Iggy Pop - James Bond Lyrics

She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
Well, it's not for a price and it's not to be nice
She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she'll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)

She walks like him
Talks like him too
She can suss out the spy
Even if it's you
She trusts no one
Not even herself
She makes no sudden moves
Chalks it up to stealth

She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
Well, it's not for a price and it's not to be nice
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)
She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she'll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond

Nuts melt in her mouth
But not in her hand
No need to figure it out
She just likes M&Ms
Sweet to the taste
Bitter in the gut
'Cause she fills them up
With you know what

She will not be shamed
(She will not be shamed)
She will not be blamed
(She will not be blamed)
When she confuses a tune
She blames it on you
Screaming, "You're insane
You're insane"

Didn't make the rules, so don't blame me
Most fools gravitate to vanity
And her sanity is insanity
Driving off while making you feel guilty
(James Bond)

She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she'll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)
She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She'll become a double agent if you try her patience
So let her be your James Bond
(James Bond)
Let her be your James Bond
Just let her be your James Bond

Save the day, baby

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Iggy Pop James Bond Comments
  1. Wanda Fischetti


  2. robert plaza


  3. Rave Mulatov


  4. Daniel Korosec

    needless, but charisma and needles
    tunes making nervous, like who can stand
    so in front of a chimney loosely ;))

  5. Monty Benks


  6. Gerry Roberts

    Alright iggy, some great music, last i heard he was doing standards with.. Françoise Hardy & Iggy Pop - I´ll Be Seeing You - YouTube from 2000.

  7. Laura Campana

    Et j"aimerais que vous disparaissiez de mon visuel^^ A un moment il faut s'arrêter avant de devenir ridicule, comme le jonie ;)

  8. Sky Style


  9. Patrice Catanio

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Long live Iggy!!!

  10. TheBrain2012

    good song, girls can`t get enough!

  11. Louise J K Henshaw

    To move from Michigan , to Berlin and then end up in Florida , Its a huge transition .Enjoy the transatlantic benefits xxxx

  12. Nico Dacher

    Very good $ cool

  13. Emily Palacios

    Love this

  14. Tolmach

    Вот жеж хитрожопый ДЕД )) Великолепен

  15. Joromo84

    She wants to be your Inteleooooooon.

  16. Luis Perez

    I want to be your James bond

  17. mitch oko

    Faut savoir dire stop avant d'autodétruire sa légende !

  18. Hypno Artist Agency

    cant stop listening.... Iggy rules!

  19. Rolo Tomassi

    Ho watch this in 2020?

  20. Rolo Tomassi

    Everyone: Iggy is dead
    Me: He is covered in Leather and Heroine

  21. Mr RockNRoll

    Iggy Pop is Jesus...nuff said

  22. James burns Fisher

    It's great to see Iggy alive and well.

  23. Jesus Makis

    ρε μαλακα αστους james bond και ελα Ελλαδα να κανουμε λιγη πανκ

  24. Falco Perez

    Dommage bejrks

  25. Falco Perez

    Bordel de merfe 25 ans .
    Mais Iggy drague ma meuf

  26. timetowaste

    If this wasnt Iggy pop it wouldn't get further than a local wedding bands garage sessions

  27. truehighlander666

    One of my favorite tracks on the album

  28. kiminsky

    Your Poetry blooms, all else contributes to the Poem. I would like to express my thanks

  29. foto21com

    I thought he was off of drugs....hate to say it, but there needs to be a guitarist or producer to reign Iggy in. He can write real songs, but this one takes way too long to get going, and the drums are terrible, as in, canned. Did he play the guitar himself? He must have.

  30. Classic Rhythms & Sounds

    The Them for "Dr. Pop"

  31. John Snyder

    This song is so fucking dumb and that's what makes it so great.


    FK HER. abuses time and she will soon painfully learn nobody gets erased. Life is short and if someone likes to pretend day after day they get left behind. Grow up Airhead.


    Well she can forget it. She is my Pussy Galore or nothing.

  34. Filippo Garavini

    Master of pleasure

  35. Jean-Yves Evrard

    is'nt you cf ?

  36. Raphael de Lelis Funchal

    Very good!


    Qui à connue IGGY POP dans le film "Les Gamins" ?

  38. No Name

    He just keeps doing it. Absolutely amazing.

  39. Cody Chenoweth

    Wild child, pumping for Jill, Candy. And now James Bond. Iggy is awesome!

  40. Siggi Strangelove

    I want this to be the Bond 25 song-
    If a female bond , give us an iggy osng

  41. 米村環

    Who are James Bond?

  42. Larde Videodiscs

    1.25 speed ftw


    Man this is just awful how do so many people like this and why do those hack review outlets review this favorably. This is legit terrible. This song sounds like something my grandfather would right after 4 weeks of guitar lessons thinking the lyrics are real cool. Can anyone explain to me how you tolerate this shit?


    Something about it is entrancing. probably the bassline

  44. MoguxoL

    "i wanna be a boy inside of your chocolate womb, please."

  45. Little Umbrella

    She wants to be your BINYOT


    Waiting room for an explanation of what's going on with this song

    Tech Mech

    @J which stream?


    @Tech Mech I've seen it in a few streams but just came here from Halo Reach part 1


    fuck off

  46. Chinolyn

    Very pop :/

  47. Laura Campana

    Mouais A un moment faut savoir arrêter avant d'être ridicule Iggy pop sera il la prochaine risée du monde après johnny ? Ah, le fric, ils sont capables de tout pour ça, y compris de se ridiculiser à 73 ans avec une doublure informatique pour rectifier le son de leur vieille voix éraillée. Merci madame l'informatique^^

  48. Роман СПб

    Игги крутой

  49. Oliwia Zalewska

    Best song

  50. Mister Arnauna De Lisio Clips & Pics

    Sempre Grande! :-)

  51. GiGi ProdiGi

    Awesome Song and awesome Album

  52. Robert Sterner

    I take her*

  53. Alexis AN AN Narezo


  54. Panos Giotis

    So bad song..

  55. Aurélie Moulin

    Je comprends pas qu’on puisse dire oui à une daube pareil...pas de rythme, pas de paroles. Nul !

  56. And iu And

    T E A M O.

  57. Larde Videodiscs

    Song is so bad it’s good

  58. Nathan Chalmers

    This is going to be an earworm song that will pop in my head randomly I just know it

    out/about xicago

    This is the seventh time I've listened to this

    Jamie B


  59. indu 2


  60. Tiger Trophy

    Ouch, sometimes art hurts . More to woman than meets the eye. So is power control and kaos.
    Maxwell Smart

  61. Dean McGee

    You brought on the TrUmPeTS 🎺🍻

  62. romaiak

    iggy pop sopika

  63. Public Public

    Thunder Pop

  64. paul sanini

    I listened.. thank you

  65. murat pakten

    Bursa Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷peace

  66. Canard_Solitaire

    My Name is Bond, James Bond

  67. Craig Goodwin

    The man

  68. Ron Birchard

    Great song Iggy, a fantastic new album you got.
    Hope you might come through town on your next tour - if your touring again.
    All the the best to ya

  69. Michael Hegyan

    Only Iggy could write and sing a tune..as this..

  70. Dio Stractor

    Exellent trumpet solo

  71. Frank Romero

    I love this song. Iggy is the man, nicest genuine guy ever too.

  72. MoistMessenger

    beats great.. lyrics could use some reworking.. love iggy forever tho

  73. Ropeacola

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZv18fH66h4 - New Bond Song - No Time to Die.

  74. Anne Anne

    I Love You.... Pop, Iggy Pop ♡♡♡♡

  75. Liam Stayner

    Saruman is that you?

  76. Stivanos D2

    That bass 👌

  77. van daale

    ziemlich langweiliger scheiss; leider.

  78. S7yx0

    At first, I was shocked by the news of 007 becoming a woman.

    But frankly, if they put this tune as the opening song, I won't be mad anymore. At all.

  79. Lella F

    Iggy Pop David Bowie .,the best⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ 🔝🔝🔝🔝

  80. Phil Brakmar

    J'adore cette chanson

  81. micmac09

    Roublard mais funky !

  82. Adam Sendler

    Fuck yeah!!

  83. dimitri ermolenko

    this is just soooo bad...unbelivable..when i heard that shit in the radio i was thinking who the fuck produces shit like this and why...and i thought that its probably some old star who wonts some fame again...boy was i right...man just stop that shit igy please...you did it already...you dont neet that ...this is just awefull
    this is just the proof that if you once made it you can go shit and there will be always some idiots who loove it....unbelivable....most people here seem to have their ears up their ass

  84. Blessed Grandpap

    I’m just going to say this out loud ...This really sucks.

    Mungo Finalfi

    This song sure does.
    Loves missing does not.

  85. Fred Burtt

    Iggy! He just keeps getting better

  86. GoFuck Yourself

    iggy needs nothing. Hence the silence

  87. ferrone666

    Sei il migliore da sempre!!

  88. duclos joel

    super j adore

  89. Joe Curran

    Here for PINS, soz Iggy xo

  90. 01Aleph

    Thank you Iggy for this great album and for each album and song you recorded .

  91. SIM MIS


  92. Stefano Bracchi

    Gigantesco Ritorno

  93. John Vatatzes


  94. Corrinne Adkinson

    Bow down to the legend of punk.x

  95. Lou Cobain

    My name is Pop, Iggy Pop 😎

  96. Pauly

    Iggy should change his name to Bad Ass