iLoveMakonnen - Freezin' Lyrics

I've been on the block all night it's cold I'm freezing
Making so much money out here stunning boy I'm teasing
On the block all night freezing
Making so much money out here stunning silly teasing

Cheese on them thangs watch the green on that thang
We making so much fucking money how the hell I'm I the man
Cheese on that thang we making green on that thang
So much motherfucking money I can't handle all these bands
Hell no boy I can't I be juggin I be moving
I be all in the game nigga doing what I'm doing
Subway chef with that work god damn it he a jerk
He be flowing all night he be doing that shit for work
On Sunday I go to church
Hey pull of with that chicken
Young work [?] whip whip it whip he whippin
Back up in this bitch you know my cousins out here dippin
Hey we on them shrooms and my niggas out here trippin
Oh I'm on that block all night if it's cold I'm fuckin' freezing
Making so much money boy stunning out here teasing
Oh yeah cheesing big stunning greening
Boy what you mean how you still on the scene
Boy how you still on the scene
With that cheese and that green what you mean
What you mean
On the scene hey
Boy I'll put on any team
Any fucking time boy I'm always on my grind
Watch me shine all damn day like a motherfucking sun
I be rapping for the play I be doing this for fun
I'm having a great time I be doing this for fun
I be murdering freestyle hey be trying to lock me up
But I'm like no way holla at Jose
Meet him on the highway and he gone drop 3 off
Them things like a relay you know I take it back
Pull up with that second and break it into some crack
God Damn it he speaks facts that nigga fucking rappin
I remember on the block all night I was out here trappin
This nigga freestyling he be doing it so wiling
He be out here drinking potions he be chilling on the island

Like oh all night on the block cold freezing
Making so much money big stunning out here teasing
Greening and cheesing what the fuck you meaning

My flow is in every motherfucking season
Oh I kill them
God damn he good
A nigga come and shook down every single hood
I wish a nigga would come and try to test me
Boy I pass them all nigga never flexin
Let's see out here showing muscle
Damn he done lost the weight
Nigga speaking on these rhymes freestyling so damn great
And he just scraped the plate on that motherfucking thai
He just had them [?]
How that nigga so fly
I don't know
He got flows he can rap all damn day
He be doing this shit play
He be fucking with the yay
He be selling he be talking
He be motherfucking walking
He be all in madison square garden

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iLoveMakonnen Freezin' Comments
  1. Mike C

    Whole mixtape firreee

  2. PaiN ExoTiC

    Underrated 😈🔥

  3. Fruitbel The First

    idc this is a live tune...