iLoveMakonnen - Drunk On Saturday Lyrics

You know I want you back
Babe, I know I fucked up bad
And now I'm drunk on Saturday
Still lonely feeling sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should
You know I want you back
Babe, I know I fucked up bad
And now I'm drunk on Saturday
Still lonely feeling sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should

Ayy, I know your girl wanna slurp me
I got her in the waves, topsy turvy
Bags of the coke, on ice though
Diamods going off looking like a light show
Pop 3 pills, feel this E, sell this dope like
The seas have an 8th all on me, take these trips
Over seas
Blow a bag on yo bitch 'cause she worth it
I keep the girls in the strip clubs working
Making hundreds all night from the twerking
Bust it open baby lemme see something

You know I want you back
Babe, I know I fucked up bad
And now I'm drunk on Saturday
Still lonely feeling sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should
You know I want you back
Babe, I know I fucked up bad
And now I'm drunk on Saturday
Still lonely feeling sad I didn't love
You like I should, sad I didn't love
You like I should

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iLoveMakonnen Drunk On Saturday Comments
  1. LyricalPanda

    I remember u and Drake on Tuesday Legend

  2. ratedEG

    this guy is a joke

  3. Trevor Mynatt

    Those shades are bad as HELL🔥🔥🔥

  4. Big Doinks

    I remember when he was first coming around. I fell in love with his music cause it was something new and he wasn’t afraid to be himself even if some people thought his singing was bad. Gay or not, i still fuck with him heavy.

  5. Trendy Flunky

    I thought he only got the club going up on a Tuesday lol fore af tho

  6. Deandre Maddox

    Why u have girls in your video and talking about girls in the strip club if u gay smh confused souls

  7. Trevis Harris

    Best song every by @Ilovemakonen 💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏

  8. _wid0_


  9. BrothersSZN Ł

    I thought u were gay

  10. Trevis Harris

    Best song out RN💯💯💯 fwm fam

  11. Mikko Tonichi

    Girl name in 1:12? Reasearch purposes for the upcoming project.

    Mikko Tonichi

    1:19 best part for the project

  12. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial

    Love love love love love love

  13. josh'sgoinham

    aint my guy here gay. why is he surrounded by girls

  14. Baixada Records

    Came 5 vênus lady

  15. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial


  16. JokaChildTv

    Time went back in Hour on $aturday In 2019 ⏰♦♣♥♠🍾🍿💯

  17. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial


  18. 4kT all the way

    2014: club going up on a Tuesday

    2019: drunk on Saturday

  19. Karan Patel

    I was gay idk why it happened, i was lost, Makonnen I hope you are alive fighting your demons bc the they lost a long time ago

    Karan Patel

    im still getting lit and idk how to feel, i gave my soul to christ bc he can defeat them but please be okay Makonnen

  20. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial

    Love you makonnen

  21. Agatha Johnson

    U still make music

    No hate but this ass

  22. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial

    Porra makonnen tu é o melhor artista do mundo caralho

  23. Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial

    Back man

  24. Russianstepchild

    If you ain’t slappin this when your goin to the club get da fuk out my face

  25. Joe charu

    Next song gonna be 'hangover Monday'😂

  26. Steveo ReKryptoNight

    How hasn't this hit over a million views?

    Dama Vênus A.K.A Blac Gueixa Oficial

    I agree

  27. gucci girl & saucetha boy rapping

    One hit wonders can't rap bro

  28. Brandon Cottingham

    You might as well had 2 dudes with you

  29. YRK_LRK

    Autotune Dxposed

  30. -AfterLife Dispatch

    fire as fuck bro.

  31. Brandon Sukut

    Thank you Makonnen.

  32. Crayon Monkey

    Club going up on a Saturday

  33. nexul haikcam


  34. King Dookie

    This shit go hard, fuck you if you think otherwise.

  35. BigUpzBrah

    Give him heat. After Tuesday comes saturday

  36. Aj Bizzle

    Ur the definition of a one hit wonder dude ur music is trash u jus had the one hit switch up ur flow bro its not that hard to make a hit ur new shit suckssssss

    King Dookie

    Bitch you got a cat avi.

  37. Punk Rxck Cheno

    🛸 Super Rare 🔥🔥

  38. Sandra Jazlowiecki


  39. L G

    🔥 🔥

  40. Isaiah Rafael

    That's bass drop... I wasnt ready. That shit scared the fuck out of me

  41. RisingLegend

    Bro you need Al Snow in a video.

  42. Christian Eddins

    Makkonen slept on

  43. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    No disrespect but I thought he only made that one song 😂😂😂

  44. A.L.K

    this popped up when i was watching the dolan twins 😂😂😂

    Elena Hernandez

    Same lol

  45. mettagr0ss

    bruh be listening to bladee

  46. FlyGuyJay100 Werts

    When you know this nigga trying to sing like Al be sure 😆

  47. Christian X'O

    Why you actin vain for my blood xdxd

  48. Jimmy Johnson

    Isn’t Makonnen gay?

  49. Trinii Bad

    Most slept on artiste

  50. I see Jewelz

    I thought he’s gay ?

  51. No Love

    Кто услышал эту песню у Афоне в видео?)

  52. unicorn nationn

    who else came here from the Dolan twins

  53. FO. TV

    Bro you got dropped for bringing your gay boyfriend wtf😩 if I was drake I would of done the same..

  54. CoolCarl222

    the fact that your gay and still try to act straight is actually annoying. your music is still next level. mak you gotta beyurself. still cant believe how much drugs you do

    Tony 901

    It's called bi


    Is that true?

  55. Corey Birnie

    why don't you sing like you do in 'I've been waiting' more often

  56. Senshii01 Creative

    I have been replaying this since 1 in the morning 🔥🔥

  57. Senshii01 Creative

    Bruh it would be so dope to make a song with this guy. One day tho 💯

  58. TheRastamon JayBlaine

    Love this got damn song

  59. Lord Jela

    Kinda lit

  60. Mansora

    I still like 2014 makonnen better

  61. Eduardo Almz Mata

    ♥ Great Song

  62. NJASZN

    I’m drunk right now, and it’s Saturday. And I fu**ing love this song. Breakups have never been as fun.

  63. shahnewaz saad

    Damn He is one talented guy! Go listen to his Fuck Love track

  64. TJVevo

    Why isn't this at 30 million... Favorite short song. ❤

  65. Austin Allen


  66. Infinite シ

    What about on a Tuesday?

  67. MrEpikone

    Every song slaps me on the face soo good .!!

  68. syny mattz

    One hit wonder?

    King Dookie

    Nah he ain't nas x

  69. Turtle looklike Urkel

    Good Music dont care if hes gay but i just cant jam in public

  70. Inez Neal

    team light skin forever

  71. NoHEENoah

    I think makonnen should do a cover to panini from lil nas x

    Turtle looklike Urkel

    That would gay as shit

  72. Mvuri Music


  73. tina vaughan

    Needs a remix

  74. Steven Lua

    Where was this filmed?

  75. Gissery

    soo fucking underrated

  76. T.O.K The Omessian King

    Have a wonderful Tuesday

  77. Aurora 131313

    When my sister seen Martha she said "oh he done got her hair done"

  78. Miracle

    Like i should ❤🔥

  79. George Washington

    great great song and awesome video

  80. Suede Smuve

    Who is the producer ?

  81. RandomFunGaming


  82. william wallace

    this sucks!! And i liked Tuesday.... he should stop NOW. He sounds like Dream, but back in 08-09. decade too late homEEEEEeeeee

    Tony 901

    U smoking.

    King Dookie

    Nah, this shit hits. You don't know

    Daniel Chavez

    King Dookie

    King Dookie

    @Daniel Chavez what's up?

  83. FlexFlinstonedTM

    🔥🔥🔥 so good!

  84. Mike P

    This song is so catchy, I love it!

  85. Dhvvgy Chfxtt

    Who wants to see Boy boy west coast on this

  86. Jordan Riley

    Magic Johnsons son???

  87. Carlos Peregrina

    Idgaf what people say about makonnen i fw him since 2012 and im still gonna do, this is straight fire.

  88. Диман Бардюр


  89. Eduard

    Sound like swae

  90. highway hero

    Damn. So rappers reallt dont rap bout their real lives?! He DAMN well aint fukn these chicks outchere. So he says


    Well it’s cause nobody really wants to hear another man rap about another guy haha it just wouldn’t be the same

    highway hero

    @Xaotsu hehehe. Yup

  91. Xaotsu

    People sleeping on this club banger

  92. Teflon Don Games

    I listen to this everyday

  93. Sean Mariani

    I fw this. Specially the intro 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  94. Matt Wakeman


  95. Dzianis Dovidovich

    People are sleeping on this dude... Smh

  96. Dennis 5

    Pin this if you love your fans.

    Brianna Barthel

    Dolan Twins brought me here 😜

    Kennedy Barnes



    Ofc he does 💗