Ilse DeLange - I'd Be Yours Lyrics

If I were a ghost I'd haunt your house
Hang out in your rafters
You could be my mister Adams
I could be your Casper
I'd shake with you my afterlife of the unexplained
Walk through your walls let you rattle my chains
Yes, I would

And if I were a snake I'd be a constrictor
Slicker than oil
I'd entice you with my slither wrap you in my coils
You could tie me in a thousand knots
And just watch me unfold
Hypnotize you with my stare swallow you whole
Think about it

Welcome to my world of make believe
Check your reality at the door
Within my wishes and my wildest dreams
If I could be anything
Well baby, I'd be yours

And if I were a bird I'd be an owl
Wise beyond my years
Watch over you each night, calm you of your fears
You could set my head to spinnin'
With those little things you do
Like sayin' it was me you loved
When I asked you "who"

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Ilse DeLange I'd Be Yours Comments
  1. Joshy Boy

    If a girl sung this to me, I'd really will be hers.

  2. Daan van Kats

    MMMBop van Hanson lijkt erg op dit nummer van Ilse, akkoorden zijn denk ik echt overgenomen. Ook nog doordat zij dat liedje liet spelen door een van haar talenten in The Voice Kids. Dit is té toevallig

  3. Robert Peeters

    wreed country he

  4. Karyn Hatfield

    really love her music...

  5. Exfiltrator

    Briljant nummer

  6. Mr. Staircase, the shabby-robed ghost


    Menno l'Abee sports

    hahaha yeaah

    Joshy Boy

    Oh the memories.

  7. AgainstDaOddz

    This song makes me happy :-)

  8. Joshua Bloem


  9. Ilse Krijnen

    dit is waarschijnlijk de eerste keer dat ik het zeg maar dankje pap n mam voor het luisteren naar ilse de lange door jullie ben ik verslaafd aan haar en heb ik een geweldige voornaam

  10. Martine Kuzee

    some words are missing, maybe you should check it

  11. AuburnHaze

    Beautiful music.

  12. Annnnnnnnnee

    kan je die van flying blind ook doen misschieeeeeen? :)

  13. ilikeopinel

    jeahhhh best song ever

  14. ffirth1

    caspar and mr adems are both men...and caspers under age! what a weird love!

    Analise Soraya

    ffirth1 its about the bond and relationship between them.

  15. MaximeMei

    Love this song!!!!