Idol, Billy - Summer Running Lyrics

We spent the summer running
Scared of what they might do
After we spent the winter crying
In the mist we came all unglued
Sometimes back to school
It seems so sad
And nothing's new
Until I spent the summer running
Just we two
Just we two

I followed you to Zion
The four corners and the redwoods too
The Mesa in Arizona
The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas too
All the bad-brained people
One of these days we'll run over you
And spend the summer running
Just we two
Just we two

I don't walk
I run
Ridin' into the sun
On my motorcycle
We can just blow
I don't know
What's ahead
We don't talk of the dead
On my motorcycle
C'mon let's go

'Cos there's always
There's always
The world you know
The world you know

Well I wear a grim
Smile day after day, baby
As I'm working into our future

Oh yeah

And I take a quick drink
In a world that stinks, baby
'Cos I'm standing up against the furies

Oh yeah

I can escape
I've got a Batman's cape
And I can cover myself, and baby
Yes I'm flying
I'm flying
I'm flying tonight

Oh yeah

Just we two
Runnin' down the highway
Smilin' at the problems
'Cos there's always
There's always
The world you know
The world you know

We spent the summer running
Just we two
Just we two
Just we two

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Idol, Billy Summer Running Comments
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    love this!

  2. Cruise Travel Videos

    I really enjoyed watching your cruise vlog! I'm hitting the Like button and Subscribe to support your channel! I would love it if you were one of my subscribers too. Have a joyful day !

  3. wasted/time/traveler

    Such a great song from an even greater album...

  4. Luis Gonzalez

    ULTIMA MENTIRA! Nuevo video!

  5. Shawn Jones

    starts out sounding like jim croche

  6. Izzy _

    kinda sad..til it starts rockin' then sad again😥


    Great song and album.

  7. Izzy _

    Good song,love looking @ the pics- he's a beautiful man

  8. Izzy _

    Sure wish i could translate the paragraph above by Billy from whoever posted this (mycoldream)?

  9. Carlos P.M.

    i cant believe this legend replied to my tweets, twice, only true legends do that

  10. mika vento

    mä tyjjääb

  11. 001BarryBonds

    Always kinda skipped over this growing up because it wasn't a "rockin" song...and now I'm mad at myself for doing that because this is such a beautiful song

    Erik Bananaman

    Same story for me!

  12. lordzippo96

    Sper ca vi la concert ;) 

  13. MrBillyidolfan

    i heard rumors that he wrote this song about his motorcycle or something

  14. nathar40

    Makes great sense.

  15. magentaseas

    know exactly what you mean

  16. nathar40

    @nomukodonosor Yes they are a great team.

  17. wolfoshea

    you gotta love the soft songs.

  18. Luis Pérez Muñoz

    Grande Biily, grande!!! ;-)

  19. wolfoshea

    for some reason this make me wanna cry. like a guy is singing to his dying lover or something like that. like they were warriors or solders during the epic-ecilse or an ivasotin and now its over and his lover was fatelly wounded durning the last battle and is now dying in his arms. dose that make any since?

  20. wolfoshea

    i bit soft but still kicks butt.


    billy,ur still a punkrocker and you hold up the punk rock flag up high,i'm proud ur still punk;it means still alot to myself and millions of keep it going,keep it generation x and ur songs you do w/ steve stevens as well.

  22. Lord West

    Great song!

  23. MasterFu

    How older he is how better he sounds...

  24. FriendlyKind

    Love this song ... Thanks for the this great Pics from the Rebell Yell.

  25. HAFA74

    Billy kicks ass, always has. I'm 34 and have been a fan almost as long as I can remember.

  26. RoaringTiger281

    Classic song!

  27. yecats

    This is such an excellent song....I love the whole Devil's Playground CD....thanks for the vid!

  28. mycoldream

    Thank you for watching

  29. Robin Cobb

    Really nice video,set to a Great!!! song.