Idol, Billy - Hot In The City Lyrics

Stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger

It's hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet
On a hot summer night
Don't be afraid of the world we made
On a hot summer night

'Cause when a long-legged lovely walks by
Yeah you can see the look in her eye
Then you know that it's

Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight, tonight
Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight, tonight

Stranger, stranger

For all the dreams and schemes,
people are as they seem
On a hot summer night
Don't be no fun, don't forget you're young
On a hot summer night

A sometime someone you're not
Don't wait to see what you got
'Cause you know that you're


We'll walk until my feet drop
I'm a train when I'm hateful
Yeah, lay right down now
And ride until your head breaks
I'm a-walkin' 'til my brain pops
I will move with the beat now
I'm a chain 'round an A-bomb
I'm a ribbon in the heat now
New York!

[Refrain, repeat to fade]

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Idol, Billy Hot In The City Comments
  1. David Clifford

    He's having a wank behind the screen!

  2. Average Girl

    1:38 I had it on small screen and I fr thought that guy in the tub was Brendon Urie 😳

  3. Scott Harrisohn

    such an underrated songwriter

  4. Bobby Bobson

    Something about 80s music that was sooooo good and addictive

  5. Francesco Macchia

    F A N T A S T I C

  6. eugene snell

    Thank you for an unadulterated Billy Idol song!

  7. Mohammed Jamil

    What a track wow! Wow! Wow! Brilliant billy idol what a entertainer and singer one of the best of the 80's ❤👍👌

  8. Nancy Blake

    This video is so camp.. it nearly broke the screen I'm watching it on. Classic :). The vampy groupy on the neon crucifix at the end was a bold touch .lol.

  9. Javier Ortegon


  10. MrThegamemasterlord

    i actully thought i was watching a star trek next gen episode he looks like a borg on bike lol

  11. Ruben F Machado

    Great song, I rmember to tom hanks in a limusine playing this teme

  12. Grim Reeper

    Hot hot hot in the city tonight...

  13. Debra Parkerson

    I hear voices. Do you?
    It's not normal ither

  14. chareles john

    frick? One is Teresa fryck?

  15. Rubygail Daday Palmer

    Hot in the city. Hot in Sydney tomorrow night excited to watch your concert Billy Idol ❤

  16. tamala1122

    Cannot wait to seem him in Vegas...March 7. This one has been on my bucket list for waaayyyy too long. Hell Yeah!

  17. Hans van Poelgeest

    2020 febrero, how did I get here!

  18. Rainey Dawn

    Billy Idol always makes me feel "naughty" -- LOVE IT -- Love Billy ❤︎

  19. David Clifford

    Why do I always think he's having a wank behind the screen?

  20. Gangsta Rock

    You know it's 80's when they start to point at YOU 👩‍🎤👈

  21. T.C. Bramblett

    A really forward thinking fusion of new wave, hard rock, and classic rock. It could almost be a Springsteen song.

  22. Petiola Siale

    I can't even stop listening to this song!...
    still no1..

  23. Shanaa. är

    3:56 *pot pot pot pot pot pot pot pot*

  24. Richard Solien

    I love this song volume all the way up 😆

  25. sportsdude18111

    The best part is how the synth slides into the snare like cymbal. You can't recreate this without the vintage synth.

  26. sportsdude18111

    This song is basically incredibly good. The best part is that he sings good in English but with a heavy accent on a pop rock synth wave hybrid. This has a somewhat comical vibe to it and goes hard.

  27. evil_1

    I totally get why fangirls were super hardcore back in the day. I would be right there beside them going crazy 🤟💋

  28. Anna Pinna

    🥰🥰2020 🥰🥰

  29. Ethan Cote

    2020 anyone?

  30. L N

    2020 9 Jan. Hit that like cos its hot in the city 👌🏾

  31. Jacob's a hell of a drug right Billy? lol

  32. alberto032973


  33. George Lampropoulos

    I miss Booker and 21 Jumpstreet

  34. Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    I don’t care about sleep it’s Friday night so I’m going to watch some music videos

  35. James Sweeney

    love this.

  36. lesley rhind

    how hots billy but !!!

  37. louis caudron

    A sad soul seller at the end.

  38. tommy snerfsnerf

    God I love 80s dancing girls..

  39. MIA MINI

    watching this Billy's got me hot tonight 😘🤭🤗😄

  40. Dwayne Rose

    Billy is an interesting geezer indeed....raunchy w loads of sex appeal....

    Dwayne Rose

    Spicy billy

  41. Dwayne Rose

    Sexy record....type underrated

  42. McSabaid

    I liked Idol until this song!! 'My God'


    Brilliant video 🎥 and song from Mr. William Broad .
    This UK 🇬🇧 promo is way better than the USA 🇺🇸🐔🇺🇸 promo version

  44. Marco Llobet

    the least Billy Idol like Billy idol song

  45. Gino Alvarado

    Heaven's place = Billy's party

  46. James Jackal

    Still an awesome tune, with some fine ladies! But sad part is, if this video was made today, some would view it as politically incorrect SMDH....

  47. Gianna Arenas

    this song kinda sounds like radio gaga from Queen

  48. BRD

    Me an 80s teen, it was huge!

  49. Mark

    Could always count on that bass in a Billy Idol song

  50. Rev. Peter Because

    Adelaide, Right now.

  51. panther196321

    Is Holly Robinson Peet as one of the backup singers?


    I’m so glad someone else caught that - I was wondering the same thing !! 😊

  52. Cliff Herren

    Billy Idol was a big impact to making the 80's the great decade of music that it was.

  53. Kaila Owens

    I used to ❤️ this zong.

  54. Mortisha Styles

    Billy idol every time i hear him I instantly feel 25 again.

  55. Paul Mccfartney

    The 1.2k people who disliked obviously weren’t hot in the city

  56. freeway71

    I know there are kinky goings-on next door, but are those three backing singers in his apartment not enough for him?

  57. شمس الضحى

    مـــيـــن🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بــــي🥰 يــــضغـــط لايــــك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـتـرك بقـــناتــــي

  58. Maria Celia

    Alguém ouvindo 2019❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  59. marcus ivery

    Big brought me here.

  60. Rachel Esquivel

    The movie Big brought me here!😁

    marcus ivery

    Robert Deniro, Harrison Ford, and Jeff Bridges were originally supposed to play the lead role of Josh Baskin.

  61. dennis donoghue

    he was so fucking cute. i love you billy

  62. tina echelon

    Did he just crucify Lorde?

  63. Sarah Gregory

    When I was young I had the biggest crush on Billy Idol.

  64. Jay Goodman

    Spokompton was hot 85-90😵

  65. Marlene Sullivan

    BRING BACK THE 80s 🎶

  66. Denise Waghorn


  67. hobbsmack

    He was a little ahead of the curve...we're still waiting to find out how far...might be a bit yet.

  68. James Bond

    His face always looks like he ate somthing sour 🤣

  69. burteriksson

    This song is a good example of this guy's range of variety. That synth riff is just silly, but it works!

  70. Ranjit Paswaan

    Hot exan baik

  71. Handre AlmeYYYda


  72. Christina Savannah

    He like a Skinny Version of Dolph Lundgren

  73. Andy Berridge

    🎸 😎 Billy idol 😎 🎸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇺🇸 Legend. Bought the single.👹

  74. Cyril Connelly

    I was 15

  75. Andreea Sarah

    Looks kinda weird :))

  76. day6creation breathing

    I bought vitol idol
    Buying others in a bit

  77. Olga Kovrova


  78. Don Mackay

    Just an average evening in my bedsit in Dublin.
    But I like it!

  79. barbara r

    I love billy and greetings from Cleveland ohio

  80. Massimo Albertini

    Grande billy. Faccia da schiaffi irraggiungibile

  81. TubinF0od964

    Is anyone here from the movie Big with Tom Hanks or is that just me?

  82. Michaela Jackson

    Good song, dumb video. Should've used Richard Grieco ❤️ instead and/or pieces of "Booker".💞 It's the main theme of the show anyway... Would've been way better.😏

  83. teresa smith

    What a song. 80s best.

  84. Innerspace Race

    Yeah I just don’t get the gay barrette

  85. Paulina Markiewicz

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  86. Rosangela Gonçalves

    Deu até um orgasmo em ouvir Billie idol

  87. Paulina Markiewicz

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    من فـــــضل الله عليه الحمدالله رب العــالمين , هناك حلول لمن يعانون من صغر حجم الذكر الخاص بهم،الفضل بيــــد الله يؤتيـــه من يـشاء طب الحديث تـوصلنا لـعلاج القــذف الـسريع و عـلاج ضــعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪

  88. ColonelWalterKurtz

    Elvis Costello on piano 🤓

  89. Innerspace Race

    I call this to much to prove sniffing glitter glue

  90. Christina Savannah

    Tbh i love Billy Idol but how did a Hardcore Punk Anarchist frontman do music like this have anyome heard Generation X his former band

  91. 14Bojan

    WhastApp 00212679620248
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  92. Alejandro Caicedo

    Q clasico del rock👍👍👍

  93. dragonskulle

    2:31 oh yeah that guitar makes you step on the gas, waaahoooo!!

  94. Michael moore

    Billy idol still touring, still got the spiky blonde hair 70s 80s icon FOREVER AND GENERATION X BRILLIANT. 😀😁😊

  95. Submarine Mission

    It’s hot in every city thanks global warming

  96. Johnny MFan

    I like the first arrangement from 1982 of the song better, with the girls opening the song. From wikipedia: There are two versions of the video. The first version (the 1982 version) starts off with a girl walking into a record store. She picks up a Billy Idol record and the song starts to play. The video features scenes from New York City, interspersed with stock footage of nuclear bomb tests. The second version(this one) (the 1987 version) was banned by MTV because it showed Idol's then-girlfriend Perri Lister bound to a cross toward the end of the video. Although the released version of the song has Idol shouting "New York!", other versions of the song were recorded for various radio stations, including ones for such cities as "Amarillo", "Boston", "Minneapolis", "New Haven", "Chattanooga", and "Sioux Falls". The song peaked at a pretty good no. 23 on the US Bilboard Hot 100 chart . Idol seemed to have a fetish for girls getting spanked, which show up yet again on this video.

  97. Paulina Markiewicz

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  98. Leon Adams

    Man this video was all over MTV wasn't it?