Idol, Billy - World Comin' Down Lyrics

For the kids in the schools
And the teachers are fools
And you just want to break

Well you're close to the edge
And you're pissed at your work
And your boss is just a jerk

From promises to preachers
And nothing is Nietzsche
And I can't stand the church

I can have my opinion
And I don't want to win ya
Now I just have to work...alright!

I feel the whole world comin' down on me [x2]

Well the judge and the jury
They thought they could school me
And teach me the value of thrift

They put me inside on a one ta five
And I just have to quit

Well early in the morning
When we are all balling
I nearly had a fit

It came to my head
And I just had to say
Ain't gonna be nobody's bitch


Comin' down on me
It's comin' down
It's comin' down, down, down on me

There's only one thing that I can do now
Go lie in the sun, I want to soak up the rays
And burn myself black 'cos cancer day has come
And everything you do to protect yourself
Well it ain't gonna happen right
You junky pimps and mother-fucking whores
Enjoy yourself tonight...alright!


Comin' down, down on me
It's comin' down
It's comin' down, down, down on me

Comin' down, down on me
It's comin' down
It's comin down, down, down
I feel the whole world
Comin' down, comin' down on me [x3]
I feel the whole world
Comin' down!

Down on me
It's comin' down
It's comin' down, down, down on me

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Idol, Billy World Comin' Down Comments
  1. Mac M

    Wow! More than 10 years later and i only discovered this recently. This is a grest song!

  2. Gemma Aboagye

    Love this song is on my mp3 fantastic song

  3. Luis Gonzalez

    ULTIMA MENTIRA! Nuevo video!

  4. Joefromgeorgia

    80's artist, sounds like early 90's punk, made in 2005. Favorite idol song. Shouldn't work but it does

  5. David Evans

    Very underrated album.

  6. Erik Bananaman

    This is a fantastic well made album!


    Yes...very underrated...


    Fucking one of my favorite albums!

  8. Joe Stefens

    This could be my theme song

  9. 37Russdawg

    wow...I am impressed. Billy with a new album, what a change

  10. Cathal Lynch

    In his book, Billy suggests a lot of this album was written by the then-drummer, Brian Tichy, which explains why they didn't play it much after he left the band. Still a great song and album, though. Shows Billy's versatility to sing just about anything.

  11. Hans Gerber

    one of my fav punk songs ever

  12. Leonardo Goycolea

    Steve Stevens... fucking bomb !

  13. TwoPointsUp

    Generation XXX is the best, for sure LoL..This doesn't really sound like Billy's old band-Gen X- that was 2 decades earlier, 4 Christ's sake.. but anyway, enjoy the  music and try not to over-simplify!

  14. Pete Boncheezy

    Gen X styled shit here ....closest thing you'll get to a reunion of Gen X. ..

  15. BlackieDiego Rock

    Yeeeaaahhh !!!

  16. Martin Totti

    wtf ? so few views '=? fuck OFF !!! this rockS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live to punk rock ! billy rules !

  17. Dylan Jones

    I cant understand why this album is so overlooked. Songwriting and guitar work at its most agressive. Fucking brilliant.

    Erik Bananaman


  18. Charles Waldrop

    Don't forget Steve Stevens foundoutthat!!!!

  19. acdc fan

    I like that song

  20. hotpinkamy

    It should be Billy Idol flavor..... What ever flavor that would be... lolz

  21. marc-olivier moukoko

    world comin down

  22. wolfoshea

    @skabaru138 steve stevens i think.

  23. KingCharltonHeston

    Cool song.

  24. ham12388

    Isn´t this song used in a movie ? Just can´t remember which. Somebody help ?

  25. wolfoshea

    @pooboohow amen

  26. wolfoshea

    @B75mack what flavor?

  27. wolfoshea

    oh my gods that dose sound like stewie.

  28. wolfoshea

    a great song to listen to after a bad day. gods love you billy and steve.

  29. Cc Smith

    i love this song sound so punkified

  30. alienshe

    @cgpb21 He's my Idol too!!! :D

  31. Dawn Avi

    he's my idol.

  32. transdetendal


  33. raisetheflag88

    I love billy idol

  34. sTUPIfy308

    for a 50-year old...he is RIPPED!!!

  35. razblove1

    i agree

  36. Hunterbgpz

    No one can compare with the hits of yesterday! (Nowadays "rock" is a piedestal to homosexuality)


    Hunterbgpz I tip my hat to you sir. The most true comment ever

  37. Mackyiiii

    *down lol

  38. Mackyiiii

    ..i feel the whole world comin' dowm on me..:) Billy and Steve rules:):)

  39. Medusil

    that solo was cool...
    who was the guitarist?

  40. madmacska

    blink!!!! what fucking planet you on,,THIS IS THE REAL DEAL TRIED AND TESTED,,,KING ROCKER.seen the manchester gig last year,the power failed and he still carried on singing! his presence alone makes u want more,more,more

  41. jimmyjazz71

    sorry mates this has nothing to do with blink 182 listen to gen x

  42. Jeff Eastwood

    Thank u SO much for posting this