Iggy Pop - German Days Lyrics

Speak easy
Knock on the door
They'll check you out
Through the peep hole

There's a man
Who knows what you want
There's a girl
Who'll capture your flag

Glittering champagne on ice
Garish and overpriced

Champagne on ice
Dish overpriced

And Pope Benedict
Brilliant brains
And the end of pain

Must germinate
In a German way

Garish and overpriced
Glittering champagne on ice

Berlin and Christ
Champagne on ice

German Days
German Days
German Days
German Days

German Days

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Iggy Pop German Days Comments
  1. Raul Moya

    Que pedazo de temazo!!!!!

  2. jóska hornkiller123

    Am I wrong or there's a tenor horn in this song?

  3. zosia kuźniar

    Ta piosenka jest najlepsza !

  4. Pera Oroslamoski

    one of the best album in decade

  5. Lachlan Foley

    That breakdown at 3:11 is somethin' else.

  6. Mansun Little kix

    Love Iggypop he’s the best. You can really hear the doors influence here. Dreamy. 😍

    Rob Jones

    Well observed.
    Ig was a big fan of The Doors.

  7. Soundtrack Cat

    3:01 - 3:20

  8. Arcarksharklarks

    First we'll take the Mad hatter, then we'll take...visit Berlin.

  9. Arcarksharklarks

    ley lines, migrate. A mobile home.

  10. lunatik

    I didn't like this song right away, but now i can't live without it

  11. Jack Kelly

    songi s bad ass dope

  12. Raymonde Sherman

    I like Bowie so much that I inevitably like Jim ...at least he's not cutting himself sounds great Iggy xxx

  13. tootallification

    This song would be better as an instrumental.

  14. bbarrera86

    i wanted to love this album but iggy just overdoes the vibrato and i dont like how it sounds

  15. Federico Moreno

    temible, què temazo!

  16. Hasan Sina

    It's an awesome album.... full of his wisdom

  17. 01Aleph

    Brilliant album one of the best albums this year including Bowie's ''Blackstar'' tnx for this upload ..cheers !!!

    Christo Roppolo

    I think this and the viagra boys are the top contenders. Peace Christo 👽🎶☮️🛸🐕💀

  18. Los Mandolanos

    Man, this guy. So much power and energy to his age.

  19. assmane999

    I always want to comment on these videos because this album is so damn good!! Instantly one of my faves.

  20. SummersPep

    OMG... Iggy has clothes on!!! This is Amazing.. Thanks for uploading.☀️

  21. oria mariesarah

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  22. Arne S

    The Doors to Berlin!

  23. Christine Harrelson

    I can't help but hear a lot of Bowie here. German days indeed ...

    Omar Rubio

    Christine Harrelson oh yes but they were close friends for quite a while

    Christo Roppolo

    I’m pretty sure that’s intended! Yes? Peace Christo 👽🐕🎶🛸☮️☮️💀

  24. marchbell

    very very good, thank you very much!

  25. Lesa Miller

    Looking forward to your show at The Greek tonight, Iggy! Glad you're relaxing beforehand. ;)

  26. eivissaporlavida g

    it s impossibie to do not go back to the '77 triology sounds of Low Lodger Heroes and it s kind of wish of seeing both on stage singing this  album

  27. Richard Paredes Lagos

    Que temazo por Dios!!!!!!!!!!

    Funk Gomez

    +Richard Paredes Lagos- la verdad q si loco,,,,temon

    Mr. O'Cuack

    +Richard Paredes Lagos Era imposible que no salga algo bueno de estos tipos. Capos capos