Imagine Dragons - I Love You All The Time Lyrics

I'm never alone, I look at my phone
If I call you up, you're never at home
I love you all the time

I'm fueled up and high, a man among guys
A smile on my face, no reason to cry
I love you all the time

I can tell by that look in your eye
Kind of look that roams around, and sees another guy
I can tell you're gonna take your love away

I can tell by that look in your eye
Kind of look that roams around, and sees another guy
I would beg you if I thought it would make you stay

Ce soir c'est le soir et toi avec moi
Et tu viens me voir, très bien ouh la la
I love you all the time

Tu ne réponds pas, ah dis-moi pourquoi
This ain't au revoir, together voilà
I love you all the time

I can tell by that look in your eye
Kind of look that roams around, and sees another guy
I can tell you're gonna take your love away

I can tell by that look in your eye
Kind of look that roams around, and sees another guy
I would beg you if I thought it would make you stay

Ah dis-moi pourquoi...

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Imagine Dragons I Love You All The Time Comments
  1. KirahMatthewCameron CAMERON

    Great Singing Husband Matthew Cameron💍💝😍💍💜💍💝Sung By My Husband MatthewKiraCameronBabySpencie

  2. Zhixin Jin

    Before seeing the lyrics
    Me: I guess i am still not good enough at English to understand this song
    After seeing the lyrics
    Me: Oh. Wait. Hold up.

  3. Mario Luigi

    Ce soir c’est le soir et toi avec moi
    Et tu viens me voir, tu viens ouh la la
    I love you all the time
    Tu ne reponds pas, ah dis-moi pourqoi this
    ain’t au revoir, together voilá
    I love you all the time = French for...

    Tonight is the evening and you with me and
    you come to see me, you come ooh la la
    I love you all the time
    You do not answer, ah tell me why this ain’t
    goodbye, together here
    I love you all the time

    Ah dis-moi pourquoi = ah tell me why

  4. Halen Falls

    As a french speaker when I hear him sing in french I just... can’t take it! But this song is just too catchy! I kept on singing all day and my bro was like “SHUT THE HELL UP!” But I sung anyway

  5. Lizzy Lee

    Guddang Dan Reynolds never cease to amaze

  6. Klaudia Julia

    I love THIS TUNE !👉🏼🎶👈🏼

  7. Danny Meyer

    Love this song and this band Te Amo all the time.♥️

  8. Garrett Jones

    Can someone explain to me if this is really a love song? because the parts about looking at another guy and taking your love away confuses me

  9. Andrew Douglass

    This is total bro, and sexy as all hell. Damn this is fine.

  10. Adonis G

    I don't speak French but i'd like to believe that they nailed it.


    As someone who speaks French, it's hard to understand due to a mix of both the singing and the non-fluentness

  11. Bia rio

    The best and true words

  12. Double Gamez


    like wayyyyyyy better

    Adonis G

    I agree.

  13. johaita4679

    OMG that French part 😍❤

  14. Dvd Gaming

    I love you all the time Imagine Dragons!

  15. Jenn Pomelow

    LOVE IT!!?💗💗💗💗😊😊😊😊

  16. Snow Rachelle Sea

    Second favorite song ever! I especially love the beginning. Imagine Dragons will never leave my heart

  17. Avery Rooney

    that's so beautiful this is beautiful, people are beautiful I love you all

  18. nolbody11

    What album

    Immortal Person

    No album, it's a single made in support of the Paris bombings.

    Aaron Redd

    It’s a cover

  19. Panin2001

    When were these songs performed and were they for an album?

    Immortal Person

    The songs were not performed for an album, instead in support of the Paris Bombings

  20. Ally Rochester

    What does the French part mean?

    Immortal Person

    The first bit means "Tonight's the night, and you with me, and you're coming to see me, you're coming ooh la la"
    The second part means "You're not responding (to me), oh tell me why, this isn't goodbye, together voila."
    The third bit means (That sounds like beep bop boo bwa) Oh tell me why.

  21. Kevindelgado m

    Song awesome and amazing

  22. Sexy Disney Sheriff

    Can you put Eagles of Death Metal in the description under credits? This is a cover if that group.

  23. fryday

    My boyfriend just sent me this

  24. anna fiona

    I love Imagine Dragons!!! I kind of prefer Florence and the Machine's cover but it's still great <3

  25. Mark 14

    This song is gonna be played as I’m lowered into my grave...

  26. HIGER S

    I love you my bitch

  27. Red Venom

    this is an original song by Eagles Of Death Metal

  28. Dusk Fall

    How did I just find this. IT'S AMAZING

    Red Venom

    well the actual song is made by eagles of death metal

    Dusk Fall

    Red Venom ohh okay thanks for letting me know!

  29. Samuel Schlehuber

    Bee bop boo bwa


    That's what I heard, it doesn't even sound like French

  30. angel 89

    Es la primera vez que escuchó la canción y me encanto 😍

  31. Adam Singer

    lets go

  32. Fairy Joa

    I am in love with the accent in the French part! :3 I love youuuuu guys! You made my day!

  33. Alex Chavake

    They should do a cover of despacito now (sarcasm :v)

  34. Victoria Whelan

    Listen to the version by Eagles of Death Metal - pretty sure they are the original artists....they are okay but Imagine Dragons obviously KILLS IT!!!
    I want my boyfriend to sing this to me at our wedding :) lol

  35. Matheus D'Ávila

    que versão bosta de uma boa música

  36. Reema Thappa


  37. Reema Thappa


  38. Ian

    Amazing song. Just found out that it was an EoDM cover today. The original song is great as well.

  39. Luis Alberto De La Barrera

    de quien es este cover?

    Red Venom

    Eagles of Death Metal

  40. theawesomewarlover

    idk. this is good, but some oldies are pretty good.

  41. theawesomewarlover

    love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

  42. NoName Face

    I love it espicailly the French part

  43. Amanda Magaud


  44. The Gooner



  45. Danger Parade


  46. Lamiae El Kouchi

    hahaha like it but the french part is so messed up

  47. AwesomeKingsly

    i love this song

  48. Valentina R.

    from what album is this?


    Valentina R. This is just a Cover

    Red Venom

    Its a cover from eagles of death metal

  49. Aristotle

    "You got me feelin like a pantomime, that's why I only love you part time."
    -Imagine Dragons

  50. Tired Boi

    I'm gay for Dan's French singing


    Why? It's horrendous

    Michelle Villa


  51. Valeria Eisman

    French part is so cool😍😍

  52. Sahara Santè

    Damn Dan....I cant wait to see that dance moves 😀

  53. Ruba Adwan

    the French is bad lol but we appreciate the effort! love you guys 💙💙

  54. mike !

    How have I not heard this before?

  55. Alijah Findley

    I wonder if I can get extra credit in French by writing down the lyrics

  56. alex

    I love the funky part :^

  57. agustfeet


    Jero Kiwin

    link rulz yup its a cover, they also have stolen dance, blank space and i was me

  58. Samantha May


  59. Mara Estrada

    I love this guys so much

  60. Sarah Fafard

    Do you even French Bro? / Est-ce que tu français mec? :')

  61. Huitzil


    Red Venom

    original song is by eagles of death metal, just saying

  62. lloyd gamrot


  63. Danilo Giorgio

    This song ain't actually theirs, It's from Eagles of Death Metal

    Filip Čuk

    yes they made a cover as a response to the paris attacks

    joshua correa

    Eagles of Death Metal, Florence + the Machine, and Imagine Dragons each made thier own covers

  64. Daily Clash Royale

    is it their new song or what???

    star dust

    Nah man, it's a cover.

  65. Jabber Scheiße

    The music's so funky it's my jam

  66. Molly McBride

    aww pity tht mean it not on Google play

  67. Molly McBride

    I'm addicted to this but is it a cover or did they write it

    Molly McBride

    @danteslife it's way better than the original

    Cody M

    +lol McLol nah. The original band did it great their way but unfortunately they died. :(

    Molly McBride

    @Cody Mike awww dat sad

    Alex Kadrie

    eagles of death metal never died.

    Red Venom

    its a cover, the original band is eagles of death metal

  68. ugh

    his voice is actually killing me

  69. Caitlyn Carmona

    What album is this ? Are they making a whole set of new songs for Smoke and Mirrors?

    Clapton Hernandez

    Its a charity event. Just search this up on itunes or whatever "I love you all the time imagine dragons" it should show up

    Caitlyn Carmona

    Oh okay thanks


    Caitlyn Carmona It's not their song, it's Eagle of Death Metal's.

    Caitlyn Carmona

    thanks for the replies

  70. Anđela Žigovečki

    I'm in love with this song

  71. tnly

    Ahhhhh I love this so much

  72. Belle Grande

    I love the French in this song

  73. eMDee

    Anybody has a link to those covers to download/purchase?


    youtube converter lmaooo



  74. Eulises Adame

    its very nice, really good jeje

  75. Scraphead

    I just realized this is just a cover. A damn good one, but still a cover

  76. Bacon Machette

    Française... Lmao dan sang in French. Good song though, didn't like the French

  77. Glen O'Carolan

    omg the French bit was bad AhhhhHa


    Oh hon hon hon

  78. Aziz Shavershian


  79. emily k

    I think in another life Dan was French. And now I just really want to witness him playing Lafyette in Hamilton

    Imagine Panic! At Hamilton

    Nordic Llama I thought I was the only one

    Lemon et Gégèle

    That would be so amazing

    Yeemo Phandom

    Nordic Llama HAMILFAN!!!

  80. Renata Rodrigues

    brasileiros aki ?!

  81. yohanes hasugian

    love 😘

  82. Man on the rocks

    When Dan is singing in french, I understand "toi et moi" instead of "toi avec moi"
    Sorry for my english, I'm french in fact ^^


    Quelle type de français?

  83. Astrid Mistlord

    Imagine dragons have yet to disappoint me.

    Cody M

    How? Btw this isn't their song. It's a cover

    Astrid Mistlord

    @Cody Mike I love all of their songs, there's not one that I dislike. And thanks, I didn't know :)


    Astrid Mistlord Sammme


    Astrid Mistlord Im not a big fan of warfiors tho

    Slaya Mapping

    With this channel, if the background is white, it’s a cover. If it’s black, it’s an original song

  84. Fabian Mendoza

    Damn 1:37 is my favorite part


    Fabian Mendoza ikr

    nikoletta papaxatzi

    Fabian Mendoza I love it so much

  85. Agnieszka G

    👑57890):' -( =-O ;-) :-(

  86. Hannah Knight

    Dan singing French =😍😍😍💜💜💜💞💞💞💜😍💜😍😍

  87. karina Gonzalez Garcia

    i love the imagine dragons

  88. Agnieszka G

    I love this song 💞

  89. mahoganycyprus

    Haha Dan singing in French :D

  90. Matyáš Perner

    I love Imagine Dragons!!

  91. James Hoen

    I didn't know that Dan could speak French!


    +Jayme Hoen Well, he can't, actually. The pronunciation is wrong with some words. But respect for trying.

    James Hoen

    +Rääpynä and I will

  92. crazyforzs

    What's with the French in this song? I don't understand French, but I'm guessing "Ah dis-moi pourqui" means "I Love you all the time".


    +KiddyKat No problem I learned a bit of french in Elementary it was required


    French is hard thats kind of why I quit. Well, i needed help in my classes, so i stopped French.


    +KiddyKat I moved before I could finish my classes so I only know the basics


    +Danielle Theriot Oh.

    Francesca Socican

    +KiddyKat It actually means "Ah tell me why"!

  93. Harold Reginald

    I love this version so much! They indie rock it up perfectly!!

  94. monia majid

    can someone give me karaoke of this song because i wana do cover !! svp

  95. spandel

    love this sooong

  96. Wolfsong

    God... This is the Imagine Dragons spell.

    First: Eww no, this isn't as good as their others...
    Second: Hmmm... This isn't actually that bad.

    Yeemo Phandom

    Wolfsong well with me as soon as I hear it, I love it

    Arthur Morgan

    This isn’t their song. It’s originally by eagles of death metal

    achraf popstickle

    imagine dragons in one comment

    Megha Debnath

    If someone else would sing it, I would have never liked it. But it's Imagine Dragons, my brain is programmed to automatically like it!!

    Cherryblossom And Smore

    @Megha Debnath same

  97. MrOphen

    This isn't as good as kings of Leon version, I imagine like little cupids singing this on this version hahaha, can't take it seriously.

  98. juveria tabassum

    I swear 1:08 sounds "Tribbianu lala". ;)