Imaginary Future - We'll Be Okay Lyrics

If you ever wonder
If you're always in my head
I assure you it's true
You don't have to worry
Even when you're gone
I still spend every day with you

You're amazing
And you have me
It doesn't matter whatever comes to be
Oh, even if we somehow lose our way
We'll be okay
We'll be okay

It's like we're always moving
Why is it so hard to find some time to catch our breath?
Someday, we will slow down
Long enough to watch the sunrise from our own bed

You're amazing
And you have me
It doesn't matter whatever comes to be
Oh, even if we somehow lose our way
We'll be okay
We'll be okay

You're all that I want
You're all I need

You're amazing
And you have me
It doesn't matter whatever comes to be
Oh, even if we somehow lose our way
We'll be okay
We'll be okay

We'll be okay

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Imaginary Future We'll Be Okay Comments
  1. Soane Malia Kauhalaniua

    BEAUTIFUL .....this is when two voices are perfectly blended....loved every second of it
    Thank you!

  2. robhulson

    I love this so, so much.

    No one is ever gone.

  3. Caroline Gadsby

    This song saves me

  4. 72ve17

    kina you have a great voice

  5. Dream Of Coheed


  6. Cintia Mara

    Vozes abençoadas.

  7. Gesca Venceslau djes

    Vocês são incríveis!!!!!!!

  8. You plus Clinic

    im actually waiting for the next song that will tell about the blessing they've been waiting for .. let me guess it will be 'finally' . love how the sang out their hearts .😍😍😍

  9. Thomas Gill

    This is why YouTube is so much better than TV.

  10. MoonToast

    This is to the person that I haven't met yet

  11. Tyler White

    Do you feel these goosebumbs?

  12. Marcus Morais

    você é incrível!!

  13. Rocky Gucake


  14. PixelBay

    sangat menenangkan. salam dari Indonesia

  15. T. Mark Lipe

    Loved it. You might like to try this song. "On and On " by Stephen Bishop., from the 70's

  16. Eric Hofmann

    oh! two years past, two souls still so captured by each other. the sun has set on new england and there is so much light; such luminous eyes, such luminous skins, such luminiferous voices... in these orbits we can make a habit of growth

  17. Wei-Jhe Hong

    It is truly beautiful song!

  18. alika sari schalwyk


  19. Michelle Stanley

    You are such an amazing talent and I hope you will come to Cape Town, South Africa someday.

  20. For Freedom's Sake

    Wow <3 :)

  21. Captain Sousa

    Simply Amazing how your music touching the SOUL... thanks

  22. Chris

    Takes me right back to exploring the English countryside with my little ones.

  23. june hernando

    I hope they'll be okay forever

  24. Atula Ao

    Wow nice song I lik at

  25. One Drone Pilot

    You both are simply amazing. BIG FAN IN AUSTRALIA..!

  26. Captain Sousa

    Wow amazing Duet

  27. Kristy Whited


  28. Thomas Gill

    From the thumbnail I was wondering if that was Shaman Oaks. Beautiful song, beautiful voices.

  29. Fredd Penny

    My wife unexpectedly passed away in May. This song has helped me to cope with the loss of not only my wife, but my soulmate and playmate. "Even when you're gone...I still spend every day with you". 
    Thank you, Imaginary Future and Kina Grannis (who I had the pleasure of working with at a Digitas Event).

  30. Daun King


  31. Santa Claus

    Love & Harmony ------- Perfect , Bravo !!!

  32. Hennie Traut

    So beautifully together your voices harmonious perfectly together ❤️💯💯👏👏👏

  33. jonathan clarke

    You guys are amazing keep going kiddo

  34. Loren W

    So clear. So clean. So simple. So beautiful.

  35. Stephane Wheeler

    So, beautiful! And the song is good too.

  36. gurl rockz

    Perfect match 😍 watching this in 2019.

  37. gevan pedro

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  38. Jacob Philips

    Love it!! Couple goals! :D

  39. Maongka Panger

    Please do a cover on sunflower by sierra burgess

  40. Alan Miceli

    Beautiful voices, lovely tune, loved it, thank you

  41. Perry Rose

    Nice song, but you're tearing up those strings, brother. Doesn't sound good.


    He looks at her lol so sweet

  43. Tanya Tulip

    please you guys stay like this ok don't change, I see so many people change because when they become successful they all broke up. Please don't ever change.
    God bless you two.

  44. Tanya Tulip

    I love it, so beautiful song and I also love the background too.

  45. SarahSounds

    I made a video singing a 3rd melody with this song... Check it out: :)

  46. swasusandy

    Grieving for my only child tonight. I'd like to believe he brought me here because he was amazing. Thank you for this song.

  47. Rei wuz here

    Wow... I just recently found Imaginary future and he has a lot of covers with you and I remembered thinking "they looked so good together, no perfect together! wish they were a couple" and you're married and that makes me so happy and I love you both. ♡

  48. Gabe Newman


  49. Rebekah Jochmans

    touching my broken heart.... holding tight.

  50. Chad Maples

    saw y'all in TX. Excellence.

  51. ここたんたん

    what is guiter ? please

  52. nekoroden

    This is gorgeous. I press "1.5x" play speed by mistake, and it actually sound like a Jason Mraz song =)). try it guys

  53. Livia Gitaclara

    favorite couple goals :)

  54. Chris the ultimate fighter n taken

    Wow. Like wooooow. Such a great n beautiful voice. U are a born natural. 🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👌👌

  55. 3StraitGuys

    What the heck dang kinda tuning is happening here. I'm trying to learn the song and I'm so confused

  56. bala khongwir

    This song genuinely melts my heart😭❤️
    It speaks about everything that I'm going through now😭😭😭
    Your songs are so genuine, so beautiful 💞
    And really you're one lovely couple I've ever come across! ❤️
    God bless!

  57. Saloni S.

    your songs have given me soo much comfort and idk if you remember, but i was the one who asked you to sing "Mr.Sun" during your Chicago concert, lol. after watching your videos and being a fan for soo long, i really want to give back to people the way you did through getting involved with your team :,) can I email you?

  58. Saloni S.

    hii kina i was wondering if there's any way i can get involved with your channel and possibly collab or be featured? XD

  59. Alexander Schaeffer

    Brilliance :o)

  60. talei moce

    Love that D chord shape

  61. Hurby Ygoña

    I am so thankful I somehow stumbled upon you two. Keep making music!!! <3

  62. Yuxuan Li

    which camera?? so pretty lol!!

  63. Tim Florian

    Does anybody know what the guitar tuning is?

  64. Кет Кетович


  65. Peazocker Doll

    Beautiful song, but I hate the talking at the end. Ruins my auto-play.

  66. Desto Moda

    This is gorgeous. This is my wedding song!

  67. David Stephens

    Does anyone know the tuning he's in??

  68. 一億

    cu-------te !!!

  69. Angelica Fekula

    The harmony.. wow. Thank you. 🌹

  70. Babie Lalnunpuii

    I can’t get over this song 😭♥️

  71. Dan Pugleasa

    Literally will unlike this and like this multiple times a year just to bring it back to the top of my liked videos playlist so I don't have to go digging for it! Such a good song

  72. Mark Lim

    You guys..... love it. We need more of this in the world. Stat!

  73. Steph Langford

    It"s been 11 months that i'm with my boyfriend. In the beginning, it was like we were in a rollercoaster. But one thing for sure. I knew
    that he was an amazing man and that we loved each other very much. One night, when i was crying i found that song your song and i sent it to my boyfriend. For me, that song is our song. We've been trought a lot but everytime things was rough i listened to this song. You helped me to focus on what was really important: the fact that i've never love and been love like that..that much. 3 months ago we found out that i was pregnant and today...i just learned that at now 16 weeks, my baby can hear my voice or sounds. So... i tought about what song.. his first song could be. 😊 of course it's yours and i could feel him move 😊 not the kind of person who leave comments but i had To. Sorry for my english..but just had to tell you and say thank you. Merci! Merci for your beautiful song. ❤

    Via Villa Devi

    Steph Langford so happy read ur comment😍

  74. Chris Madsen

    Blissed listening, thank you!

  75. unicorn light

    On the verge of crying

  76. Muhammad Farhan

    I swear to god he's hot AF

  77. butterfly girl

    You voices are heaven sent. Beautiful Angelica ❤ Love it🎶

  78. dwiA

    Why I'm still single 😑😔

  79. Adyani Adanan

    October 2018! p/s: This is such a beautiful song. Love you both!

  80. Annie Rose Azarcon

    Dear August 21, 2013,

    Thank you for spending 5 years with me. You still my home. And I know we'll be okay even if we are apart☺. I love you

  81. The Wise Monk

    Is it standard tuning?

  82. Zedul

    Amazing song, by far my favorite performance... and that includes all the covers.

  83. Sofia Federico

    I was smiling the whole time listening and watching this vid. I love you, two!

  84. Hammad Shahbaz

    Just wanted to let you know that whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I listen to one of your songs and your voice calms me down immediately :)
    You have such a soothing voice.

  85. Margit Lendawitsch

    I love it!!!! And your both voices are so one!!!!💕

  86. Julz Amidala

    Such a beautiful song and the lovely story makes it even more so!

  87. Teylie Bella

    Your amazing 😍💙

  88. Yashi Srivastava

    Can I know how to play the guitar for this? The technique and strings and pattern

  89. DG Cave

    I love the harmony 😍

  90. Hey it's angelica

    Kina Grannis 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. calvin yip

    you two are married ? congraz you guys are made for each other . Hope u guys can do a christian song cover

  92. JMJ TV

    Fucking bug in my eye.

  93. Joel Camacho

    Why am I crying. Jesus this is beautiful

  94. Kim Dahyun28

    ya'll are couple goals af <3

  95. hummingbirdcity

    I want this.

  96. thetashco

    You're both so beautiful and your voices blend perfectly. I'd say that's a match made in heaven. Love you ❤

  97. Daniella Sleiman

    This is the only song I can never get bored of, I have replayed this over 900 times while studying, this song always calms me down.Its insane.