Imaginary Future - Bigger Things Lyrics

We can be afraid of the long nights
Sleepless in the car, but we shouldn't drive
There's money in the bank but we're too far
From each other

We can be in all of the red sky
Summers on the porch with a glass of wine
You make up the rules at the campfire
And we stay warm

I know all of this will change
Oh-oh, room for bigger things

How can you prepare for a new life?
Hanging from the roof of a mason jar
Liquify the past and you're reborn
With the same heart

Nobody can tell when it begins
20 thousand miles up to Oregon
But if we like it here we can stay put
For the long haul

I know all of this will change
Oh-oh, room for bigger things

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Imaginary Future Bigger Things Comments
  1. Olivia Febriani

    I love your voice ❤️

  2. Francisca Gurgel

    Love Love Love Love...

  3. Christina Simmons


  4. Faith Gianan

    Thank you for your song ❤️

  5. HahaHanHan

    I love your music. I love this song. I love you and Kina with all of my heart!

  6. DizneyzAJ

    no dislikes yet!!!!!!

  7. Nei Karg

    As always love to listen you sing any of the day.such a soothing voice have.

  8. hanzi31

    This is beautiful ❤️❤️

  9. FantasticalSam

    Another gorgeous song, Jesse! Sending you and Kina so many hugs after her last video. <3

  10. moods1eg

    A good song .. my favourite song is i still belong to you .. i love it so much .. so keep going great voice always enjoying listening to your music.

  11. Shereen Van D

    As always you rock me to the core with your music. Such emotion provoking lyrics, music and voice. Keep up your brilliant work!

  12. Roberto Wesley

    I'm sure that there's something special on your songs. I like the pure heart in every single word. Just thank you!

  13. Boudica Skye


  14. TheMirroredImage

    Great one!

  15. Anladika

    Hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦 Your music is the best as always. Keep rocking ✨

  16. Lavina Jerahmeel