Imaginary Future - The First Thing I See Lyrics

I saw two stars on a cold autumn night
You said that they were the headlights of an alien car
Coming to tell us that we'll be alright

Remember you told me that love isn't blind
Its more like you're watching the world through a new set of eyes
Finding the colors that usually hide

Oh, I don't know where I'm going
Oh, I don't know where I'll be
But it doesn't matter
'Cause every morning
When I wake you're the first thing I see

Sometimes it's hard to be still in your skin
The questions and outcomes can shake you and spin you and then
You're back on the floor, you're back in your head

But if I'm the ocean then you are the tide
Taking my heart in your hands as we move through this life
Greeting the moon, I'm in the sky

Oh, I don't know where I'm going
Oh, I don't know where I'll be
But it doesn't matter
'Cause every morning
When I wake you're the first thing I see

Oh, oh

Oh, I don't know where I'm going
Oh, I don't know where I'll be
But it doesn't matter
'Cause every morning
When I wake you're the first thing I see

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Imaginary Future The First Thing I See Comments
  1. Retno Marlissa

    you both are too pretty.. I Always imagine could I and my future hubby be like you two or more beauty.. ? I guess We will try, and we'll be okay as long as We have each other We're Home cause I'll spend my whole life loving him and I'm meant to be loved by him.

  2. Romeo Chung

    Just revisiting this 😊

  3. syida tahir

    2:38 is my fav part. I love this song so much ❤️

  4. Francisca Gurgel


  5. morenaGirl PH

    I forgot that I commented on this saying how I want this to be my wedding song when I’m not even engaged yet. Crazy because just a few days after posting the comment, my boyfriend, now my fiancè asked me to marry him. And our playlist surely includes a lot of Kina’s songs.
    p.s. hi Kina, if you get to read this, I would love to hear your cover of I don’t want to miss a thing.

  6. Hayley Nicole Music

    does anyone know the chord progression for this beautiful song?

  7. Peter Peterson

    amazing singing

  8. Worralltheungreat

    for some reason i heard "i saw two lovers in the heat of a fight" .. for the second line of this song but the actual line works too lol

  9. fenì music

    Can we please please pretty please have the sheet music to this? ☺️❤️

  10. Tomine Lunde

    Poll react recent ggkvlba regulation advantage rain weak.

  11. Catarina Catarino

    Love the video!

  12. Punkettia

    This gave me tears to my eyes! Especially now that me and my partner are having our anniversary next month! Do you guys know the Ukulele chords for this? I want to sing this for him on our anniversary. Thank you so much for the help!!! <3

  13. Angela Ds

    This has a deep trance that shifts you to another zone. You just flow with the music. Amazing ♥♥♥♥

  14. Rupan Deka

    please make a guitar tutorial for this song..

  15. Wendy Malatji


  16. Laurel Archer

    Yes you are soo creative! I love that you can make a story out of these cute little aliens, how they are separated and come back together again. So cute!! And the music is awesome - your voices are perfect together :)

  17. Annie Wang


  18. Matthew Wilson

    Thanks Kina, I needed that!!
    (Visually & Auditorily)
    You've officially become the 1st person / "channel" to cause Me to hit the "Subcribe to Everything Bell" on YouTube.
    That should speak volumes to Both You & Imaginary Future on Your work together!
    Don't get Me wrong; the songs You've covered is what caused Me to become a subcriber.
    Omg, You have an extraordinary voice!!
    (What a beautiful instrument to be gifted with having.)
    But, "What made Me hit the Bell" today was the video & song, as Both are Original Works!
    I'm slightly biased in that manner as that's what I do as a musician, (although I Can & Do appreciate both because a cover becomes One's own signature arrangement from a new perspective.
    What I'm trying to say, and should have just said this at the beginning is:
    "Bravo Kina, Bravo!"
    (Naturally that includes lots of applause, a standing ovation, and I actually bow respectfully to You!!)👍
    Very warmly, Very sincerely, -Matthew.

  19. Cindy Xue

    This is really inspiring.. :) thanks for the video <3

  20. darrick Ellerbe

    Sooo cute. ❤❤❤

  21. Belén Crudo

    Its so beautiful!

  22. Toti Cain

    Love it 😊💖💖💖

  23. Kathryn Cmusic

    this is so cute wtf

  24. Dani Garcia

    Thank you Kina for bringing the Kina from 2009ish. I love this. 😍😍

  25. Sakar Karmacharya

    so relatable. so amazing. always been a fan of your work kina :) <3

  26. Kujimaro

    this is so damn cute

  27. Saito Chiho

    I love your illustration. "おみやげ" made me smile :) So cute!

  28. jokyng

    this is so cute

  29. Maria Aparecida Goes Bium

    It's such a pleasure to be your fan! Your songs are so beautiful! And what a creative video, so simple but so good! Thank you for your existence and keep doing what you love. Greetings from BRAZIL!!

  30. Анна Гуляева

    Какая милота)

  31. Dominic Eckles

    This song came just in time life is kicking my ass but this song reminded me i have a beautiful girl by my side and i can make it

  32. Lenny

    Top tier credits

  33. Nora Metwally

    Amazing song and beautiful voices

  34. gilllybee

    As with every Kina (and Imaginary Future) venture, this is beautiful.

  35. YukinoKary

    Beautiful Kina! 💓 I like this's creative and nice :)

  36. Crystal Dawn

    What a pleasure it was to wake up and see this! Well done!

  37. Sim Nomvre

    This video is so sweet and pure... 😢 thank you for the heartwarming song and video 😁

  38. Faye M

    this is so peacefull, so beuatifull. It makes me fell like i am somewhere warm and safe( it's winter here).The story is simple and that's why it hit me right in the heart. Your voices are so ethereal! Please never stop making music! Love from Greece.

  39. Christina Busse

    This is like the cutest I've ever seen <3

  40. MallynnSings

    Oh... When you're in a couple, the love of your heart is "the first thing you see every morning", I had never thought of it that way. Very cute and romantic song... Kina, how is Misa doing ? I hope you will tell us when "it happens"...!

  41. sul141

    Mah spoon is too biig

  42. Ophélie Pelletier

    This is so You Kina ! Sweet, simple, and deeply wonderful <3

  43. raythegardener

    Gloop and Kiku finally get their big acting break!

  44. Just For You

    Love yaa❤❤❤

  45. Martin Tabanag

    this aliens are so like you guys! such adorable. love the song

  46. Paul Kero

    I had to a shot of tequila and eat the shotglass afterwards to feel manly again

  47. Eagles Theory

    So beautiful and soothing. Just made my day so much better

  48. Юрий Ерохин

    I liked it very much. Bravo!

  49. Aina Arinah


  50. JhOzo


  51. Mostapha H. Diab

    OMG the lovely Kina & Imaginary Future
    love you guys .

  52. Alex H

    I am dive in ur music

  53. Harry Kerr

    Just GORGEOUS...simply beautiful. Great video as well. Is this going to be on a new album?

  54. Sylvesterljw

    lovely! (: to be honest, i tear up a little

  55. Courtney Govender

    This is just so perfect...what a beautiful blend of amazing lyrics, melody and voices.

    Kina Grannis

    ah i'm so glad you like it, courtney, thanks!

    Courtney Govender

    Kina Grannis You've just made my day by replying...I'm literally shrieking! Thank you so much for your reply but above all your music❤️ much love

  56. Amanda Adkins

    Love, love, love!!!!!

  57. Joel Rittenhouse

    You two go together beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Zayda Fleming

    This is the cutest music video ever.

    Kina Grannis

    yayyyy i'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

  59. mizka

    I was so surprised when it says "おみやげ" (it means "souvenir" in Japanese)! Love from Japan!

    Paul Kero

    mizka how do you say spaceship in Japanese???

    Paul Kero

    It's for a song I'm writing 😁


    Hey paul. Spaceship is "宇宙船 ( うちゅうせん/ uchuusen )" in Japanese. Let me know when you finish the new song!

    Channel Michael

    Kina is half :D

  60. Chasan mrz

    hear this song with eat indomie, its prefect.


    Love your voice and melody.

  62. Elaine Fern

    😍😍😍 You melt my heart with your songs!!!!! It reminds me of me and my husband 😍😍😍👍👍👍 SOOOO BEAUTIFUL

  63. Lu Marques

    Wow.. Very lovely 💙🙌👼🎼🎼👏👏👏

  64. Ivan Joven

    Gloop and Kiku !

  65. Felisha Sanchez


  66. Nideuhh

    Oh my god I think I just found my wedding songs 😭 I’ve honestly been looking like crazy


    Nideuhh Yey!! Congrats!!🎉🎈


    Thank you guys so much ☺️☺️☺️💕💕💕💕


    Kina Grannis thank you so much I love your music so much 💕☺️💕☺️

    morenaGirl PH

    me too, i’m not even engaged. haha

    morenaGirl PH

    I forgot that I commented on this. Crazy because just a few days after posting this comment, my boyfriend, now my fiancè asked me to marry him. And our playlist surely includes a lot of Kina’s songs.

  67. Clarknado


    Kina Grannis

    haha yessss <3

    Crystal Dawn

    Clarknado agreed!

  68. Abdyel Jaramillo

    It's like the both of you were meant to marry each other and sing together when the two of you were born.

    Paul Kero

    Abdyel Jaramillo what a beautiful comment/ insight.


    They were very private about their relationship weren’t they? What happened?


    That episode is over, but this one is equally entertaining

  69. Elias Benítez Nuñez


  70. Ariel Kalambay

    I'm just taking a great rest in listening this wonderful song

  71. htteehee

    They're so cute! I love it ❤️

  72. Alex Alonso

    Those characters are so cute, Kina. Loved the song.

  73. Daniel Kim

    When you're featured on your own song 😂

  74. Adriana Xhurape

    you were born to sing together, I love your music!!!

  75. M. A.

    So cute Kina🙈❣️

  76. Ren Daniel

    This is super lovely! : )

  77. Satish Kumar

    Sounds amazing and your voice compliment eachother beautifully 🎶❤

  78. Piotrek Dąbrowski

    I love Your songs <3

  79. Tracey Poist


  80. Cat Christian

    Simply beautiful

  81. Misty World

    Aww so cute 🙂

  82. Maren Elizabeth Manalo


  83. HforHany

    Hearing your angelic voice relax me

  84. NewsicHome

    wonderful vocal armonies