eyes
I don't recognize these hands
Please believe me when I tell you
That this is not who I am

If I recover, will you take me back again?
I'm just another, trying hard to fit right in
But the photographs remind me of who I used to be
If only I could go back where I, I was me

I'll try hard to make this right
I'll try hard to win this fight
"One step at a time", they say
"One trip, and you're back that way"

I don't recognize these eyes
I don't recognize these hands
Please believe me when I tell you
That this is not who I am

If I recover, will you take me back again?
I'm just another, trying hard to fit right in
But the photographs remind me of who I used to be
If only I could go back where I, I was me

Give me strength to fight
Help me feel alive again
Make me whole inside
Instead, this hole inside is killing me
Oh, I'm begging you

If I recover, will you take me back again?
I'm just another, trying hard to fit right in
But the photographs remind me of who I used to be
If only I could go back where I, I was me

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Imagine Dragons I Was Me Comments

    La mejor de todas...

  2. Julia Cidfuentes

    Entonces, ¿has cambiado por mí? ¿Estás solo? ¿Te darías a mí toda Tu Vida, en este El Árbol de la Vida y en 'Mi Árbol de La Vida' serías de verdad 'the One', ¿no?, ese 'Me', que ahora es otro. Dime. No puedo soportarlo más dímelo ahora mismo. ¿Me llamarías ahora mismo? Si me Amas, ¿lo harías por mí? Te espero.

  3. Baby Turtle Gacha

    I was was listening to hopeless opus and this song came on. I didn’t know what this song was, but I listened to it and it really related to me. I started to cry. It reminds me of how I miss the old me, the happy me, the me who wasn’t crying every night. But now I keep having to search for my will to live. If you are someone fighting depression or anything like that just know that you aren’t alone, and hurting yourself is never the answer. Have a good day ❤️

  4. Cecilie Rangå

    So beautiful even though im a little drunk . Thank You Imagine Dragons! =)

  5. Neil Lee

    This song made me gone through the most stressful days preparing an exam
    Listening to this song brings back so much memories, I’m glad that I made it through Thanks Imagine Dragons u the best

  6. Tehila S

    This song is a: mood

  7. Ale S.V

    I know right now it’s hard,but please don’t leave,think about the things that would happen once that happens and the people you’ve got this!! Keep pushing!!!!

  8. The Mind God

    Me was I

  9. Kimberly Wolf

    This song literally describes my life right now.

  10. Victoria Perkovic

    Get lost get lost

  11. Bamabelle73 Roll Tide

    I'm recovering from 3 back surgeries and this song is beautiful to me. ❤❤❤

  12. giulia c

    In my experience, sometimes when you feel lost it means you're trying too hard to be someone else. Trying to be someone you're not and trying to fit in just because you think this is the only way to be loved and accepted is not the answer. You don't have to go back to who you were if that's not who you are anymore and you won't be able to be someone else if you're running away from yourself. Sometimes, you don't have to search for an alternative, you already have the answer.

  13. Julia Cidfuentes

    Who am I? It's me who I can't recognise myself; do you remember me before?🎸🌹

  14. alicia duran


  15. Dede Neng Diana

    Yot, aku denger ini yot.

  16. Jagdip Rishi

    I'm just another trying hard to fit right in.

  17. Gigisket

    july 2019 anyone?

  18. The Rouge_Kitsune

    "I don't recognize these eyes, I don't recognize these hands...this is not who I am." One trip back may be all, but it's a path that I strayed from 5 years ago... I know I need to get back to that point, but I don't know how... I stumbled through the darkness all this time and the light is nowhere in sight... I don't know how, but I will find that light, I will find myself.

  19. Savita Rishi

    Hey...we got just 77 dislikes😄😄😄

  20. Boopledoop

    this song makes me so sad just remembering what i used to be like and how and who i was 😭

  21. Helman 000


  22. Vyxra Inanis

    Bucky Barnes anyone??

  23. Ahmad Khan

    Wow, 6k likes vs 67 dislikes

  24. hardmodegamer

    I love this song it relates to me sooooooo much

  25. Asami Una

    This song brings me back the memory of who i used to be. God it's hurt! Bcs, i know everything had change including myself. Everything i love, now, distance.. far away.. #2019

  26. pokemon 123

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments 😊

    Noy Mandelik

    Hey there

    Gabe Webb

    Hello 🙂

    Ryan Zieman

    Greetings! You made me smile and that is rare for a YouTube comment. Hello to you as well!

  27. Carmen

    qué hermoso!! ❤❤ :')

  28. Lego Ant

    Rip Cap 2019

  29. Jessica Gibbings

    Who am I?
    The photographs remind me of who I used to be.
    Back when I- I was me

  30. S Martin

    I just cried listening to this. My brother recently relapsed after being clean 4 days shy of having 18 months clean. He's homeless living on the streets again. He has a beautiful heart that is just hurting and looking at recent photographs is painful. This song just hit home...I wonder if he feels like this at all.

  31. carter masters

    I sent this to my ex cause I fucked up and she forgave me cause if this song. And now we have been back together for a year now. Thx imagine dragons. Ily

  32. Hannah Stubbs

    How haven't I heard this before?

  33. Michelle Flajnik

    Before I was a big fan, when I just liked a few of their songs, not all of their songs, I didn’t like this one. I liked their more powerful ones. I thought this was crap. I hate myself now for that now.This song is so amazing.

  34. kapish shewale

    Thanks for this.

  35. Immortal Person

    This song honestly reminds me of Bucky Barnes

    Winter Soldier

    Omg yess

    Gayla Apollos

    That's exactly what I was thinking of.

    Your Grandmother

    it does 🥺🥺

    Mariele Andal

    Actually same 🥺

    Isabel Heaney

    Honestly, there should be a video edit of him with this song

  36. byPaNFILo18

    This song really says what sometimes I want... Come back to the time was me... Incredible ID


    The perfect song for the first day of school when your starting a new grade.

    The Fangirl Symbiote

    JORGE MALO-FASANI this song reminds me of Bucky Barnes

    Immortal Person

    WE REMEMBER AVOCATO Yessss me toooo!!! It would be such a good edit!

  38. Amber Rutledge

    I'm able to feel this song deep in my bones, in my soul... It's so beautiful....

  39. Alvino Azhari

    this song so underrated

  40. Lost Dreamer

    Things change so much, and it's only been four years... I sometimes wish I could go back an tell my younger self what to do and not to do. Heck, I wonder if my future self would come back to me right now. Who knows

  41. Sarah Andrews

    I can imagine Jeff the killer singing this song at Liu's grave

    Sarah Andrews

    Come on I can't be the only one who thinks that.

  42. Dandi Hidayat

    But photographs remind me of who i used to be

    Some Idiot

    If only I could go back where I was me

    t o a s t y y y

    I'll try hard to make this right

  43. Arno Koskenranta

    Every time the chorus is about to start, I get huuge chills/goosebumps and I just start to smile :)

  44. Johao Garcia

    This song makes me wanna go somewhere nice and quiet like the highlands, sit there and sing it when youre sad

  45. sir hecker

    This song deserves more recognition, it's one of those songs that will always evoke some kind of emotion within me

  46. Sandra Cerqueira

    Amazing song !

  47. Lucienne Preisig

    Just found it. But it's already giving me deep thoughts🎧 I love that song!

  48. Jamie Manlapaz

    I can really relate to this song right now 😢 this is a great song 😍

  49. Jessica L Hoffmann

    Lost cause is I....

  50. kaylee’s tea’s gone cold

    Wow, I’m crying right now. This is such a powerful song too me. I have very severe OCD and it’s tearing my family apart, last night I was up crying and screaming and having a panic attack and I snapped and I felt so awful.. My little 3 year old sister was terrified of me.. she came over and handed me her bear, she was shaky and she said “Here, I sorry..” but she obviously did nothing and I just cried so hard, I’m getting help but it’s so hard and I really just want to give up.. I don’t like who I’ve become. I’m not the same. It’s hurting me and my family and I want to stop it. This song is so touching, It helped me a lot. 😭❤️

    Srishti Mishra

    Kaylees teas gone cold
    I hope you’re doing well. Things always get better. Wishing the best for you ❤️

    the Smiling Kelly B.

    Don't give up, think all the pain this condition has caused you all, do you want all the strengh you and your family have showed ever go to waste? "Don't cry to give up, cry to keep fighting" that is the only quote I say to myself lately,please do the same!

    Om Thakur

    Never give up, mate. It's difficult, but remember who you are. Who you are inside. Keep fighting, and you will make it.

    Deb Rishmawi

    Dear Child,
    You have written my own sons story. I cry for you and your family. Your not alone but that isn’t necessarily a comfort. This is also one of my sons (he turned 16 a few days ago (Christmas morning 2019) songs. May you find your peace and your way in life. I won’t forget your comment. ❤️

  51. James AC 99

    I know it was made for refugees but to me i view it diffrently. I view the song as a guilty person or someone who has chaged over time reflecting on his past self.

  52. Dorkin8r 81

    I’M NOT CRYING! **rubs eyes** YOU’RE CRYING!

    Andrew Radford

    I actually did cry from this

  53. Cooper Warren

    This is my theme song

  54. Whomst'd've

    Gives me the Good Feels but also reminds me of someone I wish I could forget about. Even if this song is me

  55. Jared Aumand

    If anyone else has depersonalization I fuckin feel you on this so hard!

  56. Crookedtheilliteratecabbagetrash

    I feel like this would be about an recovering drug addict, and when his girl friend broke up with him, he stopped doing drugs, but it was hard, and he regretted doing drugs and wanted his girlfriend back.

  57. Alex Varela

    This song is like my heart speaking out loud and can’t help but feel......


    Alex Varela feel what?

    Jessica Gibbings


  58. Ookun Danny

    That very last bit with the guitar is so great!!! :DDD

  59. Alexa C

    this is the only song that is able to make me cry

    Baby Turtle Gacha

    Alexa C. It’s made me cry 10 times already

  60. Gwen Bond

    My friend sent me this song and now I understand

  61. I am a cat mewo

    I know how it feels to be the only one and I know how it feels to feel like know one understands me thank you imagine Dragons you songs really speaks my life

    Gwen Bond

    Myah Krause I know how you feel :)

    I am a cat mewo

    thanks I have been very very sad for years and this song helped

    Gwen Bond

    Myah Krause No problem

  62. HisLady 78

    on repeat, and feeln somtypaway. #SELFReflecting

    Gwen Bond

    HisLady 78 Your not alone

  63. Laura

    One step at a time they say, one trip and you're back that way

    Gwen Bond

    Laura :)

  64. Autumn S

    This song relates to me so much right now it hurts to hear, but I need to know I'm not the only one

    Ravenyx Games

    Your not

    Tristan Neill-Sudlovenick

    you are not.


    it relates to me to

  65. sn3k

    Is this their's or a cover? Because it's gorgeous.

    Meli I

    Yes, this song is of them.

  66. Allykat

    This song is so beautiful

  67. Bill Mare

    i don't know if one day imagine Dragons will see my comment
    but i just wanted to say
    from the deep black out in Damascus suburbs with all the war planes and bombs around me i listen to i was me song to calm my self down every time
    so THANK YOU , you're the best Band i ever listened to

    Lego Ant

    Bill Mare hang in there
    Firebreathers United, am I right?
    🔥 🐉

    Epfsix Ucsoip

    Dont start your reply with well this blew up after talking about bombs


    ​@Bill Mare
    I hope you're all good

    Manar Nadje

    This comment made me so emotional and sad.. I keep reading it because iam in Syria too and I love this band to much so I feel your pain baby.. Wish I could escape from the real world and go to see imagine dragons in the other world.. I love them..

    Starry Nights

    Stay safe, praying for you and your family’s safety 💕

  68. Makayla McKnight

    my ex sent me this song and now I'm so confused

    Toby Brooks

    he's disappointed with what he's done or how he's behaved, its not like him. He wishes he could go back and do things again properly.

    HisLady 78

    Makayla McKnight just sent to my fiance, possibly ex, and the las person i dnt remembr the name said it perfectly cause thats how i feel, and what i wanted him to get frm it. my last few relationships changed me ALOT and damaged me in the process in a way i ddnt recognize, now that im losing someone special to me i see it in msgs all around me. wishing u cud go bak and be the person u wer for the person who loves you now before the people that fukd u up emotionally,mentally, easier said than done. but know that ur love broke thru alot of barriers for him to see that and know it means hope is ther, but it will be a process...atleast thats what im hoping for me. its bn 3mos since u posted this comment, hopi g things are bettr for u both now (together).


    Makayla McKnight they do that ://

    Pookta Fyte

    He/she was probably apologizing for however she/he acted that caused you to break up.

    achraf popstickle

    Makayla McKnight so are u together again?

  69. Vico J. Vespa

    ((This song describes me perfectly.))


    But same

    Ron Ruddick


  70. Luz Ferrero

    so amazing

  71. Naught Telling

    The chorus is so good.

  72. Storm Riot

    This song goes with NOVA the book

  73. Dragongal212

    This song is amazing! Imagine Dragons should do more songs with this acoustic style. I love it.

    achraf popstickle

    Dragongal212 me too man, like shots 😍😍😍


    Hello, im from the future, listen to west coast

    nikoletta papaxatzi

    @ELFLACCA I was just going to say that

  74. crazyforzs

    This song is some-what related to the Hulk, because of when he gets angry, his eyes are green and his hands are green and big!

    Naught Telling

    I think he's talking about when he was a kid. Or when he used to act and look different. Not another superhero song.


    Never mind, I was mistaken. I learned the truth yesterday on iTunes. There was a connect thing that I clicked on and it was a video on that Imagine Dragons wanted us to by the single of this song and they will donate that money to the refugees to help them thru their crisis. If I have an account on iTunes, I would get that single because I want to make the refugees' lives easier.

    Connor Myers

    That usually give to charity. The song is about the kids they meet

  75. Ana Vianco

    this make me cry

  76. Drama Llama


    Anna Lancellotti


  77. Tatum Craig

    I have been listening to this song for literally 6 hours straight.

    Gwen Bond

    Tatum Craig I don't judge you

    Ravenyx Games

    Tatum Craig 7 hours straight


    I am Still listening

    Weird Chimp

    Wow, didn't your phone's battery die?

    Harlequin king

    wow u could gt a medal

  78. ruffles414

    Damn ANOTHER great imagine dragons song

  79. Christina

    This song makes me want to absorb my headphones into my skull! XD

    Ravenyx Games


    t o a s t y y y

    Yeet...!!! Same.... (≧▽≦)

  80. Gonza Suarez

    It reminds me Release :)

  81. crazyforzs

    Fantastic song that almost immediately got stuck in my head.

  82. Tsuki LAG Hi

    This song is so sad and emotional. :( But I love it.

  83. Anya4848

    Thanks for the lyrics :D I couldn't find this song except in live

  84. witamela


  85. Pepa Vašata

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!


    KiddyKat nah fam, he probably copy and pasted. But still, it looks cool and amazing xD


    Sir, I believe your arm may be broke....

    TheOne 2.0

    Hey... dident I see this on another video?

    Cameron Meetze

    Pepa Happypepik im on my phone what is it supposed to look like

  86. julusa4

    I'm crying.

  87. Elle

    I'm not usually into slow songs but I love this song

    Om Thakur

    I would've liked your comment, but it has 69 likes so no.

  88. Ptaki Polski TV - Birds of Poland

    Great! I am waiting for the new album :-)

    Andrew Blain

    New album please come sooner than the second one did


    No it's not going to arrive sooner. Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons stated that "We are taking a break" meaning that the next album will most likely arrive at the end of 2017. Or it could possibly arrive during summer.

  89. samopal 11

    good song !!!!!!

  90. Antonio Gonzalez


  91. Anthony Valenzuela

    there song are the best in the whole world. they are amazing. this song is so good

    Baby Turtle Gacha

    Yes, there songs are very meaningful, and I don’t get how people don’t like them!

  92. ARABIAN 88

    beautiful song. I loved it.

  93. BlueKat 04

    wow its inverse

  94. gamer7138

    I love this song