Iglesias, Julio - Moonlight Lady Lyrics

There were beggars and kings in a magical sky
There were wings in the air and I learned how to fly
There was me, there was you in a world made for two
Then you were gone

Moonlight lady
Come along with me
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me
Moonlight lady
Come along with me
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me

She was satin and lace on the beach
And her beauty was there to inspire
She was loving the night in the grasp
Of a soft lit fire

Moonlight lady
Come along with me
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me
Moonlight lady
Come along with me
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me

Every night is so empty without you
I'm so lonely since you went away
If by chance we could dance to the music
Let it play, let me say

Moonlight lady
(Sexy, sexy lady)
Come along with me
(You just drive me crazy)
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me
Moonlight lady
(Sexy, sexy lady)
Come along with me
(You just drive me crazy)
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me

Seems it never rains in Southern California
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me
It never rains in California
But, girl, don't they warn ya
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me

Seems it never rains in Southern California
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me
It never rains in California
But, girl, don't they warn ya
To the bright city lights
It's all right 'cause tonight's on me

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Iglesias, Julio Moonlight Lady Comments
  1. azwan hashim

    Real madrid castilla goal keeper..

  2. yvonne stewart

    I love you so much especially when you sing this song can l come along with you.

  3. yvonne stewart

    I love you singing this song so lovely and I wish I could just to be with you forever

  4. Kristian Lislegaard

    I love this song

  5. Peter Teixeira

    Those synthesizers😬😪.

  6. Steven Smith

    In 1984, I was program director of two radio stations in Tennessee. The FM was 100,000 watts of beautiful music. Stations with that format never got much phone action, but the lines would light up whenever we played this. People from 5 states would call to ask who and what it was, and would we play it again? It's timeless and ageless ... great stuff.

  7. Victorine O.

    I love you Julio 😘😘😘

  8. withoutatrace

    Where are you my moonlight lady?

  9. Mara U

    Qué Le Ha Pasado? Qué Dios Lo Bendiga!

  10. inns Garvey

    Julio is The driver of good music

  11. Serena Lynn

    I'm 23 years old now. It's 2020, and I would just play this song to see the smile on my dad's face as he reminisce the good times.

  12. nesro Mignon

    He cross the world bay his art and voice
    The greatest ever jolio
    He touch my feelings in 2020

  13. Angelo Paulo


  14. Moktar Zaini

    Still listening 2020...

  15. Małgorzata Ewa Tuszyńska

    An act of devotion to GOD the SHALLEST ARTIST
    God the Father, the most brilliant Creator!
    I entrust to you, humbly and confidently, the entire artistic world, to all those who are extremely sensitive and love beauty in particular. Take us, Father, to your Master Creative Academy. Please, let our art bring the whole world closer to Your Divine Genius, let us want and be able to imitate You as the Greatest Artist who leads us to an ever deeper knowledge of beauty and goodness in the service of the Church and other people, and above all for Your glory. Lord, I offer you all of us with everything you have equipped us.
    I also give you our weaknesses. Please, push the temptation of pride away from us. Lord, let us serve the beauty we create and show your reality full of love and purity, where there is no distortion and ugliness. Guard us like your pupil. Guard us, God, in the Holy Spirit. Please send him to us, to give us wisdom and revelation, to light the eyes of our hearts, let us know you and relate our whole life to you, only to you. Please, Father, through Jesus Christ. Amen
    night from 16 to 17 June 2011 / 25/09/2019

  16. peace please

    dicembre 27 2019

  17. Ncediwe Lukwe

    I cant stop smiling when I'm listening to Julio Iglesias music he sings beautifully I do wish I can get his collection of his songs

  18. Judy Sherry

    Ghost good night. I'm doing it again. It should be easier to resist the urge but I think you're a addiction to me. I usually have more control over my head and heart and soul. But you Butler! Me

  19. Pål Sørensen

    Dette er verdens beste kjærligtsang .😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😚

  20. Любовь Снопова

    Замечательный певец. Оригинальный творческий потенциал в нем неисекаем. Приятно слушать, видеть его замечательную улыбку.С любовью Россия.

  21. Teofilo

    JULIO es el REY de la BALADA.

  22. Mohamed Vahed

    wow. dedicated to the greateat woman to walk this earth. my wife fathima


    BEAUTIFUL. 🕺💎💓💓💓😘

  24. Billy Costine

    Julio, you were a Moonlight singer. What a wonderful singer he was, in Spanish or English. Nobody else could sing his songs.

  25. Carmen Garcia

    Ermosa cansion 😘👍

  26. Ann De Bondt

    Bring us back to the 80s please, when music was music!

  27. A1sausie

    Love the Albert Hammond tribute at the end

  28. John Baines

    not fair this man has so much talant

  29. robert bernier

    Thanks for all the memories

  30. R D

    Oh men this song...... just beautiful 🦋

  31. merita magnusson

    So Lovely

  32. Ainsley Ameerali

    My dad and mom always danced this ... now heaven has them ... still dancing

  33. Calna Muchenje

    oh my ...this is great. you are a true legend Julio

  34. Beth Davis

    There was Spain there was Julio there was my paycheck need I say more dad???

  35. Wládia Rocha

    Um brinde 🥂 ao meu bom gosto musical.Amo as músicas do Júlio Iglesias ♥️💫♥️💫♥️💫♥️💫

  36. Nhlanhla Nene

    This song reminds me of my ex girlfriend, Queen. 2013-2014

  37. rayooo blanco

    que te de la espalda Él, es muy bello y es eterno. Y no es lo que considera el sentido común.

  38. rayooo blanco

    Dios siempre me da la espalda, pero es su espalda.

  39. rayooo blanco

    ahí tenéis, mi sentido común, mi ser hacedor de males.

  40. rayooo blanco

    Dios no quiere mi todo, sino mi granito de arena.

  41. rayooo blanco

    en fin, yo no digo qué injusto eres por condenarme, su castigo es justo y necesario, pero que considere mi poco, lo que no falté.

  42. rayooo blanco

    mientras tu, sentido común, sólo tienes eso, sentido común.

  43. rayooo blanco

    ya que por ser hacedor de males no me atrevo ni a los suelos a mirar, pero le pido que considere lo poco que puedo dar.

  44. rayooo blanco

    y si me dice que soy un hacedor de males pues quién soy yo para negarlo, pero pongo mis hechos males, mis faltas, en Él.

  45. rayooo blanco

    si Dios me dice qué pelotudo que sos, ojalá, porque viene de Dios.

  46. rayooo blanco

    y que Dios te bendiga.

  47. rayooo blanco

    te molesta que yo me menosprecie respecto de Dios, más me menospreciaré.

  48. rayooo blanco

    el truco está en el amar a Dios sobre todas las cosas.

  49. Nhlanhla Shabalala

    Been a fan since I was a kid. Only heard Moonlight Lady a week ago. Joie de vivre!!

  50. DylanPartner1


  51. pmay222

    This is music for ladies that gomon holiday with their mum. . And wear cardigans with gold sandals,
    And excessive gold chains, rings and horrid make up with chanel no5 scent. . 😃

  52. Beth Davis

    I love you so much Daddy!

  53. Pamela Bauernfeind

    I will always love this song and love you Julio......Me and my baby girl.....

  54. 에뜨랑제

    Love is you

  55. Victor Vincent Wadeya

    Been in office and then all of a sudden i remembered this classic. now here i am feeling the awesome vibe of this hit.

  56. Monalisa Barrett

    Julio, let me be your moonlight lady...

  57. Mone Toia

    The og Spanish mack daddy

  58. Pamela Bauernfeind

    so very sad

  59. Pamela Bauernfeind

    this is so sad that no one else has commented on this video......my daughter and I still dance to this song...love you so much

  60. Fin R

    ¿Por qué no todos los gentes del mundo escuchan a está canción?!

  61. Craig Williams

    There should be a seperate YouTube for haters! Why on earth would anyone hate this song? Please let me help you and tell me why you would thumbs down? You took the time to listen long enough to make such a FU point? Or you just do it to any song that auto plays by mistake?

  62. Daniel Rodriguez

    Lo bueno de la Madre patria!!!!!

  63. Tristan Muchwano

    Check out my dance remix of this song

  64. Thomas Bleming

    Definitely nostalgic.

  65. Tony Harty

    His voice is so smooth, he was born to sing.

  66. Rafael Torres

    I was 13yrs old back in 84 and i could still remember hearing this song.... this song made me imagine traveling the world and feeling full of life.. Julios songs still touch me today..

  67. D. Nice

    Enrique who ?????

  68. Elizabeth Mencia

    I own this album...saw him in a music store..yummy

  69. Tashania Wallace

    Its 2019 and im loving this song 😍💕🤩

    Mama Bear

    Me Too 💖

    Gina Marullo

    Word. 🙌


    JULIO el único cantante de habla hispana que ha triunfado en todo el mundo.

    Johan Lebbing

    It`s 29th of december..........me too.

    Karn Allsop

    Me too (2020) 🎶👍

  70. Gatoi Salvaje

    No se ..si alguien..pueda superar esta ...forma de ..Cantar..El gran maestro ...de muchos...que se quieren ..Colgar de Él...te Amo ..julio....🌹🌿🌴😎💋💚

  71. Ron Singh

    This man has the sweetest voice in the English world god bless him

  72. collins Maithya

    Dedicate this song to one and only Catherine, it was the best feeling ever.

  73. josePeru

    Mi hijo se llama JULIO IGLESIAS en honor al cantante mas grande de todos los tiempos en la historia de la música.

  74. Josenis Nice

    Meu coracao doi sangra chora grita quando escuto essas musicas queria poder voltar no tempo .💔💔💕💕💕💕

  75. Shannon Saria


  76. Veena Lakhan

    I could marry this man

  77. Gwenhwyfar Guinevere Jennifer

    When I'm a round girl on the boxing ring before they play this song constantly...really love this song so much ... ♥♥♥

  78. erby1kabogey9

    I remember my elderly, extremely religious grandmother would be filled with lust whenever Julio was even mentioned. She had his poster on the wall opposite of her bed so he would be the first thing she would see when she woke up lol. Great times! Always think of her every time I hear this song. Miss you abuela xoxo

  79. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #17 on the adult contemporary charts in 1984!!!

  80. Valentena Upton


  81. Mary Cope

    Bob song to me 80s. Listening in 2019〽️🎤

  82. Matthew Bryson

    Coolest pervert ever. Wish that dude could introduce me to some fine ladies.

  83. bsc nyc

    Certainly! With all my ♥️&soul!!!

  84. itsme christy

    I wonder where EC is. She is AWOL a lot lately. I am torn. I wish she would stop using FB and find another platform. I really loathe her for what she did to me. Cowardice. Had to get approval to be rude and unfriend/block me. She is a faker. Really said unkind things about c and j. But they sing her praises regardless. It must be beneficial to them somehow. Sometimes I miss her though, and i wonder what she is doing. I wonder if she understands now that my PM was about disrespecting her and not about sex. She said if I were a man she would feel the same way. I am sorry she took it so badly, but it wasn't that bad. I showed her the difference between an innocuous flirtation and over-the-top banter. She wasn't supposed to ever read it. So she can blame herself.

  85. Stephanie Hays

    Here we go Pam! I will always have you in my 💙💚💜💛

  86. JayGanesh Krishnan

    Legend of the legend indeed

  87. Anne Marie Ghislain

    j adore comme tout ce qu' il chante un régal et en plus quel charme

  88. Mary Vanderpoel

    Pick me for the moonlight lady,Julio.I love your smile and white teeth.

  89. Edward Steven

    Suena muy parecido la música del fondo al What a fool believes de Doobie Brothers, e incluso a Rita Lee con su Lanza Perfume.

  90. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Just like Julio and his music. Love his music.

  91. Anita Samarripa

    BELLIIIZIMA 🌉🌉🌉⛼☄☄☄☄☄☄☄☄⛼🌃🌃🌌🌌🌌⛺⛺⛺🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝

  92. kinraade

    Dirty Wog Bastard

  93. Bobby Serrano

    Back in the days I had an older sister and her idol was this amazing artist whom she fell in love with

  94. josePeru

    JULIO IGLESIAS es el cantante mas grande de todos tiempos en la historia de la musica, gracias al poder de su voz sentimental y sus canciones maravillosas.

  95. eafn eafn

    I used to listening to it , when I was in Belize City

  96. Shadow 00

    I love it, his voice is so pure😄😍😘😘😘

  97. pablo demoro

    Si como olvidar a estas baladas

  98. Joel Mclean

    9 years old , the cassette on repeat in my dads car. miss him gone 5 years now so many good memories