Idol, Billy - Buried Alive Lyrics

It's the season of the dark horse
The ocean of night
It's the angel of mercy
Leaving you behind
In this moment
You ache for the cure
You're pleading
Save me
Give me some more

There's no shelter tonight
Escape from the pain
There is nothing
No end to this game

You're so wicked
Evil and cruel
It won't save you
Save me
From what I'm gonna do

You're just a number
You're just a victim
A dead man walking
Buried alive

Hold out for a better hand
Wait for better days
You can feel it coming
The fury of my rage
My vengeance
Will rain down on you
There's no mercy
Have mercy
In what I'm gonna do

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Idol, Billy Buried Alive Comments
  1. Monica Hyman

    Fucking awesome

  2. Laurent Hostettler

    billy the best

  3. WoT blitz Gameplays

    fcking 8 haterzzzz

  4. txmetalhead82xk

    One of my favorite soundtracks!

  5. Elke Pluntke

    great tune

  6. Danny B

    The whole Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack is awesome. I particularly like Bauhaus's The Dog's A Vapour, and of course, this.

    Fernando Rosales

    Danny B Was the movie good like the first one?

    Kevin Muchemi

    @Fernando Rosales Yes it was. Excellent music, excellent movie.

  7. Kitty Spalla

    This song is making me wanna dance [and possibly mosh...]!

  8. ManofValour76

    I get a rush just listening to this song, what a great feeling!

  9. veronica Alleyne

    I'll listen to anything by Billy

  10. KierrokCyclone

    There was a PC game sequel to 2000 Cermane & the younger sister got together & are having a kid yet raiders kidknap, Julie & Cermane go after her but find I believe a reanimated Tyler

  11. Arokh

    Close. Billy spoke Odin.
    I want a third Heavy Metal movie...

  12. magentaseas

    loving this

  13. Metalhead15712

    white wedding, Rebel yell are badass, but this song is just mind blowing.

  14. shoot0first

    3 persons miss the ''Like'' button

  15. bagel_berserker

    Yes, because the only way for two people to sound similar is for them to be the same person.

  16. Iwan *

    I'm afraid it's just you. Tyler from "Heavy Metal 2000" was voiced by Michael Ironside not Billy Idol.

  17. ManofValour76

    where would I be able to download a youtube converter? I'm still not familiar with all the stuff on youtube.

  18. David L

    Why dont you download a youtube converter, just copy the URL to the converter and it will change it to mp3 form and then you can add it on your itunes. Thats what I did, I spent a whole day looking for that song and couldnt find it. Hope this helps!

  19. Leha Sean

    bleeding me insane
    billy idol

  20. Aaron Nicewonger


    Love Power Junkie. Love that whole album. My favorite is still Mother Dawn though

  21. Aaron Nicewonger

    LOVE this friggin' song!

  22. ManofValour76

    does anyone know where I can a copy of this song on my iPod?

  23. wolfoshea

    @IggyHazard i never noticed that before.

  24. Cc Smith

    @wolfoshea There is a reason I like you.

  25. wolfoshea

    @sallygirl2066 i knwe i liked you fo a reason little sister.

  26. Cc Smith

    @wolfoshea Billy was never even close to that bubblegum shit.If people say that they are just disrespecting him.Fuck them if they think that then why the hell are they a fan.

  27. Cc Smith

    @wolfoshea Haha you are not the only one wolfy

  28. wolfoshea

    @sallygirl2066 yeah but id wait all year for a chance at billy little sister.

  29. Cc Smith

    @wolfoshea Its a very very very very long line LOL

  30. wolfoshea

    @raeven961 youd have to get in line honey.

  31. Erin

    Mmmm.... Damn, I'd fuck him into a coma!!

  32. Emma Phillips

    George Clooney? No thanks mate Billy Idol? mmm yes please!!

  33. ManofValour76

    I love this song n' the movie as well!

  34. wolfoshea

    back me up here little sister. billy was never bubble gum right.

  35. Cc Smith

    @wolfoshea OMG *smirks*

  36. wolfoshea

    @doragonmonkasei i dont know what univerus youve been living in but BILLY WAS NEVER BUBBLEGUM!

  37. Kiegn H.

    crazy to think he was a bubblegum rock vocalist a few years before this song came out.

  38. wolfoshea

    the laugh at the begining is soooo damn sexy i want to fuck something right then and there.

  39. Logan Hatcher

    I'm one of few straight guys who has the COJONES to admit that I have a bit of a gay crush on Billy idol.

    Jami Evans

    Logan Hatcher not really straight are you mate 👌

  40. ollihp

    michael1hittle, before you speak shihite, understand some demographics, while u.s. is populated by over 300 million, canada's pop. is just over 30 million w/ equivalent land mass, due to over half the land being non arable or infertile which equates to uninhabitable, you ignorant douche.

  41. ollihp

    No matter what the critics say, William Broad has certainly left an impression on contemporary music.

  42. preciousbash

    @digab22 I'd say a satanic Anthony Michael Hall

  43. B-STRIFE

    idol it the man

  44. scott cassulis


  45. B Boyd

    loved this song since that FAKK 2 album came out. best track on it for me simply because I'm a major fan of this guy. that & the song just fawkin rocks man.

  46. inconceivabledark

    very awesome!!!

  47. Coranados

    @robincobb77 by the way i was joking!

  48. Coranados

    @robincobb77 one of those is a song by Disturbed i do believe and its just The Night not Into The Night!

  49. preciousbash


  50. sn00ke

    Thanks, these are awesome!

  51. Robin Cobb

    Bleeding Me Insane and Into The Night are kind of like this.

  52. sn00ke

    Longshot, but does anyone know any of his other songs that have the same feel?


    The female background vocals on this Billy Idol's "Buried Alive" song are by LORE. Please join at LOREMUSICTV for more music from LORE! :)

  54. Isiah Duong

    fuck heavy metal billy doesnt sound good doing heavy metal he sounds better with his songs like rebel yell and white wedding and flesh for fantasy or whiplash

  55. Doppeli899

    awesome song 5/5! btw he looks like Bryan Fury from tekken in that picture xD

  56. Johann Markgraf

    a FAKK 2 music soundtrack :D

  57. KierrokCyclone

    Is it me or doesthe laughter sound lik Tyler's from Heavy Metal 2000?

  58. Tobi Tobias

    this should be in one of his albums rockin sounds dood

  59. 54spiritedwill54

    One of the greatest song !

  60. ThatGothicChick

    Anyone know where I can download this song???

  61. alexis sheridan


  62. Robin Cobb

    Ha, He does look like AMH in the pic. I like AMH a lot so that's cool.

  63. White Family

    brotha looks like friggin Anthony Michael Hall in this pic. AMH on heroin and road poon that is.

  64. DrunkenFaggotProduct

    can u give me a link to download this song, its not on itunes

  65. Robin Cobb

    From the Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack, it was released April 18, 2000

  66. Coolerlassie

    I do not know the song, which year?

  67. Josh Melendez JMsolidsnake

    One Of the Greatest Animated movie I've seen that isn't for kids. Great Fucking soundtrack. My fav is Green Iron Fist by Full Devil Jacket.

  68. Robin Cobb

    It is pretty cool, A lot of people say it's crap but I like it.

  69. Robin Cobb

    A little bit, yeah. I think it fits the spirit of the song though.

  70. nicolas1472

    I really like Billy Idol,but,however,this picture of him makes him look sick and on a strange way insane

  71. Neon-Neste

    One of the greatest song, ever done!