Iggy Pop - Pain And Suffering Lyrics

Pain and suffering
Turn things to blood
A power floats
Upside down in a river of mud
A skull of a goat
Makes love to you
You're my doll
A pet who meows
And blood and hate
The blood that's everywhere

Suffering, i am terminating this world
I'm your father now
No more shelter, no more fun
Human race, you're going to writhe now
Heh heh heh heh
I am angry
A tall building fell on daddy

Pain and suffering
I am destruction
I am angry
I am total

Pain and suffering
The pain, the pain
No birds are singing
Here comes armageddon

No more shelter
No more fun
Human race
I've got you

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Iggy Pop Pain And Suffering Comments
  1. OfLanceTheLonginus

    Love this track

  2. i don't know either

    what im going through

  3. Vant

    Rock & Rule

  4. RurouniK95

    This song was played in the movie Rock & Rule

  5. blackmore4

    He's sooooo funny.

  6. The Finker

    Hey, This ones different than the CD bonus track. Debbie Harry's on it!

  7. Tom Bingham

    Pain and suffering (Pain and suffering)
    Red wine turns to blood (Pain and suffering)
    A cow floats
    Upside down in a river of mud
    The skull of a ghost makes love to you
    You're my doll

    A cat, black with green eyes 
    And blood everywhere

    I am terminating this world (Pain and suffering)
    I want to break into your walls
    Where you're having fun
    And I want to rip you limb from limb 
    And tear you up
    And I want you to fall
    While your father crawls
    And your mother

    Here come the armies
    Your breath is screaming
    As your head hang bloody from your elbow

    I am destruction (Pain and suffering)
    I am angry (Pain and suffering)
    I am mighty
    I am black Armageddon

    A tall building falls under you (Pain and suffering)
    No bells are ringing
    No birds are singing
    What pain, grows

    No more shelter
    No more fun
    The human race?
    You are going down
    I want to break in, break down your four walls
    And make you crawl, crawl

  8. joshua hallman

    I just purchased this song on ITunes, finally :)