IDK - Rain Lyrics

Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain
That gently touches my soul
It cools the fire that burns in me
And I simply lose control
So just

Rain down (On) on me
Let your love just fall like rain drops
Just rain on me
So just rain down (On) on me
Let your love just shower me
Just rain on me

Full as a dam at cumpacity
My passion's about to explode
I can't explain, it's surrounding me
I'm caught in a storm
That I don't need no shelter from

Rain down (On) on me (Down on me)
Let your love just fall like rain drops (Down)
Just rain on me (Ohh)
So just rain down (On) on me (Uh uh)
Let your love just shower me (Uh uh, uh uh)
Just rain on me (Rain down, on, ohh)

Fall down, fall down on me
Let it
Fall down, fall on me
Fall down, fall down on me
Let it
Fall down, fall on me
So just
Rain down (On) on me
Chill me with your loving touch
Rain (Rain) on me
I wanna feel your love is real
So just
Rain down (On) on me
Rain (Rain) on me

Rain down (On) on me
Let your love just fall like rain drops
Rain on me (Every little drip drop)
So just rain down (On) on me (On me)
Let your love just shower me
Just rain (Rain) on (On) me

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IDK Rain Comments
  1. TokeThePoet

    This is beyond fucking beautiful

  2. TwoBears

    god this is so underrated

  3. The Chosen Key

    I'm still having trouble listening to this all the way through. I just now turned it on and had to stop at 0:06 😥

  4. jalen hammonds

    I can’t wait for your Houston concert, it’s been a long time coming especially since I’ve been listening to you since sub trap and when you released is he real you could hear the heart and soul that you put in it and that’s what real music lacks now a days is that heart and soul and you provided it to the fullest. Much love to you and keep doing your thing, it’s a true blessing.

  5. Jake Ryan

    can't stop listening to this :)

  6. Nathan Reddy

    I wish this was on Spotify :'(

  7. Thomas Poole

    Need this on Spotify, absolutely beautiful

  8. Ejai Cook

    The album is out today and its super the boy

  9. Jazz C

    Hearing the album....and coming back to did a great job

  10. Joshyy Woshy

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful 🥺

  11. SupremeCloud

    r.i.p. to your mom
    you are doing great things despite what other people say and i bet you she is happy.
    is he real was great btw
    im glad to have found you.

  12. Fofo's Ent.

    This is very inspiring, especially for a creative. I’m going through something with my mom as well but she is still alive. R.I.P to your mom.

  13. Kiah_thedoll

    Happy Belated Ms.Lynch

  14. Ckproduction03

    Songs carry different emotions. I remember hearing the original version of this song in my childhood, now I’m grown listening to this version. It reminds me of what I’ve been through. Absolutely beautiful

  15. The Sundowner

    this is fucking beautiful … I lost my mother too and i can understand your pain dude :(

  16. Makeoutsuicide

    Love you bro

  17. The Random Guys

    Hey man we all know your mother is doing well in heaven just remember that

  18. Chica Taggedi

    Naaah leave the Classics alone smh.

  19. xSnDx UncannyXanny


  20. la willi

    This a truly great cover of this song and it's done beautifully :). Whomever disliked/thumbed down this song and it's cover of it are really non-human & are devils in disguise/ignorant beings who don't know nothing about real music nor have a heart at all and need/will take a step down below where they belong/will dwell for in it for all eternity and so on...

  21. K1dd R3ap3r

    This really brings tears to my eyes I’m sorry bro 😢

  22. zahire Coates

    Im sorry about mother. Now take that anger & put it in your music. Keep doing your thing IDK 💖

  23. gotti gold

    Md till the death

  24. Jai Arrell

    Truly beautiful man

  25. Dragon4Kage The Sniper

    HXLY TRIBE 💪🏾💪🏾

  26. Joshua Corpening

    This needs to be on Spotify

  27. codey mehsikomer-kowalski

    This was beautiful, RIP to your loved ones.

  28. Tiago Segurado

    all respect to you bro

  29. Max Zakhareyev

    This makes me tear up but so happy at the same time. True music.

  30. Famous Ish

    Inspiring bro , I finna continue writing lyrics and rapping till I surpass this level of work.

  31. Ben Wright

    SWV - Rain... This song was similar but you know what IDK I like your version better and I respect your music. Your making your mother proud and just keep doin what your doing💯

  32. ZAYWOP


  33. K A R D N A L

    Good vibes

  34. Bonooo

    This is beautiful man 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️💙

  35. Camila Acosta

    Please put on spotify please

  36. Jeremy Classen

    Tyler the creator influence ... beautiful to see

  37. LuffyAkAMaDGuY


  38. Rae

    This is just so fucking beautiful. Thank you

  39. Chick3n Lord

    Rest in paradise 🙏🏾

  40. Backwards Gucci

    Can we PLEASE get this cover on Triple J

  41. KarnaOfRed 1

    This is beautiful

  42. Russell Vanalstyne

    This album gonna make me cry

  43. Jvnin


  44. Jvnin


  45. WhoElseButAndre

    This very soothing

  46. MARTHA

    i love this

  47. Alex Huerta

    Mans is doing something dope here, i was blessed by his performance at a zay rashad concert in santa ana..him crowd surfing “i could buy a brick for a dolla!!”

    Joseph Rangel

    Alex Huerta ik bro me too in Chicago! Dooe ass performance

  48. Pivot Boom


  49. drakius betts

    Tear jerker...

  50. crea the chi boi

    Rest in peace, Ms. Lynch. Your son will do well.

  51. Francisco Fernandes

    I still listen to black sheep, white dove in the balcony watching the sunset. I haven't lost a loved one yet, but that one will forever stick with me.

    Rest easy Ms. Lynch.

  52. Rashard Peacock

    RIP Ms Lynch 🙏❤❤

  53. Joe

    Fuck the people who disliked this tf?

  54. lube lube

    This is my favorite song you touched my soul

  55. Gerard Boyd

    Im at a loss for words IDK what to say

  56. Minka

    Love you!
    Kinda wish you would do more songs similar to this, you really have talent!

  57. Benny J

    Who woulda thought itd be Julia's bad son😭❤

  58. LAFØN

    Keep your head up❤❤❤

  59. Mellow Chris

    I normally don't comment on videos just because but this video and it's vibes had hit me different, it's beautiful. ☀️

  60. AcidicNES

    absolutely beautiful 💛

  61. KickStarrs

    This is beautiful idk I always loved this song you did a great job with it too rip mom

    Da Bossman

    KickStarrs Fr

  62. Bernie

    Anyone here from when Jay was in the name can easily tell how much better with time this dude has gotten. The energy and vibe has always been there but King Trappy III continuously puts out higher quality work than before

  63. Elijah McLeod

    I'm don't yet truly understand how it feels lose one I do and don't. But if lost my father I would truly heartbroken. Best way think way think about is they live long and you got celebrate what made them happy. Our parents just want to see us do better for ourselves. May you stay bless brother and walk righteous path.

  64. Arrion Archie

    Your mom would be proud of you my nigga.this is beautiful.

  65. Andrew Cox

    Who ever disliked can go to hell

  66. Alika Ostermiller

    hate to break it to you but the tide is going to come in and wash away your plant.

  67. JDA Jda

    RIP ms lynch

  68. UsedPlastic

    RIP Julia, your son is doing great on earth keep shining over him. IDK keep your head up brother, much love

  69. CloBear

    2day was a tuff day with my mother, listened to this and made me grateful that she’s still with me. Your mother would be proud of what you become

  70. Mason Gustafson

    My mom passed away 2 years ago on the 27th of August, the next day I turned 16. Her birthday is the 23rd of this month. She will see me turn 18 from up in heaven, where the cancer is no longer holding her back. All the ones we lost are not gone as long as they're not forgotten. Love them like they're still here, because they never left.

  71. Just Random

    RIP and all love to your Mother <3 and Great Song

  72. Earl

    RIP Mrs. Lynch, she would be proud

  73. Matt

    RIP Ms. Lynch. You gave birth to a talented man with effort and drive. We are grateful and thankful.

  74. Kana Beats

    i'm sorry for you loss man. song was beautiful

  75. Craft

    this song is so beautiful...

  76. Josh Feldhaus

    Wow jay beautiful song man. I lost my mom 3 years ago around the same time at the age of 20 was a difficult time for me. I know our moms up there watching down on us man stay strong you going far with your music.

  77. L'Ombre Rap


  78. SLUGG

    RIP Ms.Lynch yo momma would be proud of your accomplishments my guy forever remember that.

  79. Jonathan Felt

    Thanks for the realness IDK! We love you man - I might be able to swing seeing you twice on this tour!!

  80. BIG BILL

    We love you

  81. Roberto VanGross

    As a father who’s currently going through his own health problems,,, I’m sorry for your loss and keep your head up soldier

  82. Desmond G

    I know your parent are lookin down on you smiling & proud, keep working bro. Greatness is coming

  83. big papi

    Your parents would be proud

  84. Camila Acosta

    your mom would be so proud... this is absolutely stunning, gave me chills throughout the whole video.

  85. Scriblezz

    Whoever disliked this is completely heartless

  86. whilesun castle

    Thank you Ms Lynch.

  87. patino. jpg

    i need this on all streaming services right now ☔️😓

    Dashiki Lee

    patino. jpg Deadass tho 😭😭

  88. Vale

    Mrs. Lynch I love your son, he's become someone that many can look up to and respect. Your memory will forever remain in his rhymes and our hearts.♡

  89. joseph capstack

    I remember this song being on the GTA 5 radio😂

  90. Apoc Alypse

    Good shit bruh, My condolences to you and your family.

  91. Nicolas Boinet

    This is beautiful. It's touching to see how much passion you put into your music. Much love from France <3

  92. The Duck

    This is beautiful and touching.

  93. Kincaid Spicer


  94. daniel fox

    This is incredible. What a voice👌

  95. IDK

    Today is my mother’s birthday. As some of you know, I lost my mother on March 3rd, 2016. It’s something I struggled with for some time and until this album, I haven’t been able to tell anyone how she passed. My album “Is he real” is the first time I keep it 100% about what took her away. Part of me wants to dwell in the fact that I won’t get to see her in this lifetime. The other part of me wants to celebrate her life. It all depends on the day.

    Today I chose to do a cover of a song that she use to love in order to celebrate her life and the life of others we’ve lost. This is the first time anyone will hear me sing like this and whether you like it or not, this makes ME feel good/better. Today I’m sharing something special with you and if you’ve ever lost anyone, use this song/moment to reflect on the positivity and let out any emotion you might be feeling towards your loss. RIP Mom, RIP Dad, RIP STP. 🙏🏾

    Yoshi Davis

    GOAT material album bro. "Julia..." Hit me like a fucking truck. Keep up the hustle bro!

    gotti gold

    Md niggas so special


    well thanks for making her proud she loves you bro RIP JULIA LYNCH #FMICHAEL

    Samuel Black

    Man I felt that I lost my mother Wednesday April 12th 2017 at 7:00am to a battle of Cancer that she was recently diagnosed with July of 2016. Regardless to what others could say I appreciate your confidence to express how you really feel man! Loosing momma is a very hurtful Thing even tho it's a cruel feeling of not able to see her,hear her,touch her it's also a Angelic feeling to know that momma is yet with us. Continue to express your feelings man I felt your heart I understand the feeling. Be encouraged man you have my deepest sympathy and genuine love man.

    K Fiji

    Sara mi