Il Divo - The Music Of The Night Lyrics

Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses abandon their defences
Helpless to resist the notes I write
For I compose the music of the night

Slowly, gently, night unfurls it's splendor
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender
Hearing is believing music is deceiving
Hard as lightening soft as candlelight
Dare you trust the music of the night

Close your eyes, start a journey through a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before
Close your eyes, and let music set you free
Only then can you belong to me

Floating (floating), falling (falling), sweet intoxication
Touch me (touch me), trust me (trust me), savour each sensation
Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in
To the power of the music of the night
The power of the music of the night

You alone can make my song take flight
Help me make the music of the night

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Il Divo The Music Of The Night Comments
  1. Nilo Dejos

    Wow!! The music of the soul. It's so elating.

  2. Imelda Agbu

    I'm floating......

  3. Imelda Agbu

    Goosebumps... After goosebumps. This is the best of all performance I've heard of this song.

  4. Joseph Velasco

    A blend of beautiful

  5. Sam Letargo


  6. Marvie Gasel

    Oo magandang voice of Miss Lea Kung Hindi lang mayabang...

    Imelda Agbu

    May karapatan siya magyabang.

  7. Bench channel

    Wow Lea is Amazing! She's back on Broadway.

  8. CZseventyfive

    Music is music. But when you get 5 masters on the same stage. It really is transcendent. You feel the performance in your soul.

  9. Admin GenesisHealthcareConnect

    Bakit ngayon ko lang to nakita? Magnifico!!!!

  10. zeth cao

    grabe - powerful voices - love it

  11. acrognos88

    Lea i'd say again is as beautiful as her talent. A true Persona and artist to reckon with.

  12. glenda reserva

    superb !

  13. amy enriquez

    Excellente Fabulous

  14. Betty take

    Well sang Ms. Lea. Perfect!!

  15. Denny Howard

    Superb! I’ll Divo and Lea need to keep themselves together. Fabulously beautiful.

  16. senderis

    I'm kinda wanted more sound from tenors in those forte fortisimo moments, cause i've heard just Lea and bass. I'm not saying, he doing bad job, no no, duet is very beautifull, but still... I would like it more.

  17. mai hernandez

    bravo il divo! bravo ms lea! 💕

  18. Cayenne Mortensen

    Bravo !! This is absolutely beautiful and sung by five beautiful angels

  19. saisaivipa

    Why did I just discovered this!?!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰😆😆😆

  20. Danashae

    Goosebumps every single time I hear this. I've been listening to music from Phantom for 20 years and this is my absolute favorite cover of MOTN.

    Linda Summerscales

    I've been listening to it for 33 years and I agree with you!

  21. Cris OnTheRun


    I wish there was a video recording of Lea singing “Tonight” from The West Side Story.

  22. A. Young

    This is the most beautiful version of "The Music of the Night' I ever heard !!! Bravo to Lea and Il Divo : )

  23. Michele Ophir

    I've listened to Il Divo since they were formed and I'm still amazed at the absolute beauty of each of the voices. If adore opera but this is the best opera mix ever. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

  24. Jose Gutierrez

    Lea is not just for local audience. She's universally incomparable!

  25. Daniel Bassani


  26. Milca Aguilera


  27. Nicholas Lawrence

    If they had to pick one guy from Il Divo to play the Phantom, I'd say Urs would be the most suitable one.

  28. mary althene Piedad

    Lea should be Christine too!

    Nicholas Lawrence

    It's a pity Broadway/Hollywood would never consider an Asian for the role of Christine.

  29. Evy Dore

    I get so filled with emotion when I listen to Lea with Il Divo. I have tears in my eyes. I have never heard anything so beautiful.

  30. The Britz

    Lea's voice cannot be over powered by Il Divo could still hear the power of her voice when they sing in melody...awesome

    Jahanzeb Akhter

    I don't think they came to overpower. They came to complement.

  31. Joan Gunning

    Bad video but beautifully performed by the vocalists

  32. Ana Sliman

    Preciosa interpretación!❤️

  33. AiOme TV

    Excellent performance, indeed! My day is no longer complete without playing Ms. Lea Salonga's vids

  34. Elsie Alipalo

    Lea Salonga is the pride of the Philippines. Just awesome voice.

  35. severino santos


  36. Christopher Reed

    its lovely to see Lea showing off her range and ability...she's awesome.....a real privilege for these lads to sing with a beautiful vocal artist

  37. M. Butterflies Katz


  38. ThePersianTenor

    Lea should play Christine

  39. K.M.J. Coutinho

    Lea should be part of Il Divo! She brings something exciting to their sound that definitely enhances and balances it. I'm not a fan of The Phantom but bravo, bravo!

  40. Sue Grey

    Magnificent performance!

  41. Davey Diola

    Wow! Il Divo and miss Lea Salonga. I couldn't ask for more.

  42. Yolanda Neal

    Love love love this!!!

  43. Kimloraine Sanagustin

    Luv it!,,

  44. Toni Marie Paner

    Gosh! Why i'm just watching this video just now (June 4, 2019)!!!! This kind of music is such a wonderful sound to listen especially that Ms. Lea is here! Oh how i love watching and listening her singing with IL Divo! ❤

  45. rizzypot

    Wow what a very good song sang by very good singers bravo

  46. Santa Rosa Amanda Armas

    Omg she are one angel 😭😭😍❤️

  47. Jo Wee

    Can I find this version at sportify

  48. Leajen Viernes

    Amazing Ms. Lea Salonga... 😍

  49. Robert John Donesa

    beautiful, enchanting!

  50. Louis XVIII

    I love Lea Salonga’s voice. It’s so pure. Just beautiful. Her diverse musical talent is one of those once in a lifetime kind of voice. Maganda!

  51. National Federation of TTSC

    A perfect combination of incredible voices, wow! May there be another IL DIVO MUSICAL TOUR with our very own Ms. Lea Salonga.

  52. Dava Mort

    Hello miss Saigon l been with you .The Phantom of the opera. And Les Mis . I HAD THE privilege TO SEE YOU . Thanks to my very Lovely daughter..

  53. Dava Mort

    Stunning performance. Lea is a talent we can't deny.

  54. Christopher Reed

    Lea's voice is so utterly versatile.....disney princess to operatic tones...awesome

  55. Catherine Tighe

    Who are are the 25?

  56. Philippine Legendaries

    Lea must be using sorcery here hahhahahaha this performance is just so much for me to take, she could sound like a flute sometimes only with words

  57. Emilia

    When are you going to repeat this performance with Lea again?

    JAM 1967

    They already did but it was for a one night only private show in jakarta in 2016.

  58. Robin Meneses

    lea’s voice was so powerful!imagine having duets with four trenors?!and still u can here her voice!👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  59. Philip Seballos

    World class performance from the great tenors and THE Lea Salonga!(What a voice she has!In control and blends well with any great singer!)That's incredible!

  60. Arcan Gel

    That look at 1:14 though

  61. Ruel Rigor

    Lea is Genius

  62. Chandra Balbido


  63. arts and culture proud of Lea! Her voice is magical, soothing, and unequalled by any female singer in my opinion.


    They're possessed and I'm mesmerized!!!! Flawless, amazing!!!!

  65. chariza lardizabal


  66. Carl Schwab

    A perfect match...beautiful...👍🏽😘

  67. Margaret Hornall

    Seeing both Il Diva n Lea when they come to nottingham cant wait

  68. connie clayton

    Makes me want to cry, it is just that beautiful !!! What wonderful harmonies !! However, I would love to hear Lea and
    Sebastien sing it together as their voices blend so well !!!

  69. Monica Pasta De Freitas

    Maravilhosos ! Amoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  70. connie clayton

    I think Lea and Sebastien had love for one another from all the videos I have watched of Il Divo singing with Lea on this tour !!!


    Yes.. I observed how affectionate Sebastien is to Lea. such a lovely man.. and Lea is beautiful of course.

  71. connie clayton

    PERFECTION !! This is absolutely beautiful and sung by five beautiful angels !! I love Sebastien's voice with Lea's !!
    2:05-2:20. 3:30-3:42

  72. Lori Grave

    Absolutely the best version of this song I have ever heard bravo!!!!

  73. Beatriz del Valle

    I am proud to be a Filipino Ms Lea!

  74. Denise Wendt

    Would like to hear Duets with all 4 IL Divo, Lea Sebastian, Carlos, David and Uors. There's a tenderness between them which is warming to watch. They all have fantastic Tenor voices and with the right Soprano their vocals would be a force to reckon with. You heard it many times in these performances together. The beauty of being happily married people, also helps them mature, grow and enjoy what they love most which is singing and being professionals at their professions. Lea is very happily married with a beautiful daughter Nicole, so as 3 of the group now. I don't know about the elusive Carlos.

  75. Denise Wendt

    Beautiful blending voices and singing with so much passion makes it even more special. I have heard IL Divo with other artists, but with Lea Salonga, a Tony Award Recipient for her pivotal role as Kim, in the Original production of Miss Saigon, it's different, as well as beautiful, she's humble, very witty, speaks several languages, very talented, highly acclaimed for her many acting and singing roles on Broadway and in other shows, her singing voice is Princess Jasmin and Mulan on the animated Disney movies and as Tuptin in the King and I. She brings a breath of pure fresh air and a posy of daisies with her on this Tour. Her voice is so uniquely toned which has mellowed beautifully with age. Her voice is flexible to whatever she sings, It can be pop to opera. So with that special unique, angelic voice, blending with 4 fantastic Tenor voices, is like being transported from a Broadway show to a Birthday party then bam......right into a volcano eruption. All their songs together should be on their new CD. This IL Divo European Tour with Lea Salonga has been just an eruption of class and purity. This will be one of IL Divo's most UNFORGETTABLE TOURS.

    Yuri Nuqui

    I hope il divo will have another musical tour with lea. I just love listening to them

  76. slmisc

    Very beautiful! @LSFP May I ask what the source of this video is? I have the DVD of the Il Divo Live in Tokyo concert, however, my version is slightly different in the cuts and transitions in places, would love to know where this one is from...

  77. Arlene Marshack


  78. YouAreSoStupid ToTheNthDegree

    Wow. Lea Salonga can really sing anything!

  79. enrico pascual

    They did the Streisand duet arrangement with michael crawford, the real phantom of the opera.

  80. laurenschung

    when the first tenor sang, i thought, what is Lea doing here? Then, when she started...omg goosebumps! Age can make a Disney princess transcend to a Soprano! Cheers!

  81. Franco Real

    LEA's version of PANIS ANGELICUM reminds me of this one!!! PERFECTION!

  82. Franco Real


  83. Meh

    I confess I'm not a huge Phantom fan, but I'd listen to Lea Salonga sing the phone book. (Anyone remember phone books?)

  84. nebu simeoni

    Lea those notes are solid! Eargasm!

  85. Marjorie Villaroman


  86. Marjorie Villaroman

    Bravo Lea & Il Divo!!!

  87. Val Fay

    Just beautiful!

  88. Chic Francisco

    Nothing can beat Lea Salonga and Il Divo! They are over the top with their excellent voices!

  89. smc0910

    Salonga is the real revelation here. Her voice is so pliable she is able to cross different genres! And her voice harmonizes so well with these guys’. Bravo! 👏


    She has been known since she was a child. This isn't her 'revelation.' Everybody knows she can do this


    @doityourselfpb wait, shes been singing with Il Divo since she was a child?

  90. Ziphron Elliot

    I still prefer Sarah Brightman for the female vocal

    nebu simeoni

    Ziphron Elliot i guess it’s micheal Crawford who sung this song. Phantom of the Opera was the duet. 😊😊

    Philip Seballos

    Sarah is an amazing singer for Phantom BUT Lea has THE best pipes and has versatility in singing.Duh!

  91. David Morales


    National Federation of TTSC

    me, too

  92. santi santino

    Kakabwisit! Voices and faces in one! Love leah and il divo

  93. DM G

    OMG! This song takes me back to the nineties.... Just love this. Unbelievable, but true. They're amazing -
    especially Lea. You bring tears of memories to my eyes. ❤

  94. ISABEL I

    3:58 Urs enigmatic

    rene ivan

    ISABEL I 7

  95. KimElie Villaluna

    I love you miss lea salonga your my idol 😇

  96. brianno27

    grabeeehhh...halimaw si lea sa entablado.pang world class talaga! kudosss!!!!

  97. Neil

    I really have to say, Kudos to Lea and IL Divo, they never cease to amaze me. Next to the original, this happens to be my new best version of this song. I am totally blown away by the harmonies and power of their combined vocals!

  98. Chaguz Antonio Oca

    OMG WTF 2:05-2:20 WOW

    ACTUALLY THE WHOLE PERFORMANCE MAKES ME SAY WTF HOW CAN THIS BE SO GREAT. This is just so perfect especially the harmonies, man.

    Chaguz Antonio Oca

    They made me love this song even better

    Chaguz Antonio Oca

    The ending wtf

    Yes, I am.

    I had to relisten to the part multiple times. Almost sounds autotuned. Which wouldn't be a problem anyway because of how talented Lea is without it.

    Philippine Legendaries

    That "before" though hahhahahha I wet my pants lol

    Anne Margaret Inding

    It was not autotuned

  99. Reoga Holinagi

    lea can switch from disney-like voice to -theatrical to opera im verrrrry amazed

    Reoga Holinagi

    i almost forgot she also sings pop songs

    K.M.J. Coutinho

    She is extremely talented and versatile and pretty, too. 👍👍

    archie trinidad

    The difference between a pop, R&B mAinstream singers vs. A Broadway and west end diva. They have the ryt technique and proper training.. Classically that is. So be it pop, ballad, folk, country, musical or just a simple ABC song BRING IT!! Aside from the fact that they always do it back up singers or auto tune needed.

    Dream Travel

    because she is also classically trained