Idol, Billy - Ghosts In My Guitar Lyrics

Tommy cashed it in down on Avenue A
Didn’t have a reason
Didn’t have much more to say

Well, last time I saw him he was
Looking green
Y’know, some people never make it
Out of this scene

Like, Rudy took a hit around Chapter 9
Adios my friend, we had one hell of a time

When I think of you
There’s a voice in my head
That says without fire
We’re better off dead
And I thank you all

I’ll never forget
The ghosts in my guitar

Terry told me that she loved me true
Next time I looked around
She’d run off with you
Well, I was out there playing
‘round the world
No time to think about another lost girl

When I think of you
There’s a voice in my head
That says without fire
We’re better off dead
And I thank you all

I’ll never forget
The ghosts in my guitar
Ghosts in my guitar

Billy is my name
And you know me well
I’ve played every game and yes,
I walked into hell
And yes, down on my luck
I played the fool
Had you to live for
Now I’m back here for good

When I think of you
There’s a voice in my head
That says without fire
We’re better off dead
And I thank you all

Yes, I’ll never forget
The ghosts in my guitar
Ghosts in my guitar

The ghosts in my guitar
Will only take me so far
The ghosts in my guitar
‘cause I’ve got to walk on

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Idol, Billy Ghosts In My Guitar Comments
  1. Sergio Gustavo Evrard

    "Terry told me that she loved me true
    Next time I looked around
    She’d run off with you
    Well, I was out there playing
    ‘round the world
    No time to think about another lost girl"

    Billy's wife from 1980-89 was Perri Lister... Could it be her disguised in the lyrics? I guess.

  2. Wendy Noto

    The ghost Mercy I shall never forget the ghost in your guitar still a part of us here look how many people you have touched most of all me . Hope you r alright! Your soul that is ? All your ? Got answered and it looks like your dreams came true I'm not surprised I I knew the whole time they would I would have wished to see you again and tell you this and much more. ...... I was busy getting skinned alive I'm sure you understand with out fire we would be better off dead.u got the fire we r still here ...

  3. Morgan Myers

    Very nostalgic feel.. Well done, Mr RockaBilly.. 🎸🐾🐾 And of course the magnificent Steve Stevens.. 🎸

  4. justfine77777

    Great song, and as usual Stevie Stevens has some killer guitar tone and licks.

  5. Brian Safari

    Also who's playing bass on this album?

  6. Matthew Lowe

    I saw him in concert today, he played this song and I never heard it before but now I'm in love

  7. chiffmonkey

    I never understand why great musical artists vanish from the limelight right when they have the experience to deliver some of their best work. Seems a shame for the fans who'd appreciate this stuff. Like, did you know Toto are still going strong? And everyone goes on about "modern music is bad" and stuff. Like, what are you talking about?

  8. Panthony

    Don't go away

  9. amanda guest

    Great album. Still amazing voice and still sexy even now at 63. My idol since the 80’s and still is.

  10. Nickie Vigilante

    I love this song. It speaks to my soul! I hope I can get to one of your concerts this year.

  11. LuluzinhaXVII Arimish

    A GOD AMONG US......

  12. Connie Williams

    sweet song and sweet voice and amazing person

  13. Connie Williams

    the best ways​ is your sweet sweet voice and always will be the sweet voice I will never know,,,, please to know your sweet voice Sr Billy idol

  14. Renata Antunes

    linda musica!

  15. Jorge Eduardo Daly

    Great work, I love all the album which a little classical sense of Steven´s and Billy´s with a english taste of delight.

  16. Mougly01


  17. jose rosa

    I Love this record. Billy, you are a legend!

  18. Joonas Ikonen

    Probably billy and co finally has made their best album. we'll see what do next albuml bring. if there ever will be the next album. i love especially this song

  19. Monica Hyman

    Only recently ''discovered'' billy. Grew up in south Africa in 80"s and 90's............ Always was a little bit of a rebel, listening to rock and punk when my friends were listening to ''country''!!!!!!!! Now rediscovered what I missed out on. Best music, lyrics, guitar solos, everything I've ever longed for in music. PERFECT.

    Izzy _

    Monica Hyman -Its Shocking that you only recently discovered the legend Billy idol!! Nevertheless im glad you did. He's made amazing music for 40yrs. Thanks to YouTube you can see alot of what you missed. I hope you'll check out some of his early stuff from late 70s with Generation X. I think its some of his best work as they were a great band! One of my favorites from my youth🎸

  20. Prudence Puddleduck

    Thank you for keeping great lyrics & music alive! I wear this cd out and I must get my loved vinyl of this! 💥❤️🇨🇦

  21. Den Dan

    I love the twin guitars and would have loved to see Billy Morrison play when Derek the worlds best keyboardist was in the band, anyway i wonder what difference two different guitars would make, like Guns N Roses do.

  22. Frances o, callaghan

    What an album..... Beautiful, come back to Ireland soon Billy..... Rebel yell......

  23. Lesley Culbert

    impeccable this album <3

  24. Heleno Cardoso

    idol forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. nelson carreiras

    just billy...

  26. Nicolas Susigan

    All the musics from Billy Idol are fantastic

  27. Finntastique

    Great album.

  28. Cy Lantyca

    Sounds as if he's taking it back to Generation X..... Kenny Silvers.

  29. Peter Wolff


  30. Trish Stanke

    Love this song!!

  31. nathar40

    this album brings back memories. I remember having gigantic Billy Idol posters on my bedroom wall. being African-American it was odd for my peers. I have download Billy Idol since I was 12 years old. this album shows maturity on the creative side. it gives me a sense of reflection as well. there is not one bad song on the album. I'm just grateful to still be here to enjoy this music.


    Do you even have a family in Africa?

    Izzy _

    I agree about his creatvive maturity. I really hope this isn't his last album. He's 63 & Steve is 60 but they are better than ever & i want more from them!


    @Leo Maybe ancestors.


    I just saw Billy and Stevie last week in Joliet Illinois. It was really living a dream out for me. I loved hearing his classics, but I knew that this song was something special. It’s one of the best new songs that I’ve heard in a long time. 👍🏻👍🏻

  32. andrew peter lowe

    bitter pill top tune   ,had a few bitter pills lol

  33. Larz Gustafsson

    Idol is a great lyricist too.

  34. Saucy fish

    Grew up on Idol. He was so punk then. Like a living, walking car wreck. Just reflective blue now. Broken glass. Missing his excellent bass line and growl. Too bad.

    SC - 05PN - Burnhamthorpe PS (1156)

    Saucy fish is

  35. Walter Koss

    Definitivamente Billy Idol Evoluciona con su padrisima musica!!!! :) excelente!!!

  36. margarida brito

    More calm but excelent as always. Love you Billy.

  37. 59mar

    Honest, biographical album

  38. Heiki Song

    iś good song,but why not video

  39. SeaBassVamp

    Great number!!!-like the smooth progressions and melodic sound from new album.

  40. Steve Plant

    Brilliant Album.......

  41. Vivianhiro Bertuzzoshi

    A perfect album😆

  42. Jaime De Oliveira Andrade

    Eyes wind shut


    excelente tema del que tal vez sea el mejor album de billy !!!

  44. Tindaloo76

    LOVE your husky voice Billy! It really does something for me... ♥ Been a fan ever since I was a rebelious teen... 20++yrs ago! :)

  45. Jacqueline E. Cooper

    Just saw you at the Tower Theater in Philly 1/24/2015 ~~~ You guys rock. Love all your music.

  46. lucyloewen


  47. Jon Gianulias

    This entire album every song, is a 10!  Excellent stuff to listen to.  I'm hooked!

    Albert Hall

    I agree !!!!

  48. db K

    Magnificently.....Best ever...Thankz....

  49. Vérani ieira


  50. Mojo Lightnin

    Awesome album Man! You're one of my biggest influences as a musician. The songwriting here is just exemplary, and of course your voice and Steve's guitar are as excellent as ever. I'Be been listening to this nonstop since I heard your interview on Howard Stern, which was also cool as hell. Thanks man.

  51. mauser4

    Just real music. ...Thanks Billy

  52. pal marius

    super album

  53. sebastien jarlot


  54. Chris Finley guitarist at Pistol Creek Ravens P.C.R

    Beautiful song

  55. Abdullah Drury


  56. toldo18k4

    muy pero muy  bueno este álbum bien Billy....

  57. Rich Price

    Can't believe Billy Idol will be in HMV in birmingham on Tuesday next week and I can't get there.

    Debbie Derby

    NNOOOOOOOO i missed it ...... was at the O2 though he was awesome

  58. Rich Price

    Ghost in my guitar AWESOME track! Nailed it.

  59. Frank Collins

    Reminded me off "Melissa" by the Allman Brothers, expect I prefer it

  60. Rob Wessels

    Skimming tracks before I head to work. Definitely a cd to buy. Can't wait until you come to The Rose city PDX!

  61. Zidders Roofurry

    Billy I've loved everything you've ever done. That includes stuff you took a lot of crap over. I think this is such a wonderful album..and this song is so magical. I'd like to offer  condolences to you and yours as well as my deepest gratitude for your music. It's been a beautiful part of the soundtrack to my life, and I wish you all the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

  62. ana gonzales

    Your new album is (y) like so much !!!<3