Iggy Pop - The Horse Song Lyrics

I never saw you before
I never sound strained before
Now i'm at your door
And i hope you're unusual
Very unusual
Now i'm at your door

And when you nicely ask me in
I'm staring at your shoes
And i don't wonder why
I feel like a horse

We can stray out on the open range
Missing me every day with its hidden claws
Spring snow

And when you brush me
Brush me with your eyes
I think you've noticed that
I don't want to be a bad guy anymore

I never saw you before
But you're unusual
And now i'm at your door
I feel safe and warm

I feel
I feel
I feel
I feel

Like a horse

Ha ha ha ha
What's this?

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Iggy Pop The Horse Song Comments
  1. Lawrence Scott

    Animal Records

  2. terrypussypower

    I bought this amazing LP the week it came out....Easily one of Iggy’s best albums, love this to death!

  3. Mike D

    Just listened to Instinct. What a different feel. Iggy you're like a dad to me...can I borrow the car?

  4. David Guyett

    This is a special record, hard to get on CD. I got it on vinyl, listened to it a lot in late 80s. A friend bought it on CD in Japan in 1993, but now it isn't available

    NatDmc 85

    I bought a still wrapped cassette of this album at a garage sale few years ago, it's one of my treasured favorites.

  5. Ben Turner

    i need to purchase this entire album

  6. Magnarius

    God.oh God again.

  7. P Brickley

    It reminds me a great deal of horses.

  8. Peter Isaacson

    great song !!!!!

  9. robert dekoch

    I bought this on vinyl when it came out. The CD version I can get now only has a shitty live version. Cool to find this.

  10. Tom Gouker

    zombie birdhouse...great album every songs is amazing

  11. DailyBrusher

    Jesus, I've been listening to this song for about 30 years, and I didn't get the "like a horse" line until just now!

    Sophie Pomfret


    Shannen Hansen

    what does it mean? Also does anyone feel like this song is faster than it is on record?

    Trip Lucid

    think of how a castrated horse feels, or a worn out "nameless horse" to have to get off of while drowning at sea???

    David Guyett

    And what is the revelation ??

    David Guyett

    @Sophie Pomfret Likewise.....what ??

  12. Drew Shelly

    i had this on one of those dreadfull "floppy" discs out of NME if i remember

    Fu*king pure class :)

  13. Sigh952

    We want Iggy!!! (best song off record)

  14. Clerjyman

    i've seen Iggy many times, but have yet to see him tamper with any Dwarves, let alone seven.

  15. EPhilly

    Where does he keep Snow White?

  16. Gypsyscotty9

    I Agree with you.

  17. Tyler Smith

    you got a long way to go :P

  18. Jonathan P

    I don't want to be a bad guy any more either

  19. mattisprettycool

    The Leaving Trains' cover is better than this


    mattisprettycool Pfff! Yeah, in your DREAMS! I just checked their version out and it sucks compared to this!

  20. nortexrunner

    spring snow!!

  21. WonderfulDenmark

    @leonakita I dont know what he means by it. Theyre his rider demands. in the book i was reading it was in quotations, as if no one knows what the fuck he means by "seven dwarves".

    Trip Lucid

    WonderfulDenmark =think of how a castrated horse feels, or a worn out "nameless horse" to have to get off of while drowning at sea???

  22. leonakita

    @WonderfulDenmark wow.. u mean seven real midgets?.... isn't there some law against that?

  23. WonderfulDenmark

    Apparently, Whenever he does a concert he demands that "seven dwarves" be kept backstage at all times.

  24. woodyt56

    very Bowie-esque

  25. lippyduck

    I've always wondered why he laughs "What's this?" at the end and imagine someone plonking some comic horse-related item in his hands while his eyes are shut.

  26. mortytoad

    Such an underrated song off an underrated album.

  27. Bob Kwan

    @jannais75 perhaps ... i heared it around 1986 the first time. i was a little bit shocked, the music was so different ... i think this album is really great, i just love to listen to it

  28. sokollu

    Man thanks latest comments. I've seen this album dogged out so many times. It remains a favourite of mine no doubt.
    Spring Snow!