Iglesias, Julio - 99 Miles From L.A. Lyrics

Keeping my eyes on the road, I see you.
Keeping my hands on the wheel, I hold you
99 miles from L.A. I kiss you, I miss you, please be there
Passing a white sandy beach, we're sailing
Turning the radio on, we're dancing
99 miles from L.A. I want you, I need you, please be there
The windshield is covered with rain, I'm crying
Pressing my foot on the gas,
I'm flying
Counting the telephone poles, I phone you
Reading the signs on the road, I write you
99 miles from L.A.
We're laughing, we're loving, please be there
We're laughing, we're loving, please be there

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Iglesias, Julio 99 Miles From L.A. Comments
  1. Anita Jones

    This is the best version of this song I heard. Sooooo good.

  2. Wládia Rocha

    Amo essa música 💕

  3. D Nag

    Rich in music ...marvelous

  4. Pita Vrolijk

    Dit is de cd van me ex man en mij .hij werkte in een shaorma zaak na sluitingtijd werd dit op gezet ..mooie tijd ...soms lopen dingen anders .

  5. Angelo Lozano

    This is the gold standard of music.

  6. Maria Angelica Haedo


  7. Ksenia Fokina


  8. big link


  9. Ester Capeleto das Neves

    Sensacional, bravo!

  10. Danuta Dab

    It’s raining and it got dark on the long highway.
    What a lonly way!
    I drive mile after mile thinking about him.
    What a night! What a silence! If he knew
    that I’m rushing thinking about him ❤💋

  11. Suely C Bezerra


  12. Sylvia Temple

    Very nice~~~

  13. Bubba John

    To the good old days. XX

  14. Metro 360

    he covered the Legendary Johnny Mathis with class. nice!

  15. DebsLuvsMusic

    Beautiful song....love it so much! ❤❤❤

  16. dale cota

    this version sucks sounds like hes drunk

  17. Ster Capelleto

    Julio desta vez você extrapolou. maravilhosa canção e tu canta como ninguém. Beijos amor

  18. zeher Edit

    Multumesc !!!
    minunat muzica ta Julio Íglesias 😇multumesc!

  19. Irina Slastnikiva

    Excellent !

  20. saraiva da silva vasco

    sem comentarios quando as palavras sao poucas para defenir este senhor apenas isso um grande senhor