Ignite - Man Against Man (No For An Answer) Lyrics

Pigment a simple color of skin
No definition of where I fit in
Blind hatred
Just a matter of pride
Preservation of the demon inside of you
Man against man
Man against man
Man against man
The evil inside
Taken to a frightful extreme
Blame them for the misfortune they've seen
Not perfect
He's only less than a man
Not worthy
To walk on this land as you
Man against man
Man against man
Man against man
The evil inside of you
You're guilty for having poison in hand
Separation for those who don't understand
We're a species only one form alive
There's no black or white just you
Man against man
Man against man
Man against man
Evil inside of you...

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Ignite Man Against Man (No For An Answer) Comments
  1. tvrapedmybrain

    now i´m 32, that means i love this tune the half time of my life

  2. vadermask//mass retaliation

    Is this remastered? I had no idea TKO rereleased this.

  3. clint chason

    ever heard judge? '...


    never! are they good?

    clint chason

    if your into hardcore straight edge.

  4. XxxsickxboyxxX

    One of the best songs ever! Thx to Dan and his guys!

  5. Lexicon Devil

    just thanks for your collective creative output Dan.longtime listener & reader

  6. mouzloaf

    This makes my dick hard.


    Best of the best old school HxC

  8. RawkGuy72

    No For An Answer were an incredible hardcore band, with substantial lyrics!

  9. mark bass

    is this a one off or are you guys NFAA going to record anything else (new stuff) and where can i get this ep from

  10. Skott Daltonic

    this 7" is fantastic. the other 2 songs are killers, too. great hardcore by great bands. great dudes, too.

  11. shkovictzar


  12. Dan O'Mahony

    Awesome that somebody made this available... to be clear though, Joe from Unity wrote the opening riff, Gavin from NFAA arranged it with him, and I (Dan) wrote all of the lyrics. It was never a Unity song they did one called better man, Ignite did an NFAA cover and put a cool twist on it. Enjoy!

    vadermask//mass retaliation

    Dan O'Mahony
    Send me all of your articles you wrote for MRR, please Dan.

  13. tahcria

    Thanks so much for sharing the good music! Take good care of yourself. Thanks again!

  14. shkovictzar

    @kingpossie Im not from the US, I'm form Europe, Serbia to be specific :) so I wasnt on the release party, adn I dont have official release, just crappy MP3

  15. kingpossie

    Brilliant ! Could you put the rest of the EP up as well ? Were you at the release party or did you get it from TKO ? Cheers from the Netherlands